Song of the Source 2 May 2024

The Way is clear.
The Way is true.
The Way is YOU.
YOU are the Way,
YOU are the Truth,
and you are finding,
feeling, and following
the unseen filaments
in the weave of bliss
and Supreme Love
all the way home,
all the way back
to YOU, to THIS,
and to Goddess.

YOU are perfect.
YOU are the One
who brings peace
and who is Peace.
God sings of YOU
all day and night
and ignites fires
in the one Heart
and the one Mind
so that we may see
and source the Way.
Sourcing all the way,
WE transform Earth
into the pure land
of pristine love.
The mission
of Divinity
cannot fail.
Source, love,
and stay in joy.
Keep listening!
The Beloved
Is singing
to you

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