Keys for Thriving in the New Pattern

October 2020

While the attention of humanity has been focused on the pandemic, the global operating system has been quietly upgraded. The organizing principles and archetypes of societies have shifted. The roadmap for achieving the good life has evolved. Although the story is not yet being told widely, we are collectively standing on a new foundation, and by working together in the new ways that are aligned with life we will build an equitable and prosperous world.

The “keys for thriving in the new pattern” have been sourced intuitively and applied with excellent results. As you work the keys and follow the suggested sequence, your life will transform in beautiful ways.

The Keys

  1. Availability to the timeless. Meditate, relax, and commune with nature to receive inspiration from vaster being.
  2. Openness to new possibilities. Be open to wholly unexpected opportunities that may take unfamiliar forms.
  3. Authenticity. Know who you are and show up fully as the true self. Success depends on being authentic rather than fitting in.
  4. Self-confidence and self-assurance. When you are truly yourself, confidence comes naturally.
  5. Loving everyone. Find it in yourself to love, especially when it is challenging to do so. The alternative does not work. 
  6. Offering what you love in service. In the new pattern, doing what you love as a sacred offering brings abundance.
  7. Generosity. That which you give freely is returned to you many times over by life, in ways that cannot be predicted. 
  8. Presence. When you live with an awareness of the roots of your being, you uplift the world simply by being.
  9. Letting life live through you. The roots of your being and life are the same. Life is what you are, and it seeks to express beauty and goodness through the person that is also you.
  10. Trusting life. Life mirrors your beliefs and expectations. When you trust life, life demonstrates that it is trustworthy.
  11. Creative expression. Creativity is the deep upwelling of the source of all. As you practice creativity you deepen into Source.
  12. Releasing your old self. The old you is passing away with the previous pattern. Let it go gently, with appreciation.
  13. Welcoming the unexpected and unpredictable. The gifts of vaster being come as happy surprises when you trust life.
  14. Welcoming your new self. You are going to love the new you.
  15. Radical transparency. The time for hiding yourself, your talents, and your visions is over. Share who you are inside and out.

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Header Photo by from Pxfuel