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Choose Love Now

2 July 2020

Note: Since you are reading this message, you are on the direct path of realizing Love fully in the world. If you are just learning about the pivotal moment described below, know that you were included by many beautiful souls in the collective meditation for the benefit of all. Although the 5th of July 2020 is behind us in linear time, this moment, now, is always a good time to choose love in our hearts, as we continue to practice lovingkindness in all of our interactions.


This is the moment to choose the highest, deepest, most awakened and loving reality for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. The window for making this decision is open until the 5th of July at 5:02pm GMT / 12:02pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time.

At present there are many realities co-existing on the planet. These realities are a bit like railroad tracks that have been parallel for a while, which will soon diverge and take different directions leading to very different futures. One of these realities offers the most direct path to Love. A few others are reasonably direct, though with detours of varying lengths. The rest will take indirect paths that include additional pain and suffering, and some of these will, unfortunately, perpetuate the injustices that humanity has been repeating for centuries.

Right now is the vital decision point. This is our time to choose which path or paths we are going to follow individually and as a species. Thanks to much good work that has already been done, there is strong support for humans to avoid at least some of the worst-case scenarios. However, it is not guaranteed that we will find ourselves on the way to the most enlightened reality after the 5th of July. For that to be the case, many of us must now choose, consciously, for ourselves and for the whole human family, the direct path to Love.

A Meditation

One way to participate in this collective decision is to engage in the following meditation before the 5th of July at 5:02pm GMT:

Shift into a relaxed and peaceful state of being. Visualize yourself choosing “path #1” – the way that leads directly to the most glorious, awakened, and loving reality, whatever that may look like for you. You might see yourself moving toward a place that is filled with light, in which nature and all beings are healed and thriving together. Feel that you are in this reality now. Imagine that you are opening your arms as wide as the sky and reaching out to embrace the entire planet. Gather in your vastness all of humanity, along with any past and parallel lives so that the whole human family is included. Gather as well every other being and the living body of Earth, which you now lift effortlessly and place with loving care upon the path leading to “reality #1.”

Here is the guided meditation recorded by Holly Thomas:

You may wish to do this meditation more than once using different visualizations or processes that come to you. Feel free to experiment. The essential instructions are:

  1. Choose the most direct path to Love in the way or ways that resonate for you.
  2. Include each and every person, plant, and animal – all beings without exception – and the living Earth herself.

There is no need to understand how such a great transformation can be achieved. The infinite power of awakened, compassionate consciousness will attend to all of the details and ensure that our collective decision is implemented as gracefully and expeditiously as possible.

The more we energize our shared intentions to heal and live in harmony with all beings in the most-auspicious reality, the more vivid, textured, and enriching our experience of this new reality will be. In the process we will also discover that the sacred work of rebuilding our societies to be just and inclusive is joyful and empowered beyond imagining.

Thank you for contributing to the future of life on Earth by choosing Love and the direct path to Love. Thank you as well for bringing the human family, and all living beings, along with you. In our wholeness we are healed, and as we heal, the whole web of life is restored.

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