Only Love Will Work

The encouraging signs are multiplying. Soon it will become apparent that these trying times have opened up the possibility of unprecedented flourishing and prosperity for all of humanity. We can and will live in ways that satisfy the soul, heal and regenerate the planet, build up new economies based on caring and love, and release everyone from the cycles of unconscious behavior and suffering.

The possibility of thriving is available now precisely because the tumult in the world has created countless openings for new ways of being to proliferate. The disturbances and deep divisions that we are witnessing around us are cracks in the conditioning of collective consciousness through which a profound grace is upwelling. When we see polarization and extremism in this light, and hold the whole process as a collective healing and rebirth, we become emissaries of the awakened humanity.

A few months ago, humanity chose love and our collective consciousness shifted into a new pattern. We are now on the most direct path of realizing that all is love, all is within love, and love is within all. Naturally, our decision to be love now has surfaced the obstacles to loving — many of which have been deeply concealed for centuries or millennia — so that they can be healed and transformed. The chaos of the world is therefore strong evidence that we are moving forward rather than devolving.

The “new pattern” is the shared work of building love-based societies, including love-based economies and awakened forms of governance that go beyond the politics and economics that we have known. When we are being love consciously, every action and decision contributes to co-creating a world that embraces the whole web of life and recognizes that everyone, regardless of ideology, has an essential role to play. In these times of heartbreaking division, when the unhealed wounds of the past are asking for our attention in order to be set right, we are all invited to remember that only love will work.

Keys for Thriving Now

In early July I embarked upon a three-month journey of meditation and recalibration — which is why this is my first newsletter in ages. During that precious time, an ocean of clarity and wisdom was revealed, including a simple set of keys for thriving in the new pattern. These keys are essentially the operating principles for humans to live well, both individually and as a collective, now and in the future. As we work with these principles in sequence, we come into greater alignment with life and our experiences transform in delightful ways. It is my hope that you will experiment with the keys for thriving and let me know how your life changes.

Recent Articles and Talks

Before the retreat I published Seven Waves of Change: Preparing for Reinvention, which describes how multiple overlapping waves of social change will reshape our world during the 2020s, and Choose Love Now, which includes a simple meditation that will help you to make this most-pivotal decision. In addition, thanks to Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions and Visionary Sessions, I had the joy of speaking as part of World Unity Week and offering a meditation for Living Unity: The Journey Home.

Now, after three glorious months of contemplation and stillness on the southeast coast of England, I have returned to writing and speaking. In early October, I shared the story of “A Message from the Coronavirus” and the ensuing explorations of how we can flourish during the pandemic, and beyond, with the “Spirit Salon” community in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Then Anjana Narain interviewed me on the topic of spirituality and thriving in the new world pattern for her delightful Make Dreams Grow podcast. (Hint: For me, true thriving is a natural expression of enlightenment.) Most recently, I had a sweet visit with the congregation of Unity Church of Oroville — which has been affected by the wildfires in Northern California — and offered a message of hope.

Transmissions for Healing and Awakening

Over the last five years I have been sourcing and cultivating transmissions of energy and consciousness that engage the processes of spiritual awakening. During the retreat, these ever-evolving transmissions gained new levels of clarity and healing power. Here are four that will help you to say “yes” to life, align with true nature, live with greater awakeness, and heal your body, mind, and spirit:

  • Foundational Alignment Statements provides a radical upgrade for the human operating system. (Please be aware that this transmission is very powerful.)
  • Most-Profound Abidance offers a perspective on the path of “enlightenment beyond enlightenment,” culminating with one of the alignment statements.
  • Transmission of Clear Knowing is an experiential dive into the “magic” of advanced technologies based on liberated consciousness.
  • Cosmology of Homecoming is a guide for the journey of coming home to your true self and enlightened nature that includes six applications.

New Course: Embodying the Transformed World

Together with my colleagues from Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions, I am offering a course titled “Embodying the Transformed World: Your Keys for Healing and Thriving Now.” This course will help you to transform at the speed of love and step decisively into the new possibilities for human life on Earth. We will explore and practice how to embody the new ways of being with such power and clarity that the world around us will naturally heal, transform, and awaken.

The course is scheduled to run from January 23rd until March 6th, and we will be providing bonus sessions in December and January to help ease your transition into 2021. Our intention for “Embodying the Transformed World” is that you will experience tangible and lasting positive results in your life. In order to create the richest and most empowering experience, we are keeping the class size intimate. So please let us know soon if you are interested in joining us.

Recommendations for Money, Soulful Living, and Energy Activation

One of my favorite activities is making recommendations that I know will benefit clients and friends. The following offerings dovetail nicely with the Transformation Sessions I provide, and they will support you in skillfully navigating these times:

  • Thank You, Money is a beautiful program by Sarah McCrum that will help you to partner with money in creating the life of prosperity and generosity that you would love to experience. Sarah is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You, which conveys a new way of being with money that has worked well for me.
  • Maria Baeck is a highly intuitive coach who has developed a fresh approach to soulful living and spiritual freedom. Maria will assist you in connecting with your soul so that you can show up fully and lead a life that is filled with heart and meaning. If her gorgeous website resonates, you can book a free curiosity call.
  • David Router is a genius at healing and awakening the energy systems of the human body. His work activates latent capacities and additional senses, releases unhelpful influences and patterns, and reintegrates the innumerable energies of your being so that you can live with full vitality and consciousness and love your life.

In Closing…

Thank you for your contributions to the new pattern, and for accompanying me on this journey into the promising unknown. Together we are creating a world in which all beings can live fully. In a few years we will be able to look back and see that we turned the corner in 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, I will continue to share updates via this newsletter three or four times a year. An easy way to learn about new articles, talks, and transmissions as soon as they are available is to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

If anything I have shared here has helped to make your life better, if you are interested in having me engage with your community, or if you feel called to have your own Transformation Session, please be in touch via the contact page on my website.

May the coming months bring you great awakening, deep joy, peace, and fulfillment.



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