The decision has been made within the collective consciousness of humanity to remember our unity and live our true nature in peace. Humanity has chosen the way of Love, and on this path we will find great joy in honoring and caring for one another, nature, and all of life.

The result of this decision by humanity itself, at the level of the species, may look and feel like an earthquake, as if everything is being shaken apart. In some ways that is what is happening… albeit to make room for beautiful new beginnings. The deeper truth of this momentous time is that our societies are not losing coherence and descending into chaos as much as they are passing through a period of creative chaos in order to be recreated by the divine energies, by the Great Spirit, by the Love that is always supporting us.

Our contributions will now be amplified and made luminous in the measure that we make choices fearlessly. Then the results – the new world that we wish to live in, that we gift to our children and grandchildren – will spring from the vast and powerful consciousness of Love. Since the new world cannot be built on fear, all forms of fear are draining out of our lives, and the walls that fear upheld are falling down. At this time we are called upon to be strong, to leap boldly from the world that is passing away into the unfamiliarity of the new, and to trust that the wisdom of life is always guiding us toward the most loving outcomes. We are invited to trust that everything we are experiencing, including the turbulence, is a part of the process of Love shifting us into loving ways… so that we may know Love in fullness.

Dear ones, the transformation we are in ends well. The glorious outcome of the New Earth, the New Humanity – Heaven on and as Earth – has been decided. This is what is emerging now. So let us celebrate our unity, let us celebrate Mother Earth, let us celebrate the peace that is always here for us to choose, and let us come together on this very day in love and joyous renewal.

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Mandala by Hanna Kovalchuk from Pixabay