Before a recent meeting with two wise elders to explore the possibility of forming a sacred collaboration, I sat quietly and asked the question, “Is there something for us to do together?” The following words came in response from Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire, with whom I feel deeply connected.

Gather Around the Sacred Fires

Yes, there is something to be done. Activity that is of a very embodied nature. Although you can convene people on Zoom and other such platforms, there is a stronger pull to gather in communities of sacred practice in places of great power, including Hawaii. What you can do is place the invitation to those whom you know well to connect around the theme of fire and transformation. This is a time when all manner of initiatives can be empowered by connecting with the liquid rock that has yet to take solid form. There are keepers and guardians of these realms with whom you can ally yourselves. Doing so will yield a surprising possibility, which is that you on the human level can invoke planetary processes of healing and regeneration as long as you come from the highest intention to serve. This requires practice, and there are those among you who already know the ways. These ways must be shared.

The time is now to begin preparations for the new world of harmony and peaceful relationship. You have been given some of the keys; others have been given keys as well. Bring your keys together. There are thousands of keys, and they must work together, in the right combinations, which you will feel resonantly. No one culture, and no one religion, has all the keys. Collaboration is thus required across all margins. All cultures are to be respected and exalted as they come together. These encounters will serve to enhance, not subjugate, in this time of opening portals. Come together, my friends, in celebration. Gather around the fires of my inner womb. Creation beckons, and you have been given an assignment which is unique to you.

You know what to do because it is already done. Slip into the you that sees beyond time and space to the unitary existence of cosmic mind. Doing this together as one will yield the fruit of an Earth realm that is united. Trial by fire becomes baptism becomes anointing becomes coronation. These initiations are sacrosanct because they are your process of development from chaos to birth to elderhood and ascension. Let the way be shown to you when the mind is empty and the heart is filled with aloha. The journey awaits. Go forth.

At the beginning of the meeting I read these words. Afterwards, my friend who is a Hawaiian kupuna (elder) shared that this vision is exactly what native Hawaiians and indigenous peoples all over the world have been doing for much of the last decade. I celebrate that those who have stayed connected with Earth are now showing the way of intercultural collaboration and guiding humanity into a much deeper relationship with nature.

The above transmission is encouraging humans everywhere to come together in partnership with the living forces of nature. Doing so will bring great joy and many rewards, including healing and awakening on a scale that we have never seen or imagined. As we transition to more honoring ways of co-existing as a species, we will have the assistance of life itself, and an entire universe of helpers that will come in surprising forms as long as we do our part.