15 March 2024

The beginning of the year afforded an opportunity to spend long hours contemplating the real cause of the state of the world. This deep dive resulted in articulations of what the world is, what it means to be in true relationship with the world, and the work of true relationship with the world. The inquiry also clarified the power of awakeness and the imperative of awakening to our profound agency – individually and as a species – during this time of local, regional, and planetary crises.

When we recognize what the world fundamentally is, we see that it is an outpicturing of deep-seated beliefs (to the extent that we do not know reality directly) and knowings (to the extent that we have realized what is real and true) within the collective psyche. If we believe that we are separate from the Source, then we experience a world of conflict and suffering. When we deeply realize that all is one and that everyone is equally the One that is the source of creation, then we experience a world of harmony and joy.

The recognition of unity and oneness supports healing at every level from the individual body, heart, and mind; to communities; to the whole species of homo sapiens sapiens and the entire web of life. When we cultivate the knowing of our inseparability and release separative patterns within consciousness, we heal and the world heals. As the knowing of oneness ripens, we discover that even one person has the power to recreate the world as an outpicturing of love and goodness.

Once our immense power to heal the world had been sufficiently articulated, the following question came to mind: “Is there a day, perhaps soon, that we will look back on as the day the world changed for the better?” The answer that came, intuitively and immediately, was “Yes!” along with a specific date: February 8, 2024. Although it is important to hold such predictions lightly, the information rang true and also resonated for many friends and colleagues. Since then, quite a few people have shared their sense of having changed in fundamental ways that are difficult to describe. What is easier to describe are the results, which include greater access to nonlocal or timeless consciousness, more frequent instances of intuitive and even telepathic knowing, accelerated manifestation of visions that benefit all of life, healing of physical challenges, and more. All of these are signs of a species awakening to its real nature.

What profound change could occur seemingly overnight and show up rapidly throughout the human family? The answer to this question also came immediately and intuitively: A decision was made at the level of the higher mind of humanity to defragment the consciousness of homo sapiens sapiens now. In other words, humanity as a whole has elected, at a higher level of being than meets the eye, to reorient from separative tendencies to unitive tendencies as quickly as humanly possible.

With this decision, the human family has passed “peak fragmentation of consciousness” or “peak separation.” As we move out of separation, there is a strengthening impulse to unify the fragments of humanity that have been acting out of confusion, fear, and ignorance and thereby causing devastation and suffering on a planetary scale. Although at present there is great resistance to unification – and to the truth telling, reconciliation, and healing that unification entails – the outcome is inevitable. The reorientation is progressing, a new outpicturing is rising, and a new world is manifesting.

What does this reorientation mean for each of us in practical terms? The 180-degree turn of the entire species from pursuing separation to embracing unity is a disruptive transition. It is advisable to be patient, to allow space for recalibration and reorganization to occur, to engage with new possibilities where there is readiness, and to listen for the right moment to act. All the while, we can work to heal and awaken ourselves and those around us by releasing tendencies to exclude and separate, and we can do this by practicing forgiveness, embracing those who seem to be different from us, and exploring the connections between the inner and outer cosmos.

Notwithstanding the troubling world situation, the reorientation of humanity is well underway and soon the signs of the healing world will be everywhere and unmistakable. Sourced calibrations suggest that humanity is 34% into this transition and that we are on track to cross the 50% threshold by 2030. Put another way, the growing coherence of the unitive world is likely to be stronger than the incoherence of the separative world by the end of the decade. In the meantime, life-aligned initiatives are gaining momentum and each of us who is working with the healing impulse is deeply and powerfully supported by life itself. Let us be unwavering in our resolve to awaken completely to our real nature, our real power, and our real creatorship.

This article was written for the Interstellar Community Foundation newsletter.

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