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Resonance Mapping: A Technology for Creating Reality
and Harmonizing the Whole of Creation

January 2020 (Partially revised 18 November 2022)

What is Resonance Mapping?

Resonance Mapping is a method for discerning possibilities that are deeply rooted in TRUTH and supported by life. The process of Resonance Mapping facilitates illuminated decision-making. An illuminated decision takes into consideration the intimate relationship between specific opportunities and the whole of creation. Such decisions harmonize with the TOTALITY of all that is and all that could possibly be, which is how we access awakened power. Resonance Mapping is thus a means for making empowered choices while simultaneously creating a reality in which all beings flourish together.

Resonance Mapping uses calibrated intuition to measure the extent to which a possibility satisfies four conditions:

  1. The possibility is consistent with the unseen movements of life.
  2. It is a pathway to greater awakeness.
  3. Its expression is harmonized and synergistic with the symphony of creation.
  4. The possibility offers high leverage for applying awakened power.

The first condition says that Resonance Mapping reveals alignment between a possibility and the direction of evolving circumstances. A totally resonant opportunity is consistent with the flow of all of life. Even if we do not see or understand how life is moving and changing, there is a wisdom within us that does know, and we can access this wisdom through our intuition. As we master Resonance Mapping, we learn to sense the movements of life in each moment.

The second condition states that the enlightened being that is who you really are would love for you to actualize the opportunity. Indeed, the most resonant possibilities are invitations to awaken via the most direct path. To the extent that we are attached to outcomes – which is an indication of a clouded consciousness – a resonant possibility may bring us awakeness rather than what we think we want. Resonance Mapping works best when the primary objective is to awaken.

The third condition emphasizes that the expression of a possibility is in total accord with the entirety of existence, including that which can be seen as well as all that is invisible. A fully resonant activity resists nothing, has zero againstness, and yields maximum benefit. It is akin to a musical composition that blends with both the sound and the silence, and contributes at the right moments, in the right measure, to the the larger composition that is life on Earth and in the universe.

The fourth condition relates to the identification of locations within consciousness where the application of true power – the power of truth – can rapidly accelerate the natural processes of awakening. Maximally resonant opportunities can energize the processes of transformation in the direction of thriving. Any choice to engage with such possibilities simultaneously maximizes both freedom and interdependence – two correlated qualities which interplay to form a powerful basis for awakeness.

Before continuing, we need to answer a fundamental question: What do we mean by “resonance,” and what is this resonance that we are mapping? The deepest and most truthful definition that I have discovered over the years is this: What we call “resonance” is the means by which the One Mind – of Creator, God, Source – coordinates the manifestation and orchestration of forms that appear as the universe and all that it contains. When we create a map of resonances, i.e. a “Resonance Map,” we are able to see into the Mind of Creator/God/Source and align our activities with the creative forces of Universal Truth.

    Applications of Resonance Mapping

    Resonance Mapping indicates where to focus energy and attention in order to align with life. It liberates the consciousness and creative potential of individuals and entire systems. Here are six suitable applications:

    1. Enlightenment. Resonance Mapping works best when we are absolutely committed to becoming more awake. Resonant scenarios are the ones that expand our capacities for consciousness and awareness, and are most deeply rooted in Truth. Building a business or a system on the foundation of Truth and awakeness is beneficial for the whole of life. The foremost application of Resonance Mapping is enlightenment for self, systems, and the world.

    2. Whole manifestation. An opportunity that is supremely resonant is fully aligned with evolution and harmonious with all of creation. To manifest such a possibility is to benefit all and harm none. This way of manifesting always sustains the indivisible Whole. Even as new forms replace old forms, and new understandings replace old ones, in awakened awareness it is clearly seen that a fully resonant opportunity is unified with all of the movements of life. Thus it is the obvious choice to call into being.

    3. Comprehensive synarchy. A synarchy is a form of enlightened governance, in which a collective awareness of the workings of life and a shared commitment to universal inclusion produce systems that manifest well-being for the Whole. By identifying solutions and possibilities that are aligned with the entirety of life, humans are able to surpass the limited points of view and agendas of the false sense of self and co-create a world in which all beings thrive together.

    4. Wise decisions. Fully resonant possibilities are portals into the state of profound awareness. Moving with wholeness, from wholeness, and as wholeness, there is wisdom in each and every step. Resonance Mapping reveals the mind of Creator/God/Source, in which correspondences between all local selves and the universal Self are maintained in perfect balance and harmony. Knowing the Divine Mind, the wisest actions are selected naturally and taken effortlessly.

    5. Validating understandings. Testing the resonance of ideas and beliefs about reality often points out how little one actually knows. Subscribing to theories that are inharmonious with the Whole creates limited sciences and harmful technologies. What we accept as true based on education and experience is rarely deeply true. When we use Resonance Mapping to check our assumptions and insights, and calibrate our hypotheses, our theories deepen into Truth, and our sciences advance rapidly.

    6. Illuminating presence. Each instance of calibrating the resonance of opportunities brings awake presence into the context that is being explored. As the energies being considered are harmonized with the entirety, enlightened awareness is activated. Through Resonance Mapping, we invest “capital” in the form of consciousness, and this activity illuminates the presence at the heart of all. Future economies will be built on consciousness and presence, which can be minted via this method.

    Misapplications of Resonance Mapping

    Resonance Mapping can be used almost inexhaustibly for a multitude of purposes; however, there are a few purposes for which it is entirely ill-suited. Here are the top four:

    1. Advancing separative agendas. When agendas are present, there is the tendency to separate reality into a desirable world and an undesirable world. Resonance Mapping cannot be used reliably in this mode of operating. The injunction applies to the practitioners who are calibrating resonances as well as those with whom they are working. Resonance Mapping is reliable in the measure that everyone involved is relaxed, trusting life, and open to outcomes that benefit all.

    2. Restricting possibilities. Resonance Mapping reveals the mind of Creator/God/Source, which is unlimited. As such, by its very nature the process opens up countless possibilities. The act of mapping does not reduce the number of choices, though it does help in prioritizing the ones we are aware of based on their alignment with the whole of life. Knowing this, we can be at peace with the fact that there is an abundance of fully aligned opportunities from which we can choose.

    3. Predicting the future. Resonance Mapping does not predict the future state of any system. Rather, it suggests where there is empowerment by virtue of alignment and harmony with all of life, and it surfaces opportunities that would be most enlightening to explore. Thus Resonance Mapping is directional rather than predictive. With awakening, the idea of prediction dissolves into an appreciation of the co-arising nature of reality, and one recognizes that each resonant step is a beautiful outcome in itself.

    4. Replacing other forms of decision making. Resonance Mapping honors other ways of knowing and deciding. It is a supplemental means for making decisions that incorporates intuitively sourced data and a systematic approach. A high-quality decision is typically arrived at when multiple methods and intelligences agree. While a decision that ignores intuition is unlikely to be enlightened, a decision that excludes reason or feelings is unlikely to be whole.

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