In meditation it occurred to me to calibrate the reliability of different types of knowing. The results are below. The calibration scale runs from 0 to 100, with 0 representing total unreliability and 100 representing total reliability.

Apex gnosis: 100
Apex knowing: 100
Nondual knowing: 100
Supreme Gnosis: 99.99999
Supreme Knowing: 99.99999
Knowing by being: 99.4
Immediate knowing: 99.0
Direct knowing: 92.0
Gnosis: 92.0
Reasoning (incl. deductive and inductive): 31.0
Thinking: 24.0
Inner senses: 15.0
Inner sensory experience: 15.0
Mental experience: 2.0
Outer senses: 0.0
Outer sensory experience: 0.0

Although frequently delightful, the outer senses are maximally unreliable and the inner senses are also unreliable. Thinking and reasoning are unreliable. Gnosis is much more reliable, and nondual apex gnosis, at the pinnacle of enlightenment, is totally reliable.

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