Five Truths of Abiding

The Five Truths of Abiding are an evolution of spiritualities that take suffering as a point of departure. Suffering is the result of the individual and collective belief in separateness, which is untrue. When suffering is given the status of truth, it becomes challenging to see the deeper truth of joy. In general, when we start with what is true, we are vastly more empowered than when we start with untruth. The following insights can help us to stay correctly oriented:

  1. The truth of infinite indivisible oneness: All is inseparably one. Finitude is impossible.
  2. The truth of infinitization: There is a path beyond the delusory appearance of finitude which results from believing in separateness.
  3. The truth of joy: Joy arises from knowing one’s real nature.
  4. The truth of resolution: All things and all beings tend toward resolution, healing, and awakening to the Supreme Reality.
  5. The supreme truth of being absolutely foundational: When all is resolved it is obvious that what I am, you are, and we are is fundamentally that which is most foundational. Everything springs from you, and is you.