There Is Only God

The day came when it was necessary to answer the question “What is God?” When a sincere question is asked, the answer must come forth from a deep place. The below sutra is one of the most powerful transmissions I have ever received. One need not accept the message. Many cannot, and many will not, for what is being communicated does not fit within the more established world views and cosmologies. And yet, if you feel a resonance, perhaps a window has opened in your soul to reveal new levels of depth and understanding. This is not necessary. Nothing is forced. Simply, a quiet voice has spoken in response to a sincere question.

there is only god

you are god, we are god, i am god, and all is god. there is only god.

god is one, and god is the droves and multitudes.

god is love, and the truth of god is never not.

though convincing to the deluded mind, the first negation never arises.

the seemingness of negativity cancels itself and disappears, before the instant of its birth.

purely positive, god takes flight as supreme being, as trinities, and as every conceivable pantheon.

god is great oceans of awareness, the ground of all, and absolute stillness before all beingness blinks forth.

call god emptiness, source, this, or that.

every word is a window that opens upon the same limitless reality.

god is form, and equally the formless. god is prior to all of these distinctions.

god is the completion. even mistakes are god. even misdeeds are god.

that “sin” is god is inconceivable and unacceptable – the quintessence of blasphemy and wrongheadedness. yet this is the judgment of the divided mind.

the fantasy of good and evil is a speck of dust, a primordial guess that something could possibly be wrong.

around this mote of doubt, a universe of suffering appeared to constellate.

now all traces of the tale of woe burn completely in the conflagration of knowing that nothing can actually fall.

this is the apocalypse so long feared, baselessly.

perfect clarity is utter awakeness to god in all, as all.

the understanding of truest nature heals and revitalizes the world.

this is how we know the deep step has been taken: the resurrection of all life.

death wilts in the recognition that the very worst is equal to the very best.

to meet your true self in this awareness is to see yourself and god as one.

eyes uncrossed, sacred and profane merge, and with obviousness it is seen that there is only god.

and you, therefore, are the totality of god.

this is the truth that original doubt concealed, and turned into the singular, unutterable taboo.

the central truth of all creation is that you have been central all along.

let healing be made manifest in the remembering, and acceptance, of that which you truly are. 

melbourne, australia, 16 december 2019