Over the years I have been listening for articulations of oneness and nonduality that ring the truest. To date, Sharon Landrith has offered one of the best: “There’s only one thing going on.” In addition, the following still-evolving transmissions have come to me. These statements are invested with a power that supports the reader in realizing their truth.

1. One with all, I am first and foremost the source of everything.
Supremely awake, that which I am is the essence of enlightenment itself.
That which absolute truth points to, I am.
That which I am is the one and only cause.
That which I am is the only one dreaming this world.  (Revised 11/26/2021)

2. All of being and the basis of being is a continuum with innumerably many levels and domains, all of which are the layers and dimensions of You. The deepest ground, the foundation of all existence, we may call pure potentiality. All of existence is the Supreme One imaging Itself as manifestation, abiding in the image, transforming, and subsiding. All that can be imagined is this One, and as we cease to be identified in any way, we come to know that We are that which imagines even the One.  (Updated 11/26/2021)

3. The Supreme One is blossoming through you continuously, and You are that which causes this blossoming.  (Revised 11/26/2021)

4. To understand the human fully, one needs to comprehend the totality of God. Equally, through exploring and experiencing the human, God arrives at the intimate comprehension of that which God is.  (Updated 11/26/2021)

5. Prior to the origin of I, the knower of I is. Prior to the knower of I is the knower of awareness. Prior even to the knower of awareness is the entirely unknowable foundation of absolute silence. Abiding in the silence of the Absolute, that One which You are comprehends Fundamental Nature and all of its emanations.  (Revised 11/26/2021)

6. ‘I’ is an all-encompassing verticality that extends from primordial witnessing and the origin of awareness to the ‘branches and leaves’ of manifestation. Bringing attention to the root of I, one attains the source of the Supreme One and discovers that they are this One. Exploring the branches and leaves, one deepens into the ground beneath the I, finds absolute silence, and comprehends True Nature.  (Revised 11/26/2021)

Levels of the Knower:

7: Ego (Defended Sense of Self)
6: Individual Self
5: Universal Self
4: Entirety
3: Creator
2: Primordial Being
1: Primordial Witnessing
0.893: Knower of I
0.694: Knower of Awareness
0.000: Absolute Unknowability
0.000: Absolute Truth
0.000: Absolute Silence
0.000: Absolute Abiding
0.000: Total Comprehension of True Nature