Table of Contents for Root Meanings

General notes:

  • Root Meanings is a work in progress that will continue to emerge and evolve until the Mind of minds is absolutely clear. The definitions below are subject to evolution.
  • Many excellent and useful definitions are not yet included. If you would like to make a suggestion, you may do so here.

Revision: 9 Jun 2023


  • Agency.
  • Capacity to cause.
  • Capacity to cause to happen.
  • The power of will depends on the depth of one’s realization.
  • Awakened will chooses to continue awakening.
  • Awakened will chooses to realize Divinity/God/Source.
  • Unawakened will choose to continue engaging in distracting activities.
  • Unawakened will chooses against realizing Divinity/God/Source.
  • Willfulness is unawakened will.
  • Supreme Will causes creation to be.
  • Supreme Will chooses to become involved in its creation.

“Free will” refers to the ability of Divinity/God/Source in multiplicity to make autonomous decisions at the level of the individual. Free will (and freedom in general) is limited by the fact of oneness and nonseparation. When autonomous decisions are aligned with remembering the oneness of Divinity/God/Source, there is positive feedback. When decisions are not aligned with remembering Divinity/God/Source, there is negative feedback.

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