A Transmission of Perfect Love

6 December 2019 (Rev. May 2020)

Love is the primordial force that draws all of Creation together and maintains the great web of relationship. This Love is experienced in countless ways from the cohesion of subatomic particles to human interconnections to the gravity that sustains the vast galaxies in a spiral dance.

One could say that Love is like the in-breath of Spirit, gathering and commingling the elements of Creation in the lungs of Divinity. One could equally say that Love is like the out-breath of Spirit, expelling its very self as substance into the world of form and matter, for the great activity of the One includes the entirety of possibilities.

It is the out-breath into appearances of difference and diversity that facilitates the beautiful possibility of the in-breath, of the return and certain homecoming of self-realization. In the breath, Freedom itself comes to play and experience all aspects of unity through all possible arrangements, and this journey deepens and answers the Original Wish to be fulfilled.

The greater Love in its perfection, Perfect Love, stands above all ideas of Love, beyond the conditional and even unconditional forms of Love, and holds the experiences of imagined separation equally with the triumphant return to Oneness.

The invitation to all beings who would know themselves truly is to be whole enough to allow the totality of experience, and thereby discover that they are the all of it, for they are, you are, and we are Love Itself.

Releasing all of the limitations that have been placed on Love, and ourselves, through conceptualization, come to rest in the bliss of being Perfect Love. And, finally, in this state of acceptance and awakeness, live as Perfect Love, just as you are right now.

Coolum Beach, Australia