A general principle is that we experience what we deeply believe, and such beliefs are often unconscious. So whatever we are experiencing is often showing us what we truly believe. Similarly, we experience what we value (i.e., what we believe has value), and what we experience is often a revelation of what we value deeply.

Here are three questions that can support anyone whose consciousness calibrates at 3.0 or above on the Ladder of Awakening:

1. To what extent do I value Money? It is optimal for this parameter to be 100 out of 100. Money in its essence – capital-M Money – is the flow of life, and Money “vibrates at the frequency of love.” So it is appropriate to value Money all the way. This includes valuing the various forms of Money – lowercase-m money – even as we recognize that the money systems of humanity must evolve in order to serve all equally.

2. To what extent do I value abundance? It is optimal for this parameter to be 100 out of 100. The more abundance we experience as an infinite being, the more abundance the world experiences, since it is one with us, and, more profoundly, it is our creation. Valuing abundance is an effective way to create more consciously in alignment with our real nature as Divinity/God/Source or THE SUPREME.

3. To what extent do I value sufficiency? It is appropriate to dial this parameter all the way down to 0. On the face of it, sufficiency may seem like a noble ideal, and it is laudable not to take more than one needs. However, to the extent that sufficiency presupposes finitude and separation, it is based on an unreal premise.

Each of us is one with all, which means that we are all, which means that all is ours and all of ours. At the level of collectivity, everything is shared in ways that are appropriate to the needs of every individual expression of the One. When we know and embody this truth there can be no greed. Additionally, in enlightenment all is known to be infinite, sufficiency is abundance, and both words lose their meaning.

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