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An Invitation From Within

As we approach the end of a wildly remarkable year that has been both devastating and miraculous at the same time, the words “loving your life” have been coming to me from deep within. While sitting with this phrase, I have been observing in detail how our individual lives are precisely how we experience and work with the whole pattern of life:

  • All of the aspects and possibilities of life, without exception, are expressed to some degree in each human being.
  • Each of us can find everything and everyone within us. There is always a correspondence and a connection.
  • As we engage with the material of our individual lives – the challenges and opportunities – we grow, heal, and resolve the entire web of life.
  • Our own individual being unifies the totality. All that we might label as good or bad, and every organism and life form, converges within us.

These insights, all of which have been sourced and calibrated for truth, indicate that each life is an extraordinary vessel that contains the universe. As the entire universe is within each one of us, our lives are truly vast. To love our lives thoroughly is to love all that we contain, which is everything and everyone. Thus in loving our lives we send forth blessings to all beings.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Oneness

The realization of our oneness with all that is requires that we fully love our lives, which includes loving the entirety of existence. Only then can we perceive the total indivisibility of life, for we are holding nothing outside of our love. When we see through the eyes of oneness, we recognize that each of us is all of life experiencing itself from a different angle, so to speak. All is connected, all is one, and everyone is included. Thus every offering made by every individual is received by all of us in some form, which could be obvious or subtle, though never negligible. Every act is of the utmost importance.

As the awareness of oneness grows, more of the workings of our shared being and body – the universe – become obvious, and the feedback from our actions is experienced throughout space and time with increasing immediacy. With awakening, our identities expand to include the universal body and we discover that the speed of our loving thoughts is infinite, for love was never separated and need not travel from one place to another. Thus the “speed of love” is infinitely faster than the speed of light. Contemplating these timeless truths enables us to receive an essential lesson:

Loving our own lives and acting on this love,
we bless the whole of life, throughout time and space,
and the whole of life blesses us back.

A Direct Path of Realizing Divinity

Given that we are all of life, it is entirely natural that when we say yes to loving our lives, our life circumstances reflect this love back to us through innumerable demonstrations of support. Our gifts and capacities open up, our situations tend to improve, often in quite unexpected ways, and we find it easier to trust life (one of the keys for thriving). Although we may not yet be completely aware of the vastness and power of our being, our decisions, whether made consciously or unconsciously, are always directing the entirety of life. When we are unconscious and confused, we are, in effect, saying no to life, and in this state we instruct life to produce negative experiences. When we are established in clarity and truth, we are saying yes to life, and we are directing life to manifest harmoniously. The unconscious path leads to a world of suffering, and the conscious path leads to what some call Heaven on Earth.

To fully comprehend the vastness of who we are and our own causal power is the work of a lifetime. Fortunately, it is enough to glimpse our true nature from time to time while practicing and deepening our love. As we practice, we become clear, and we choose the conscious path of saying yes to life. As we come closer to loving the whole of our lives at all times, the glimpses of our unsurpassed ability to bless and create expand to become our day-to-day lived reality. In the measure that we are able to love in this way, we learn to invoke, and eventually to wield, the infinite power of divine creativity. Thus loving our lives is a direct path for realizing our divinity, and in loving our lives fully we gain the ability to create a loving world for all.

Creating a Benevolent World

As life itself, we are endowed with an infinite power to create and the ability to use this power lovingly for the good of all. Knowing this, we are ready for the mission at hand. Our mission is to call forth a healed, awakened, peaceful, and absolutely benevolent world in which all beings are free to express their true nature in networks of mutual support and flourishing. We can do this using the following approach:

  1. Connect with the fully healed and transformed world through meditation.
  2. Allow a vision of this new world to form in our awareness, and explore this vision until it is fairly clear and specific.
  3. Provide the vision of the fully healed and transformed world to the wise loving powers within our vast being that know how to direct the totality of life.
  4. Instruct these powers to make the vision manifest.
  5. Remain open to outcomes that far exceed what human minds can imagine.

Here is a short guided meditation that can assist us with the process:

  • With the transmission of the extraordinary power of loving your life fresh in your mind and heart, say yes to loving all of yourself, all of your life, and all of life.
  • Recognize that you are life itself and know that the infinite power of love is within you, and that this power can re-create all things.
  • As life, realizing your oneness with all, make the decision that the world of unconsciousness and confusion is created anew.
  • Invite the fully healed and transformed world to form in your awareness with specificity, visually or in any other way, and allow this awareness to expand.
  • Instruct the wise loving powers within you to make this new world manifest.
  • Release the vision to these wise loving powers and open to allow outcomes that may be even more beautiful than the original vision.
  • Pause for a few moments to allow these instructions to permeate your whole being.
  • Now, with gratitude for all that you are, and the benevolent power within you, see and know that the work has been achieved.

Spiraling Into Love

The healed and transformed world is here. It is emerging, growing, and unfolding according to a very specific process, guided by the wisdom and intelligence of life itself. We can participate consciously in this process by continuing to love our lives and one another. Along the way, we can expect to see a flowering of kindness and compassion as people find themselves moved by an unfamiliar force that has been activated within them. We can expect to witness the emergence of new forms of governance that are highly conscious, new business and economic models that benefit all beings, and a new science that understands the true power of love. On this beautiful journey that we, as life, have chosen, we can expect to experience social healing, increasing prosperity for all, and environmental regeneration on a massive scale. From this day forward we are all spiraling into love. Keep loving your life.

This article was written in celebration of 40 years of Pathways To Peace, an NGO dedicated to making peace a practical reality. For decades, Pathways To Peace has worked in powerful and often subtle ways to build cultures of peace around the planet. Pathways and its co-founder Avon Mattison have been instrumental in the creation of the United Nations International Day of Peace, the Culture of Peace Initiative, and numerous other programs. After 40 years of joyful service, the tireless work of the organization and its worldwide team of peacebuilders continues.

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