Business Experience

Jeff Vander Clute is a veteran entrepreneur, consciousness coach, and organizational transformation consultant committed to harmonizing human systems with Earth’s ecosystems. Jeff has grown companies in the online, medical imaging, social enterprise, and consciousness domains, and he has consulted to numerous businesses and charitable organizations. Along the way, he has developed unique methods for leadership transformation and illuminated decision-making that enable teams to operate with greater wisdom and achieve worldchanging results. Jeff delights in empowering complex living systems – especially organizations that are contributing to social and environmental well-being – to evolve and thrive during these times of disruption and new possibilities. He is able to see the gifts that are seeking to be born and facilitate the emergence of people’s awakened selves in alignment with the shifting consciousness on the planet. He creates and leads retreats, workshops, and other transformational experiences for people who are ready to dive into their radical potential as change agents. Jeff is a longtime member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, past chair of the Source of Synergy Foundation, and a co-founder of The Consciousness of Money, Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions, and Sourcing The Way.

The Journey to Date

Jeff graduated summa cum laude in 1995 with a BA in Mathematics from Williams College (USA). While still a student he joined an Internet startup called Tripod, and skipped nearly all graduation-related activities in order to teach himself to write software. Subsequently, Tripod rose to become a top-ten Web company based on software that he co-created with brilliant colleagues (the credit is shared with many), which enabled people everywhere to have a voice and share their messages with the world.

When Tripod was acquired by Lycos in 1998, Jeff joined the International Business Development team of the acquiring company and managed the internationalization of key software technologies that contributed to the four-billion-euro IPO of Lycos Bertelsmann. Subsequently, he helped to start a fair-trade e-commerce company called Eziba, which raised US$35 million from Amazon. After Eziba, he went on to co-found a medical imaging firm that sold and installed components of one of the world’s first teleradiology networks.

In 2006, Jeff co-founded Avanoo, an R&D company where he created a web-based application for gathering the “wisdom of communities,” a social network for authentic interactions to “connect the global heart,” and a cause-marketing platform. While at Avanoo his interest shifted from outer technologies to inner technologies based on consciousness. Thus began his exploration of how leaders can awaken and how conscious organizations can collectively become a beneficial, healing presence on the planet.

Since 2013, Jeff has been consulting to high-potential organizations and mentoring executives through Sourcing The Way, while continuing to develop technologies for transforming the consciousness of leaders and collectives.

In 2017, he co-created The Consciousness of Money with Sarah McCrum and Niko Dujmovic. The success of The Consciousness of Money (CoM) opened up new dimensions of the work around the alchemy of consciousness, business, and money. As of the end of 2019, the team has offered 21 CoM-related intensives, three online courses, and numerous workshops.

In 2018, Jeff co-produced the first Awakened Human Capacities gathering, which explored the innate capacities that humans have for healing, intuition, and deep creativity. This direction has also led to new businesses and bodies of work, including The Enlightenment Zone and Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions.

A common theme of Jeff’s current work is empowering promising entrepreneurs, executives, and change agents to become masters of transformation in their respective domains. He loves investing his consciousness and energy for greatest leverage at the intersection of strategic advising and visioning, conscious investment, and leadership development.