Something glorious is occurring within the consciousness of the humanity. The following message came through yesterday for a friend, and I am now sensing that it applies to many, many people. Please let me know if the message resonates for you.

Welcome to the World of Clarity and Truth

In the last few days I have perceived, with surprise and delight, that your ability to hold a high resonance has increased greatly. This means that you are now leaving the world of confusion, which is what you have known, and entering the world of clarity and truth, which has been unknown to you up until this point.

You have no place and no mission in the world of confusion. Your place – where you will find the fulfillment you seek – is now in the world of clarity and truth. Here there is nothing to prove and no one to convince. There is also no one to heal, including yourself. Any evidence to the contrary is an echo of the past that is in the process of dissipating. Engage with the echoes if you must, in appropriate and loving ways, while knowing that the healing is accomplished.

Your new mission is to be love and let love move through you moment to moment without any expectations. In this way you discover the world of kindness and peace, abundance of all kinds, and the inherent value of all of life. Now that you have the capacity to hold a much higher resonance, you can be and do this, and this way of living will finally work for you.

While making the transition to the world of clarity and truth it is natural to feel totally disoriented. Sadness and grief will arise as so much of what you have known is dissolving. Anger may arise as well. Allow these energies to move, and know that they are also moving on. The feelings come and go. Relax and let the energies and emotions pass through you. These movements are essential to your transition to a joyful way of being.

The most significant journey you have ever made is completing itself. Very soon there will be a great celebration in your honor. Welcome home.

Photo by Zach Dischner