Beautiful New Beginnings

Spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere. So, too, are the beautiful new beginnings for humanity that are making their presence known in ways large and small. It is clear to me that the new normal, which will become increasingly apparent throughout the 2020s, is love and kindness.

In other “news,” people I know are reporting unexpected openings and opportunities, and a vision that I have been stewarding for a small retreat center in Colorado is suddenly on the verge of manifesting with ease. When the time and conditions are right, when there is alignment with life, and when one embraces enlightenment as the natural order of things, grace is the result.

Please be in touch if you are called to create beautiful new beginnings in your life. The conditions are most likely ripe or ripening!

Discover the Healed Possibilities of Money and Business

I invite you to join me for (Healing) Money Talks, a series of pathfinding conversations this week (March 15-21) with visionaries who are discovering more loving and prosperous ways of engaging with money and doing business. In my talk on Wednesday the 17th, I will share lessons learned from my journey with money as well as a few ideas from “The Enlightenment of Money.”

The intention behind all of these conversations is to empower you to create more fulfilling relationships with money and with your business or livelihood. For instance, you will learn how, together, we can heal our relationships with money and build economies that put caring and well-being first.

The (Healing) Money Talks summit is happening right now. The sessions are free for the first 48 hours and then again over the weekend. Register here to be part of this delightful adventure.

New Course: Embodying the Transformed World ~ Awaken Yourself, Heal the World

The first Embodying the Transformed World journey was so delicious that the Enlightening Journeys team has decided to offer a second course, Awaken Yourself, Heal the World. This course – which is so much more than a course – is open to all who believe in the power of love. Here is a brief description:

The challenging experiences of the past year, and the great changes taking place on the planet, have opened the gates for transformation, awakening, and enlightenment to occur on a larger scale. Many are now discovering their immense inner power, which is the power of love, to heal and awaken themselves, their communities, and the world.

It is a fact that the more we awaken to our true nature, the more we experience joy, and the more our inner transformation is reflected as peace and harmony in the world around us. Thus the awakened you holds the keys to healing yourself, your family, your communities, and all that you see.

You may learn more about the new course here.

Talks and Radio Interviews

Since the last newsletter, I have had the honor of giving quite a few talks and interviews, and it is always a joy to serve in this way. Here are the latest audio and video recordings:

Integrating a Year of Wisdom and Learning on the Anniversary of “A Message from the Coronavirus” (March 10, 2021)

Money, Love, and the Superorganism of Life (March 3, 2021)

Sunday Talk for Unity of Oroville: Embracing & Embodying Transformation (February 28, 2021)

The Texas Power Grid and Human Superpowers (February 24, 2021)

Life Prosperity Acceleration With Joseph Aduwa (December 17, 2020)

Weekly Transformational Jam Sessions

Since January I have been hosting weekly “jam sessions” for Embodying the Transformed World participants. In these sessions, we dive deeply into themes related to enlightened embodiment and engage in transformational conversations and processes. Now that the field of loving, spontaneous presence has been established, it feels right to widen the circle to include a few more people who would like to grow and awaken in this way. Please reach out if you are interested in joining the jam sessions.

New Book: The Corona Transmissions

Three of my articles related to the Coronavirus are included in an anthology titled The Corona Transmissions: Alternatives for Engaging with COVID-19—from the Physical to the Metaphysical, which was published by Inner Traditions in December 2020.

The book explores “a broad spectrum of new perspectives on COVID-19, from the physical to the metaphysical, from ecological to political, from apocalyptic to proto-utopian, and from scientific facts and health tips to imaginings, visionings, poems, and awakenings. [T]his anthology offers an antidote to mainstream speculation and a new vision of the way forward.”

As humanity prepares to emerge from the pandemic, The Corona Transmissions can help you to step forward with greater wisdom and awareness into the transformed world.

The Association for Spiritual Integrity

Last week I joined the Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI), a growing community of spiritual teachers who are committed to ethical conduct and excellent practices in their work and life. Given the tragic history of abuse in many spiritual communities around the world, I feel it is important to send a clear message that the qualities of kindness, love, respect, and reverence for the sacred in each of us are always foundational, wherever one may be on the spiritual path.

If you find yourself in the curious role of spiritual teacher, guide, or mentor, please consider joining ASI.

Until Next Time

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