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  • Root Meanings is a work in progress that will continue to emerge and evolve until the Mind of minds is absolutely clear. The definitions below are subject to evolution.
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  • A construct that seems to divide the Indivisible into a sequence of events.
  • An illusory structure that facilitates learning and healing from the belief in separation.
  • An illusory structure that enables learning in a simulated environment without the possibility of causing real damage through misapplied creativity.
  • A type of manifestation in which the Indivisible seems to be carved up into parts, most of which are hidden in what is believed to be an immutable past or an unknowable future. Yet all is present in the eternal now.
  • Time facilitates the loosening of beliefs and fixed ideas.
  • Cyclic time is a means of looping through a construct of creation in order to perfect learning and mastery.
  • Linear time is the experience of a sequence of events unfolding irreversibly from the past to the future.
  • Linear time is embedded in cyclic time, and as such it is not actually linear.
  • In Supreme Awakeness, it is clear that the past, present, and future are projected simultaneously and are all totally mutable.
  • Time is transcended as unconsciousness is transcended.
  • Time is transcended as victimhood is transcended.
  • One who transcends time is in creatorship.
  • That which transcends time is timeless.
  • That which transcends time is timelessness.
  • Timelessness is beyond all unconsciousness and victimhood. In timelessness, it is clear that the past, present, and future are all accessible and can be changed in the eternal now.
  • In apex timelessness there is apex transcendence of cause and effect. In apex timelessness, it is clear that past, present, and future are ideas that are projected simultaneously and that past, present, and future are absolutely mutable.


  • “Everything happens in no time at all.”
  • “One’s degree of awakeness determines their experience of time.”
  • “The level of our consciousness determines the yuga that we are in, which is to say the age of relative truth or untruth that we are experiencing.”
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