When we recognize that the obsession with seeking truth in a stormy sea of ideas and opinions is simply another game of consciousness, we pop out of the seeking altogether. Then the great peace is known. This is the quiet liberation from self-inflicted suffering. This is the liberation from the deep feeling that something is missing – something which eludes all attempts at identification. The truth cannot be approached. It cannot be found. And yet it IS, and it is here now, and we are it.

This recognition is available in this very moment. It is here in plain sight, in these words and in your being, as what you are. The truth that is actually true has always been here. As you live in the knowing of that which was never lost, and could never be misplaced, your experience of the world rapidly changes to reflect the qualities of truth: peace, joy, loving, compassion, clarity, fulfillment…

When we celebrate the true life, and the true world, we evoke it in our experience. So in the spirit of celebration, I offer you a poem by James Broughton.

This Is It #2

This is It
This is really It.
This is all there is.
And it’s perfect as It is.

There is nowhere to go
but Here.
There is nothing here
but Now.
There is nothing now
but This.

And this is It.
This is really It.
This is all there is.
And It’s perfect as It is.

Source: BigJoy.org

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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