Enlightened Enterprises

Awakened Living

This can be a time of joy and celebration.
The journey of life has brought us to the threshold of unimaginable awakening.

All is the Divine and that which YOU really are is SOURCE.
As your real nature is recognized, the entire world heals, transforms, and awakens.

Individual and Group Sessions

Jeff offers Clarity and Transformation Sessions that assist in remembering your real nature as the Source of all, finding graceful pathways through these times, and developing greater levels of mastery. The work can also support you in building an enlightened enterprise.

Since many people are facing economic challenges, sessions are being offered on a donation basis. If you feel a resonance, trust your knowing and schedule a conversation regardless of your financial situation.

Embodying the Infinite: The Heart of the Divine in Action

Embodying the Infinite: The Heart of the Divine in Action is a seven-week online journey of embodying Divine community. Together we will explore the alchemy of enlightenment and support one another in awakening joyfully. Along the way we will be helping to bring forth the healed, transformed, and luminous world. You are invited to join us for a potent spiritual adventure! Learn more »

Recent Interview: Buddha at the Gas Pump

In this two-hour conversation, Rick Archer and Jeff Vander Clute explore the shift to living intuitively, nonduality in daily life, the genius of the human experience, the convergence of science and spirituality, spiritual integrity, and more. Enjoy!

Photo by pong Koedpoln