Revised: 3 March 2024

The human journey is fundamentally a journey of remembrance and realization. One remembers THE SUPREME and, through nondual insight, remembers being THE SUPREME. Along the way, one discovers the abilities and the powers of Divinity/God/Source and learns how to use these properly in the “sandbox” that is the universe. One who is awake as THE SUPREME realizes the ways of the THE SUPREME and expresses this realization accordingly.

So what are the ways of THE SUPREME? How does THE SUPREME work? Here is what emerged through meditation and sourcing:

  1. Clear knowing. Clear knowing is the knowing of what is so, and what THE SUPREME knows is so. To create anything, THE SUPREME must know that it is so. Knowing comes before creation. THE SUPREME knows each creation into being.
  2. Clear choice. Clear choice is the selection of a clearly defined option from the infinitude of possibilities that are available to THE SUPREME.
  3. Clear directive. Clear directive is, in essence, a command that is perfectly precise and coherent, with no cross currents. As any incongruity whatsoever manifests great discord, the system of Supreme Creation is immediately self-correcting. (One implication is that the world of apparent conflict is healed the instant it begins.)
  4. Clear intention. Clear intention is the “plan” that THE SUPREME is unfolding, which integrates knowing, directive, and choice.
  5. Clear love for all. Clear love for all is the devotion of THE SUPREME to THE SUPREME in all of its guises, including all beings, all structures, and all systems; the universe as a whole; and the totality of existence.
  6. As an offering of service. The functioning of THE SUPREME is always a Supreme Offering of Supreme Service to all.
  7. Perfect bliss. THE SUPREME works and accomplishes all in perfect bliss. The Supreme Bliss of THE SUPREME never diminishes and never wavers.

Since each being is THE SUPREME, regardless of whether they remember or realize their true nature, anyone can begin to practice these ways of working. As one develops the capacities of THE SUPREME, one remembers THE SUPREME, remembers being THE SUPREME, remembers how THE SUPREME works, and ultimately expresses Supreme Creatorship.

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