Question from Chela:

What is greed? Is it the (human) animal gone awry, hoarding for personal survival? Or is it a deformity in the human spirit, or the ego? How can the grip of greed be released?

Sourced Response:

Greed is a natural, though pathological, response to feeling separate and afraid. The most appropriate response to greed is therefore compassion. When there is againstness toward greed – when there is the tendency to make greed wrong and fight it – one overlooks the root of the matter, which is the sense of being profoundly insecure and disconnected from life. That which one fights assumes a defensive posture and the underlying sense of separation becomes further entrenched, the roots grow stronger, and the behavior continues or even escalates. When the balm of love is applied to the wound that is the feeling of having to fend for oneself in an unfriendly world, the forces that would maintain separateness disintegrate. When the dread of abandonment by life is no more, the gluttony of reckless hoarding is also dissolved. To heal the great divide, and the “virus” of greed, pour love into every fissure of society. This means loving both sides equally. This means finding a way to love all who have, instinctively, out of fear, behaved in the ways that you hold to be reprehensible, as well as those who have suffered as a result. This is how you heal yourself and every conceivable social illness. The answer to every question is the same: Direct love to all who are participating in the problem at hand, and to all who have ever participated as victims, aggressors, or in any other way, and the problem will cease to be. Love alone heals the wound that gives rise to every problem you face, and it works very quickly.