Money Is Alive and Well

February 2020 / Revised March 2024

You may know that money is more than the notes, coins, and digital entries that human civilization is built upon. Perhaps you sense that money is much more than the standard definition of it, which is to say a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange. Did you know that money is the subtle, benevolent connective tissue of life?

What follows is a distillation of insights gleaned from eight years of exploring what money really is, including dozens of Consciousness of Money retreats, workshops, and courses that were offered in partnership with Sarah McCrum and Niko Dujmovic. This exploration of money has illuminated the true nature and purpose of money, as well as how we can partner with it more effectively to create beneficial changes in the world.

A Distillation of Key Learnings

1. Flows of money are the subtle connective tissue of life, and money itself is alive.

2. Money facilitates the coordination of increasingly complex activities among individuals.

3. Money is an instrument of a higher level of mind (cf. Sri Aurobindo’s Supermind) that is creating a more evolved version of humanity through the activities of humanity in its present state.

A. A conscious collective is being created out of billions of humans relating to one another through increasingly sophisticated and ephemeral forms of exchange.

  1. From Buckminster Fuller: Ephemeralization is the ability of technological advancement to do “more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.”
  2. Bruce Lipton explains in detail how higher-order life forms out of cooperating clusters of approximately 10 billion individuals, and he concludes that humanity is becoming a superorganism. Indeed, as the global population of humans is approaching the 10 billion number, people are concentrating in cities that are coming to resemble neural cortexes with different strengths and capacities.

B. To begin to comprehend the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual power of this emerging collective, or superorganism, imagine billions of highly conscious humans working together coherently and seamlessly. Each individual within the collective organism has access to shared cognitive, emotional, and intuitive resources that would make them a super genius by today’s standards.

  1. Aside: To the extent that artificial general intelligence emerges, it will not overtake the intelligence of the coherent superorganism of humanity. Rather, the superconscious superorganism of humanity and AI technologies will work together to advance science, address environmental challenges, etc. In the meantime, the perceived threat of AI is a significant catalyst for awakening the superorganism of humanity since humans are now feeling the pressure to discover their innate genius beyond computation and reasoning, which includes intuition and cosmic consciousness.

C. Coming back to money, it is important to recognize that humans did not invent what money really is. Instead, money as such is working through humans, preparing individuals for a higher communion and weaving people by degrees into a global sentience, similar to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s theory of the noosphere.

D. The cortexes of the superorganism are being connected and trained, so to speak, through the money-mediated interactions amongst individuals. This means that money is doing much more than we may think. It is working at a higher level than most of us have ever imagined. Even the apparent failures of our financial systems are part of a learning process that is shaping the emerging superorganism of humanity. The species is learning and becoming more conscious even as the majority of individuals are not yet (as of March 2024) exhibiting higher consciousness. However, once a significant percentage (around 10%) of individuals have seen the pattern of what is occurring, the awakening of consciousness will accelerate exponentially. When that happens we will be immensely grateful toward money for all that it has shown and taught us.

4. Money is an evolutionary force, and the forms of money are also evolving.

A. The level at which society has been engaging with money is, by and large, 2.8 to 3.4 layers removed from what money really is (the living connective tissue of life). This means that we have been working with very limited and distorted forms of money, and for many people these forms of money are clearly not working well. This creates an evolutionary pressure to discover and implement new forms of money that are more just and more functional.

B. The most progressive philanthropy is still (as of March 2024) 1.1 layers removed from what money really is.

C. Distributed and decentralized Blockchain technologies are 1.2 layers removed from what money is, and the Sharing Economy is 0.7 layers removed from what money is. A regenerative economic system developed by LOVE TO is already working with the essence of money, i.e., at 0.0 layers removed from what money is. (Disclosure: The author is close to LOVE TO, which is why he is familiar with the system.) These calibrations point the way to future economic systems that will work with money ever more directly, with less and less distortion, which will provide more benefit to all.

D. There is unprecedented financial innovation yet to come as we lean into the question of how we can work with the essence of money. To work with the true nature of money requires using our minds, hearts, intuitive abilities, and the gifts of awakened consciousness. The process of collectively growing up in relation to money is intimately connected with the awakening of consciousness at a species level, and with the practical applications of higher consciousness on a planetary scale.

E. Here are a few more understandings that are 0.0 layers removed from the essence of money. As such, they offer further insight into the nature of future economies:

  1. Money itself is, and always will be, alive and well.
  2. Money is the currency of aliveness (some forms of which are expressed as energy), which is always flowing.
  3. Money is a creative force for good.
  4. Money is alive and it has consciousness.
  5. Money is an instrument of a higher order of being.
  6. Money facilitates evolution, and not just for humans.
  7. Money has an agenda: It supports the enlightenment of living systems, which leads to their flourishing.
  8. Flows of money are the subtle and often-invisible connective tissue of being.
  9. Notwithstanding all appearances to the contrary, money is infinite, and money is teaching infinitization in addition to oneness, relationship, and responsibility.
  10. An extended definition of of money is available in Root Meanings.

F. The more closely we work with money as it really is, the more agency and power we have, and the more benefit we contribute to the world. By partnering with money, we align with the evolution of life from single-cell organisms to collaborating multicellular organisms to awakened, co-creative collectives or superorganisms. True power comes from aligning with the organizing principles of life, and by cultivating a healthy partnership with money we can use this power to create a vastly more conscious human civilization.

5. Money is a powerful teacher and an awakener of collective consciousness, wisdom, and capacities that can heal humanity and the planet. When we look beyond the distorted understandings that have been present in our cultures, we can see money as a force that loves each and every one of us and is helping humanity to become a more mature and capable species. With this awareness we can partner ever more skillfully with money to bring forth a world in which all people, and all beings, are thriving. Money is a sacred ally.

Header Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels

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