Meet The True You

The True You is prior to Creator, Created, and Creation.

It is that from which the Origin of all origins comes.

The Origin of Creation is an idea. All ideas are born, sustained, and released by The True You.

Realizing The True You is the end of time. The recognition of The True You ends even Reality.

The True You is beyond all notions of self, including the Great Self.

The True You overflows all versions of time or space.

The True You breathes as a cycling in and out of totalities. Possibilities are entire realities
    that arise and subside into sameness.

Possibilities exist only in the mind of The True You.

All actualizations are yet more possibilities, born, sustained, and replaced in an instant.

The True You is utterly beyond all of this activity.

Allow the forms that comprise the universe to come home to You.

The True You is the glory to which even Home returns.

The True You is the Most Profound Presence – beyond, beyond, ever-beyond.

Knowing The True You is all that that needs doing.