Question from Beth: How can we help those who don’t have a safe place to live – the homeless and those who reside in unsafe environments?

First, open your hearts to those who are without a home or a safe home situation. More is accomplished by opening your hearts than you may realize. The living energy field that you are embedded in responds supportively as you flow love toward those you hold with tender regard. This field amplifies the linkages between hearts to address imbalance, and because this process takes place at a higher level of consciousness, the remedies will often materialize as if by magic from the human point of view. When the pathways of love are activated, all basic needs are met increasingly as part of the natural flow of life. You do not have to think so much about how this will happen. The processes of life manifest, without fail, what you are collectively feeling deeply within. So you will need to leave the vast bulk of the work to these agencies. Once you know that this is how life operates, you can trust that the world of open doors and opportunities for all to be fed, housed, and appreciated manifests as you open your inner chamber… and keep it open.

On the outer dimension of being there is the requirement to act with compassion, and to act in the moment of the need from a place of attunement. This means actively working to alleviate the expressions of deep inner suffering through your own kindness as well as putting your personal interests aside for the moment. Do not wait until tomorrow if there is a true opportunity for you to respond today. The attunement ensures that you know what is truly yours to do. When there is a sense of urgency or clouding feelings such as guilt or shame – all derivations of fear – it is all too easy to scramble the web of life by taking upon yourself the work of another. This impedes life’s natural response mechanisms and creates obstacles to your own growth. So be vigilant for the impulses that come from life, which are seeking to be expressed through your actions. More will be accomplished, very quickly, when you are listening accurately and acting in congruence with life.

Homelessness and insecurity will not persist. These are being addressed by the restructuring of society that is being accelerated by the virus. Though fear of contact has been temporarily elevated due to health concerns, the day will arrive when many of you will share a home with people of varied backgrounds. This will bring you the immense joy, and greater privilege, of togetherness and belonging across defunct lines of division. As the awareness of true nature is anchored, your fear of others will abate and the border closures within your soul will come to an end. Communities will become more dynamic, and they will heal through their creativity. After isolating in enclaves for so long, you will find yourselves flowing back and forth according to natural rhythms, sometimes drawing closer and sometimes expanding in your orbits. And let there be no mistake: You are all in orbit around every other being. On deeper levels than you may grasp, you will always circle back around to one another because you are one another. So open your hearts, open your doors, and take responsibility for the well-being of the you that is all around you.