Resonance Mapping: Revealing Illuminated Opportunities

What is Resonance Mapping?

What Resonance Mapping really is transcends all attempts to describe it. Nevertheless, for most people the bottom line is that Resonance Mapping facilitates making decisions that are enlightened. Enlightened decisions take into consideration the relationship between specific opportunities and the whole of creation, including what you would deeply love to experience. An enlightened decision harmonizes with everything that exists and everything that could possibly exist. It is a true win-win-win – a solution for all that comes at the expense of none. For this reason, Resonance Mapping is a means for creating “a world that works for all”1 and the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”2

More precisely, we can say that Resonance Mapping is a rigorous method that uses a finely tuned intuition to measure the extent to which a possibility satisfies four interrelated conditions (impossible to assess otherwise):

  1. It is consistent with the unseen inner workings of evolution.
  2. The awakened version of you would love to experience it.
  3. Its expression blends with the symphony of creation.
  4. It is an optimal point for focusing awakened power.

The first condition states that Resonance Mapping evaluates the degree of alignment between a possibility and the direction of evolving circumstances. A fully resonant opportunity is consistent with the flow of all of life. Even if we do not see or understand how life is moving and changing, there is a deeper wisdom that knows, and we can access this wisdom through intuition.

The second condition asserts that the awakened being that is who you really are would love to experience the possibility. To the extent that you are less than clear, a fully resonant possibility might be what you need more than what you want. A notable discovery is that engaging with opportunities that are fully resonant will naturally bring you into a state of greater awakeness.

The third condition emphasizes that the expression of the possibility is in total accord with the entirety of creation, including that which can be seen as well as that which is invisible. The fully resonant expression adds harmoniously to both the sound and the silence, as a skilled musician contributes at the right moments and in the right measure to the creation of a symphony.

The fourth condition relates to the places of greatest leverage in the infinitely complex system that is life. A fully resonant option is also an opportunity to apply awakened focus (true power) to accelerate the evolution of all living beings. The choice to engage with fully resonant possibilities accelerates the development of the universe and all it contains – including ourselves.

Before continuing, we need to answer a fundamental question: What do we mean by “resonance,” and what is this resonance that we are mapping? The deepest truthful definition that I have discovered over the years is this: What we call “resonance” is the means by which the One Mind – of Creator, God, Source – coordinates the manifestation and orchestration of forms that appear as the universe and all that it contains. When we create a map of resonances for multiple possibilities, we are able to see into the Mind of Creator/God/Source and align our activities with the creative forces of the entirety.

    What is Resonance Mapping for?

    1. ENLIGHTENMENTTo the extent that we are committed to becoming more awake, Resonance Mapping works better. The resonant scenarios are the ones that expand our capacities for consciousness and awareness, and are most deeply rooted in truth. Building a business or a system on the foundation of truth and awakening is beneficial for the whole of life. Thus the foremost application of Resonance Mapping is enlightenment for self, systems, and the world.

    2. Nondual manifestation. An opportunity which is supremely resonant is fully aligned with evolution and fully harmonious with all of creation. To manifest such a possibility is to benefit all and do no harm. Such a manifestation does not divide, counter, or work against the whole. Even as new forms replace old forms, and new understandings replace old understandings, in awakened awareness it is seen that a fully resonant opportunity is unified with all of the comings and goings of life.

    3. Comprehensive synarchy. A synarchy is a form of enlightened governance, in which a collective awareness of the workings of life and a shared commitment to universal inclusion produce harmonious social and economic structures. By enabling the identification of solutions and possibilities that are aligned with the whole of life, Resonance Mapping allows people to surpass limited perspectives and agendas to co-create a world in which all beings have the opportunity to thrive.

    4. Wise choices. The possibilities that resonate fully are portals into the state of profound wisdom. Moving with wholeness, from wholeness, and as wholeness, there is wisdom in each and every step. Resonance Mapping reveals the Mind of Creator, in which correspondences between the local self and the nondual Self are clear opportunities for enjoyment. Rooted thus in indivisibility, wise choices are made naturally, and the heart that beats in the human chest is the drum that sounds the rhythm of the world.

    5. Validating perceived reality. Testing the resonance of ideas and beliefs about reality often points out how little we actually know. What we take as a given from our education and experience is rarely deeply true. We can use Resonance Mapping to check our assumptions and insights, and calibrate our hypotheses using the tuning fork of Source. Working in this way, our theories and practices deepen quickly, and our sciences could advance greatly from where they are today.

    6. Illuminating Presence. Every instance of calibrating the resonance of opportunities brings consciousness into the context being explored. The light of pure presence is activated within and around us as we energize the synapses of the One Mind. Through Resonance Mapping, we invest capital in the form of consciousness into our life situations and illuminate the Presence that is at the heart of it all. Future economies will value capital minted through mapping the resonant pathways of creation.

    What is Resonance Mapping not for?

    Resonance Mapping can be used almost inexhaustibly for a multitude of purposes; however, there are a few purposes for which it is ill-suited. Here are the top three:

    1. Advancing separative agendas. When agendas are present, there is the tendency to separate the world into a desirable world and an undesirable world. Resonance Mapping cannot be used reliably in this situation. This injunction applies to the practitioners who are calibrating the resonance as well as those with whom they are working. Resonance Mapping is more reliable in the measure that everyone involved is relaxed, trusting life, and open to multiple outcomes.

    2. Restricting possibilities. Resonance Mapping reveals the Mind of Creator, which is unlimited. As such, by its very nature the process opens up many possibilities. The act of mapping does not narrow the field of possibilities or “collapse the wave function” through the activity of observing the system. Knowing this, one can be at peace with the fact that there is an abundance of fully resonant opportunities. In radical freedom, countless pathways exist for us to choose from.

    3. Supplanting decision making systems. Resonance Mapping is not a replacement or substitute for other ways of knowing and deciding. Rather, it is a supplemental means for making decisions that incorporates intuitively sourced data and a systematic approach. A high-quality decision is generally arrived at where multiple methods converge. While a decision that does not include intuition is unlikely to be enlightened, a decision that excludes reason or feelings is unlikely to be whole.

    How is Resonance Mapping practiced?

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    1 This phrase is generally attributed to R. Buckminster Fuller.
    2 Reference to the book by Charles Eisenstein titled The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.