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General notes:

  • Root Meanings is a work in progress that will continue to emerge and evolve until the Mind of minds is absolutely clear. The definitions below are subject to evolution.
  • Many excellent and useful definitions are not yet included. If you would like to make a suggestion, you may do so here.
  • The intention is to make these definitions available under a suitable Creative Commons license. In the meantime, unless otherwise noted, all works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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  • A microcosm of Divinity/God/Source.
  • A particular instance of the One on the journey of returning to the Source.
  • A realizer of Divinity/God/Source.
  • A realizer of Supreme Divinity, Supreme Perfection, etc.
  • A realizer of THE SUPREME.
  • A realizer of the Supreme I.
  • A realizer of the Supreme YOU.
  • A steward of the power and capacities of Divinity/God/Source.
  • A vehicle for expressing and experiencing consciousness.
  • An individuation of Divinity/God/Source.
  • An individuation of THE SUPREME.
  • An embodiment of Divinity/God/Source.
  • An incarnation of Divinity/God/Source.
  • Divinity realizing Divinity. God realizing God. Source realizing Source.
  • A human life is a journey of Divinity/God/Source.
  • A human life is a journey of integration.
  • The full range of human includes what may be called ascended mastery.
  • The fullness of each human is the infinite One.
  • Though human consciousness may seem to be localized in a body, it is primarily nonlocal.
  • Though human thought processes may appear to be predictable and algorithmic, they are primarily nonalgorithmic and unpredictable.
  • Human is transcended in apex transcendence of the laws of physics.


  • “Each human is a master. Each human is infinite. Each human is all of the One.”
  • “The genius of the human is the both-and of already being God and the journey of remembering what is already and forever so.”
  • “It is easier to create the whole universe than it is to live as a human. One could say that the reason for human life is to be the unlimited Divine challenging, discovering, and exploring Divinity/God/Source through seeming limitation.”
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