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General notes:

  • Root Meanings is a work in progress that will continue to emerge and evolve until the Mind of minds is absolutely clear. The definitions below are subject to evolution.
  • Many excellent and useful definitions are not yet included. If you would like to make a suggestion, you may do so here.
  • The intention is to make these definitions available under a suitable Creative Commons license. In the meantime, unless otherwise noted, all works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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  • Completion of the experience of believing in separation.
  • Realization of oneness.
  • Recognition that Divinity/God/Source is YOU.
  • Recognition that the false idea of separation has no effects.
  • Recognition that YOU are equal to THE SUPREME.
  • Releasing the belief in separation and, consequently, the experiences thereof.
  • Releasing denial/rejection of Divinity/God/Source.
  • Releasing denial/rejection of THE SUPREME.
  • Releasing denial/rejection of being Divinity/God/Source.
  • Releasing denial/rejection of being THE SUPREME.
  • Reorientation from untruth to truth.
  • Surrendering what is not, including identities.
  • All healing occurs within the Mind that is all minds.
  • Personal, collective, and universal healing are one process of healing the Mind that is all minds.
  • Healing follows from awakening to what is real and true.
  • Healing follows from defragmenting the Mind.
  • Healing follows from realizing that Divinity/God/Source is YOU.
  • Healing follows from realizing that YOU are THE SUPREME.
  • Healing follows from realizing the Truth.
  • Healing ends with the discovery that there is no need for healing.
  • The disappearance of symptoms follows from healing the Mind.
  • Supreme Healing is the complete release of all denial/rejection of THE SUPREME.
  • Supreme Healing is the complete realization of Supreme Indivisibility.
  • Supreme Healing is the complete realization of Supreme Perfection.
  • Supreme Healing follows from completely awakening to THE SUPREME.
  • Supreme Healing follows from completely recognizing the Supreme Mind, which can never be fragmented.
  • Supreme Healing reveals THAT which YOU are.
  • Healing is transcended as fragmentation is transcended.
  • Healing is transcended in the realization that there is never any need for healing.
  • Healing is transcended with the realization that there can never be any ignorance, unawakeness, or unclarity.


  • Healing is immediate when there are no beliefs about how healing works.
  • If it is believed that a physical means is required for healing, then a physical means will be supplied. However, all mediated healing takes time, which can mean that the condition worsens faster than the healing can proceed.


  • “No one is healed alone. Everyone heals together.”
  • “To focus on your healing is a supreme act of service to all beings and to THE SUPREME. When you are fully healed, all are fully healed.”
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