Spiraling Into Love

As this wildly turbulent year begins to wind down, I greet you with a hopeful message and offerings from the heart.

From this point forward we are all spiraling into love.

The “circuitry” within collective human consciousness that manifests the behaviors of separation is being systematically de-energized. The result is that many people are beginning to discover that it is far easier to be kind and curious than it is to be dismissive and judgmental. Another implication of the shift out of separation at the level of collective consciousness is that de-escalation of conflict and convergence of perspectives are going to happen more and more naturally, with less and less effort.

This process will take some time, and to the extent that we are aware of what is happening, we can add our support and participate consciously. Some of the most effective ways to engage with the deep changes taking place are to be present, listen to one another, embrace our common humanity, release our historical grievances, and celebrate each step toward the realization of our unity in diversity.

I sense that the benefits of this shift will start to become apparent in about four months. Meanwhile, we can notice where the patterns of separation are releasing within ourselves and in our interactions. As we notice and nourish this trend, we accelerate the process of spiraling into love for ourselves and those around us.

Latest Articles and Transmissions

The letter that I had intended to write for this newsletter transformed by surprise into a piece titled “The Extraordinary Power of Loving Your Life.” This article takes us on a journey of recognizing our oneness with all of life and calling forth the fully healed and transformed world. You might also enjoy “A Message for Those Who Feel Disoriented” and “Celebrating Quiet Liberation.”

Since the last newsletter, I have also received a novel framework for awakening our power to create and a particularly helpful model for exploring the levels of I-am identification. In addition, the foundational alignments have gained in potency, and I am starting to add audio recordings of the statements for your listening enjoyment.

Upcoming Interview: Creating Prosperity in 2021

Quite unexpectedly I received a beautiful invitation to speak for a free online summit titled “You.Me.We Harmony: Life Prosperity Acceleration.” The purpose of the event is to help people discover, understand, and experience powerful transformation and live a fulfilled, prosperous life. The organizer, Joseph Aduwa, is an author with a clear and generous energy. I can feel that the entire summit will be enlightening.

My interview is scheduled for Thursday the 17th of December at 9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm CET. I am planning to share insights into how we can create well-being for all, and right livelihoods for ourselves, as we spiral into love.

Please register here to join me and the other inspiring presenters, including my friends Jude CurrivanLynne McTaggart, and Sarah McCrum.

Breaking News: Embodying the Transformed World

Due to the popularity of “Embodying the Transformed World: Your Keys for Healing and Thriving Now,” we have just created a second section for the course.

This course will empower you to transform at the speed of love and step decisively into the highest possibilities for human life on Earth. We will explore and practice how to embody the new ways of being with such power and clarity that the world around us necessarily heals, transforms, and awakens. And, vitally, we will be on this journey together. People have shared that they are seeking a community of like-minded and like-hearted souls during these times of physical distancing and isolation, and that is what we are co-creating – hopefully with you!

The second section of the course starts on the 24th of January. As with the first section we are aiming to keep the class size intimate. So please let us know soon if you are interested in participating. We would love for you to join us.

Wishing You Joy, Love, Happiness, and Health

When, during times of intense difficulty, we can still find it within ourselves to feel joy and share love, we contribute mightily to turning the great ship of life around. One video that brings me indescribable joy is Raffi’s performance of “Turn This World Around” for a sea of children and Nelson Mandela. Perhaps it will uplift you as well.

What brings you joy during these challenging times? Feel free to send me a message.

May you and your dear ones be happy and healthy this holiday season.



Photo by Ken Quach from Pexels