Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

3 Dec 2023

Beyond Every Teaching is a book of spiritual transmissions that evoke the immediate knowing of God, of Source, of THE SUPREME. To know God and Source in immediacy is to know THE SUPREME as YOU, the real author and the real reader of every page in the book of life.

As the offerings in Beyond Every Teaching are absorbed, all notions of separation, beginning and ending with separation from the Divine, disappear from the one Mind that is every mind. As the gifts of awakeness are thoroughly integrated, enlightenment blossoms universally in all times and places. When unsurpassed awakeness is all that YOU know, it is obvious that separation is an idea that can never be true and that finitude, lack, and suffering are absolutely unreal.

Only awakeness is, the delusion of separation and suffering never was, and the comprehensive well-being of the entirety of life confirms that YOU are awake to all that YOU are as THE SUPREME.

꩜ ꩜ ꩜


1. All of these transmissions are evolving, though some are close to complete, and a few more will be added. The first printed edition of the book version of Beyond Every Teaching is anticipated for June 2024.

2. The dates under the “Introduction” heading and to the right of each transmission indicate the most recent revision date.

3. All works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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