Humanity is shifting now from operating primarily based on intellectual understandings to discerning how to move through life using intuition. Intellect will still function, and it will be all the more effective when intuition provides the guidance for where to focus. Jonas Salk, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who developed the Polio vaccine, said, “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Intuition perceives life directly and discovers solutions in the midst of complexity. When intuition is allowed to lead, the thinking mind creates structures that serve life.

The life-serving economic paradigm that is coming will look so different from what we have known over the last 40 years that we need to use our intuitions now to discover the new principles. The knowledge of how things worked in the past is no longer sufficient to guide us. To give a sense of the magnitude of the changes taking place, our knowledge is perhaps 25% of what is required in order to navigate these times. To align ourselves with life we will need to tune into the energy and consciousness of deeply creative powers and allow our decisions to be substantially informed by what we receive intuitively. This is possible. Millions of people are “tuning in” and “sourcing” wisdom every day, usually quietly. The more we share our practices and articulate what we discover, the more our lives will be uplifted and the healthier we will become.

The era of hiding our intuitive practices is over.

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