Sourcing the Way
of Awakeness

Clarity, Truth, and Deep Innovation

Jeff Vander Clute offers sourcing consultations that facilitate living in alignment, being love in action, cultivating mastery, creating enlightened enterprises, and bringing forth worldchanging ideas. Wherever you are on the journey of awakening, whatever your genius or expertise, these conversation will enable you to go further, with greater power and enjoyment. Flexible pricing is available.

As we recognize and live awakeness,
the entire world heals and awakens,
seemingly of its own accord.

Talks and Interviews

In this two-hour conversation for Buddha at the Gas Pump, Rick Archer and Jeff Vander Clute explore the shift to living intuitively, nonduality in daily life, the genius and divinity of the human adventure, the convergence of science and spirituality, spiritual integrity, and more.

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