Greetings from the southeast coast of England, where I have been retreating and exploring the depths of stillness by the sea. For much of August, meditation, contemplation, and walks along the beach were my full-time occupation. The extended retreat brought immense inner peace and opened up new territories of clarity and insight that are still being revealed. It is a delight to share the fruits of my time in stillness with you.

In this newsletter you will find the following offerings:

  1. Abiding as Spaciousness, Healing From Within
  2. Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview
  3. HOMECOMING: Awakening Together
  4. The Flower Mandala (Holiday Gift Idea)
  5. Meditation for Spacious Abiding

Abiding as Spaciousness, Healing From Within

One of the greatest delights of my monthlong retreat was settling into a spacious abiding, in the depths of true nature, where the wholeness of life is directly recognized. In this restful state it was obvious that all of Creation arises and exists within the Great Heart, which is our shared spiritual heart. Abiding in this clarity, I also recognized that our innate capacity to perceive wholeness in everyday life, and to love the entirety of Life, supports the natural world in healing from within. With dedication, as we become unwavering in our love, this healing extends outward and manifests tangibly throughout the web of life.

In the coming decades these insights will be integrated into a science of awakening that unifies objective and subjective ways of knowing. For now I offer that what we hold within our shared heart is blessed, and when even one individual cradles the totality of Creation in love, great healing occurs within the fabric of existence. Among the fruits of the retreat is a strong knowing that such healing is already underway, and that the results will be experienced in the circumstances of our lives. Over time, as we continue to explore and deepen into spacious abiding, the human family and the world as a whole will heal.

2. Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

In mid-September I had the extraordinary pleasure of being interviewed by Rick Archer for his Buddha at the Gas Pump series. In our two-hour jam session, Rick and I explored the shift to living intuitively, bringing nonduality into daily life, the meaning of the human experience, the convergence of science and spirituality, spiritual integrity, and more. Old and new friends have shared that the conversation offers hope for these times and fresh insights for the spiritual journey. You may watch or listen to the interview here:

3. HOMECOMING: Awakening Together (Mid-October to Early December)

The resolution of every challenge lies in our ability to remember who and what we really are, and to nurture this knowing while living in the here and now. This is the way of being Love, and this is the way of HOMECOMING.

If you are looking for a supportive community committed to embodying awakened, loving presence, then you are invited to consider the HOMECOMING journey. This seven-week adventure of awakening together begins in mid-October and ends in early December. As a community we will:

  • Activate and deepen into an embodied knowing that we are already at home within our real nature
  • Open to receive the empowering gifts of oneness, nonduality, limitless mind, and beyond
  • Learn ways of integrating intuition and sourcing into daily life
  • Celebrate the oneness and sacredness of all of life
  • Practice living as all-embracing loving presence that brings healing to the world and ourselves
  • Explore the big picture of spirituality, including where homo sapiens has been as a species and the promising opportunities before us

To ensure accessibility, flexible pricing and scholarship options are available. To learn more, visit the Enlightening Journeys website:

4. The Flower Mandala (Holiday Gift Idea)

For the last decade I have been exploring and charting the unseen territories of Spirit. During this time, the maps have become more comprehensive, refined, and helpful for navigating the complexities of spiritual awakening. Remarkably, a number of the maps seem to have a powerful presence and aliveness. Sensitive friends and colleagues have reported that these “living images” transmit wisdom and activate spiritual gifts.

One of the most potent of these images is the Flower Mandala, which represents the architecture of Creation. In recent months a team has been producing variations of the mandala, including fine-art prints in multiple sizes, for the purpose of activating the spaces where people live and work. I invite you to experience the Flower and explore whether a poster or print might be an uplifting addition to your environment – or a holiday gift for someone you love.

5. Meditation for Spacious Abiding

Following the retreat, I created an audio meditation to facilitate entering into deep relaxation and spaciousness. In this spacious abiding, our love for the whole of life contributes directly to healing the totality of life. You are welcome to let me know how you experience the meditation. Here is the link:


In closing, I would like to thank you for blessing the world with your love and your presence. If anything in this newsletter has moved you, please feel free to send a message via the website.

May your days be filled with joy, and may we all enjoy the fruits of stillness…

Love, Jeff
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