Question from Clare:

How does homeopathy calibrate? How can we harness it for humanity at this time?

Sourced Response:

Homeopathy calibrates as a YES, naturally. This system has much to teach you all about the subtleties of living systems and how they restore themselves.

Get started, and one thing will lead to another. Natural and effective approaches to health are already co-arising and accelerating. As this is their time, the way forward will be experienced as an almost effortless unfolding. Align yourself with the subtle inklings of your inner knowing, look for signs of confirmation in the world around you, and stay in listening as you take action so that your course can be easily adjusted. Everything is changing all at once. Therefore “strategy” in the sense of having a goal and trying to engineer that outcome will not work. So play, practice, learn, and discover. Use your gifts. Use your intuition, especially, and prepare to be amazed as the new pattern of natural health and well-being is illuminated…