In working with clients who are deciding whether to get a COVID vaccine, I have found that the discernment process is highly individual, and that an open-minded and open-hearted process results in the person becoming more conscious and spiritually awake. Sometimes the answer is a high-quality yes. Sometimes the answer is a high-quality no. Moreover, when using intuition to gauge the rightness of different vaccine options, often there is one option that is much more resonant than the others, and I have found that the option with the highest resonance varies from person to person.

There is enough information and rhetoric circulating to argue for and against any position on the vaccines, and yet this does not mean that all positions are equivalent or equally true. To find our way amidst the muddle of information and misinformation, and identify the right course of action, each of us needs to use our capacities for discernment, blending intuition and critical thinking, to sense what is most aligned and true.

What is remarkable about the COVID vaccine debate is that highly intelligent and intuitively aware people can reach such vastly different conclusions. This is a clue that what is really unfolding is much deeper than most people realize. Perhaps the greatest gift of polarization is the eventual recognition that our collective understandings are inadequate to reconcile the opposing viewpoints. This recognition opens the way to new insights and perspectives that synthesize diverse points of view into a greater wholeness that holds and honors all. Eventually it is seen that everyone has, and is, a piece of the solution.

Thus I sense that the polarization between people who believe that the vaccines are beneficial and people who believe that they are harmful is serving a high evolutionary purpose. Neither side sees the whole picture or comprehends the whole truth. No partial perspective can ever be whole or true. The pressures and pains of the vaccine dilemma, and the world situation in general, are prying humanity loose from limited ways of seeing and being that have become manifestly inadequate. These limited ways stem from the unconscious belief that one could ever be separate from anyone or anything, and this belief gives rise to a world of fear.

What is really happening is a collective shift toward recognizing that everything is connected, everything is one, separation is impossible, and there are no “others” to blame or punish. The resolution of markedly opposing perspectives, when it comes, will be a higher synthesis of understanding and behavior that honors the whole, all individuals, and all of life as one. Over time, the belief in separation will be replaced by the knowing – beyond belief – of unity as our experiences confirm the truth of our oneness with the whole of life.

A core principle of this unifying worldview is that a true solution is a solution for all. Such solutions emerge naturally when consciousness is all-embracing. As humanity now requires true solutions in order to address the enormous challenges of these times (climate change, polluted oceans, pervasive social inequities, etc.), there is a growing impulse, at the level of consciousness, to become wholly inclusive within our hearts and minds. This inner unification will lead to a unification within the human family, and the larger family of life on Earth.

As consciousness cannot be unified when fear is present, we are now reckoning with the foundations of fear on which much of our world has been built. At present it may seem as if the dark clouds of fear are all around and growing; however, the fear has been present for eons. In recent times, we have managed to distract ourselves, through consumerism and other mindless activities, as a way of avoiding our fears. Now that the great storm of fear is raging for all to see, we can no longer ignore the underlying cause of humanity’s dysfunction. And now that the storm is raging for all to see, it is also blowing itself out with each passing day.

So many people are struggling to understand what cannot be understood within limited understandings based upon separation, and this had led to a proliferation of fearful theories and catastrophizing that, by and large, calibrate low for truth. Yet these fears must come up in order to be witnessed, and each time they are witnessed consciously, with awareness and love for one another regardless of ideology, the storm of fear loses more energy. I reckon that the COVID storm is 70% complete, and that it will blow itself out within 2-3 years. On a larger scale, I sense that the storm of fear in general will diminish greatly in intensity within 3-5 years, and that the majority of humanity’s fear could dissipate within several decades. Although a world without fear would be unrecognizable to most people alive today, such a world becomes possible, and even inevitable, as we move beyond the belief in separation.

The shift into unified consciousness is a process of deep healing that is delivering the human family from fear, polarization, abuse, and the collective insanity that follows from the belief in separateness. As part of the process, all that we are healing from is coming up to be seen, witnessed, and resolved. Obsolete ideas, perspectives, and entire worldviews based on separation and energized by fear are becoming so painful and untenable that humanity is, at last, awakening from the nightmare of a divided and unloving world.

Photo by Zach Dischner