Table of Contents for Root Meanings

General notes:

  • Root Meanings is a work in progress that will continue to emerge and evolve until the Mind of minds is absolutely clear. The definitions below are subject to evolution.
  • Many excellent and useful definitions are not yet included. If you would like to make a suggestion, you may do so here.

Revision: 1 May 2023


  • Increasing awakeness.
  • Increasing clarity about truth.
  • Increasing cognizance of oneness.
  • Increasing cognizance of Divinity/God/Source.
  • Increasing cognizance of THE SUPREME.
  • A shift in embodiment that corresponds to an increase in awakeness.
  • Shifting from confusion to clarity, from unawakeness to total awareness of THE SUPREME in and as all.
  • Shifting from the dense embodiment of unconsciousness to embodying the spacious awareness of enlightenment.
  • Shifting orientation from fearfulness to the confident knowing of truth.
  • Shifting orientation from varying degrees of separation to oneness.
  • Shifting perspective/view to oneness.


  • To be who you really are is to transcend everything you thought you were.
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