Question from Amber: What are we being asked to release, deeply?

You are being asked to release, deeply, the cause of separation. You are not, and never have been, separate beings. The toxic cause of the experience you have had of being pitted against one another, with such unpleasant consequences, is a fundamental fear of being alone. Now many of you are in a kind of isolation experience during which there is the potential for you to discover that you are enough. You need not have constant feedback with other beings and sources of stimulation. You can, and eventually will, find that there are infinite landscapes of bliss within your very self. You are each an access point into that state of being in which all is known to be one glorious process of unfolding. So explore “you,” deeply. Let go of the fear of being alone, of being separate, and discover that you have always been all-one with your world. Then you will celebrate the reflections of your own creative genius in the faces of those around you. All colors. All shapes. All sizes. All one glorious being. And not just the humans. All of life. You are That – the sum total of existence, and so much more!