The Teachings of Money

December 2020 / Revised March 2024

Foundational alignments may be thought of as tuning forks for awakeness, which evoke truth and reality and support all in harmonizing with life. This particular foundational alignment brings you into resonance with what money really is, some of its teachings, and the function of money in creation. As you welcome the teaching of money into your heart, you open to receive the abundance of life.

Perfect Realization of the Teachings of Money

In perfect and profound abiding, in the unsurpassed knowing of that which is truly and completely the case, I recognize and am totally established in the knowing of the following:

  1. The profound nature and higher purpose of money is to heal all individual and collective beliefs in separation, which manifest as scarcity and conflict over apparently scare resources.
  2. Money mirrors the loving truth as well as that which is ready to be seen and released.
  3. Knowing money as a powerful spiritual teacher, the appropriate response is to listen, learn, and receive its gifts.
  4. The essence of that which is called money is an overflowing abundance of life. Money is alive, and the real monetary system is life itself.
  5. For as long as there has been life, so, too, there has been money. The spark of life is the original offering of abundance into the world.
  6. Though the forms of money are evolving, money itself is always an expression of the divine love that enables the generous exchange of love.
  7. Money is a benevolent energy that weaves and makes visible the patterns of interdependence that nourish the web of life.
  8. A true economy embodies the awareness of wholeness by continuously circulating the gifts of life and love and distributing them wherever they are needed.
  9. Awakening to what money really is opens the way for collective enlightenment, in which it is clearly seen that there is only the oneness of love giving love to love.
  10. Thus the supreme teaching of money is oneness. Money illuminates the all-loving oneness of creation and offers the fullness of life to all.
  11. When love is realized in fullness, the teaching of money is complete and the human heart is healed.

These truths are totally recognized, witnessed, and established by and for all beings, all of my self and the one Self, and that which is the foundation of all.

A Working Definition of Money

The book Root Meanings includes a definition of money.

Stages of The Enlightenment of Money

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