Dear Friend,

Thank you for subscribing to receive occasional updates. Since the last newsletter, I have been sheltering in place with friends on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. My routine for the last two months has included daily meditation, countless Zoom sessions, weekly Indian takeaway, walks on the beach, and writing on topics such as the foundations of health, enlightened economy, and a new “Cosmology of Homecoming.” I have also had the joy of giving a few talks online and listening for insights into the significant changes that are taking place on the planet.

Now I invite you to sit comfortably, read, listen, and enjoy the journey that follows…

New Articles

All of these articles have been “sourced” (see: “What Is Sourcing?”) and calibrated to deliver a maximum dose of loving consciousness:

Creating the Foundations of Health: A Conscious Approach Inspired by COVID-19
What Is Sourcing?
A Call to Co-Create True Economy
Cosmology of Homecoming: An Introduction
Intuition Rising

Transmissions for Awakening

Please be sure to read Cosmology of Homecoming: An Introduction, even though it is a bit longer than the other articles (around 5,000 words). The Cosmology is a direct transmission of goodness, and one person told me that she literally levitated when she saw the visualization. You might also enjoy these shorter transmissions, which I have recently updated:

A Transmission of Perfect Love
The Great Knowing Sun

Recent and Upcoming Talks

I am grateful to A Spiritual Center and Davi Nikent in Carbondale, Colorado, USA for inviting me to speak about “Resonance, Intuition, and the Journey of Homecoming.” Equally, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to give the inaugural presentation for Visionary Sessions, titled “Awakened Structure and Planning in the New Paradigm of Business.” The recordings of both talks, as well as the slides, are available on the Interviews and Talks page at

UPCOMING: Building on the Visionary Session, I am co-offering a “Visionary Play Session” to explore awakened leadership and decision making at the following time:

North America: Tuesday, May 26 at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern
Europe: Wednesday 27 May at 12 midnight UK / 1am CET
India: Wednesday 27th May at 4:30am IST
Australia: Wednesday 27 May at 9am AEST

You may register for the play session and future Visionary Sessions at

Transitioning to the New Pattern

When I feel into the shifts in human consciousness that have been catalyzed by the Coronavirus, I sense that we are leaving a 40-year pattern of culture from 1979 through 2019 and entering a more loving and awakened way of being and relating – the “new pattern.” I see that as of the end of March humanity was stepping out of the old ways and that May and June are a time of radical acceleration into the new pattern, which will become established in July. Moreover, I see that the “beautiful new beginnings” of more functional systems, along with a proliferation of community-based solutions, will become visible to ordinary sight toward the end of 2020.

The key for navigating this transition gracefully is to trust that life knows exactly what it is doing. Life itself is holding us and supporting our healing and awakening, and the result of the process that we are in will be inclusive flourishing. In the meantime, it is important to find the place in our hearts where we truly know that humans and nature can thrive together. The strength of our collective resolve will energize and select that outcome. Know that in the post-pandemic reality, those who are dedicated to life – and to healing, transformation, and awakening – will feel much more supported than before the pattern shift. Our gifts will be received, and remunerated, and our businesses will grow as they cultivate alignment with the source of life.

Although it will take some time for the new pattern to become obvious, if we start looking for the “little green shoots” now, we will find them in abundance. There are enough people who are awakening, and there are enough true solutions to create a more conscious humanity. At the same time, the next few months may prove to be challenging as a majority of people discover that it is impossible go back to the old ways. When we are challenged and we do not know what to do, we can remember that life is friendly, that our present experience is the transformation that we have been longing for, and that the emerging post-Coronavirus reality is beautiful. Then we can listen for the subtle guidance and wisdom that will show us the path. 

Gratitude and Appreciation

I offer heartfelt appreciation to you and to everyone who is bringing light into the world at this precious moment in history. Your daily decisions to spread love are making a major, beneficial contribution to the course of human events. Thank you.

Feel free to send me a message or schedule a coaching or transformation session to help you navigate these times. To remain accessible, I am working on a donation basis for the next few months. So if you feel a resonance to connect, please trust your intuition and be in touch.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as the journey continues!