This is a declaration that the world has evolved. We are in a new pattern, and the ways that we engage with one another and the natural world are now different from how we have behaved in the past. We are learning to connect at the level of our universal nature, which is peaceful, compassionate, and generous, and to act consistently from this awareness.

The internal and underlying structures of our economies are shifting in order to catch up to the transformation that is already well underway within collective consciousness. Our notions of money and exchange are expanding to support greater freedom for our mutual caring and nurturing to be expressed.

What we value is changing rapidly, and the new understandings of value are centered on quality of life, the health of ecosystems, and the fundamental role of creativity in human civilization. We will soon be using newly developed methods to recognize and account for true value, and our financial instruments will be backed by the vitality of the natural world. Human well-being and the well-being of nature are being re-synchronized.

We are learning to value life itself – not just human life – and this deepening appreciation is forming the basis for living webs of economic activity that work continuously to improve all aspects of the world we live in. Humans will benefit immeasurably as we come to know and experience Earth as a living organism in which every form of life provides a sacred service and the whole of life reciprocates with eternally fresh offerings of love.