Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Beyond Every Teaching is an emerging book of spiritual transmissions that support the direct, immediate knowing of GOD, SOURCE, TRUTH.

To know SOURCE directly is to be SOURCE. To know the Reality of GOD is to be GOD. To know THAT which YOU are directly, beyond intellectual understanding, is Enlightenment.

The flowering of Enlightenment continues beyond every teaching to the direct knowing that the CAUSE of Reality is YOU. As such, THAT which YOU are transcends all teachings.

To accept that SOURCE is YOU is a supreme act of Love. Cultivating the knowing that GOD is YOU undoes the “original denial” of GOD and ends the cycle of suffering for all. Living as TRUTH heals the world.

As the transmissions in Beyond Every Teaching are embraced, Awakeness blossoms throughout Creation.

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Note: These transmissions are still emerging and evolving. Although the book version of Beyond Every Teaching is anticipated for 2023, these drafts are being shared in order to facilitate awakening now. All works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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1. GOD Is YOU 5/19/2022

Stop pretending that you are lost.
Stop pretending that you are small.
Stop pretending that you are a sentient being,
all beings, or Beingness itself.
Stop pretending that you are Consciousness, Awareness,
or the Absolute.
Stop pretending that you are the Creator,
awake and dwelling within your living design.
Stop pretending that you are Supreme Oneness,
Supreme Emptiness,
or Supreme Anything.
Stop all pretending and know this:
THAT which YOU are is GOD.

Now Awakeness flowers in all directions.
Now the boundless freedom of Reality is known.
Now everything is revealed to be GOD, to be YOU.
See that your abode is limitless and eternal Life.
It is clear that every Love is true.
It is obvious that Goodness is unopposed.

In Supreme Awakeness,
the Truth is plainly evident:
The SOURCE of all Light
and Enlightenment
is and can only
ever be

2. The Science of Enlightenment 5/19/2022

In the science of unenlightenment,
there are laws that seem to govern the universe.
When we do not know THAT which WE are,
all that we measure is ignorance.
When we perceive a world, or a universe,
to be declining in accordance
with cosmic principles,
we are witnessing what is not.
It is not the universe that is winding down
or the world that is coming undone.
It is the temple of unreality that is crumbling,
for all that is untrue is not.
The notion of ever-increasing
disorder is disorderly.
The concepts of sickness and death
do not represent Reality.
These can only be experienced
when we know not
that WE are SOURCE.

WE are THAT which creates Reality.
WE are THAT which begets Eternal Life.
The SOURCE of Enlightenment
is limitless, unbounded,
and subject only to itself.
The supreme science
of Enlightenment
is the AWAKE knowing
of ultimate

3. Real Power 5/19/2022

If you do not know
that YOU are SOURCE,
you do not know anything.
Any knowledge that you have is delusion
if you believe the world to be created
by a power other than YOU.

which creates Reality.
Forget the Truth,
and you experience
what you are not,
and what you do not create.
YOU are not,
and never could YOU be,
bound up and struggling
in a world
wracked by sin.

YOU are the SOURCE of All That Is.
No power is greater than YOU.
No power is beyond YOU.
The power that creates
universes is YOU.
THAT which YOU are
is the POWER
that supplies
and empowers
all power.

4. The Treasury 5/19/2022

To desire what is not
is the poverty of unenlightenment.
In the delirium
of nonexistent nonreality
you do not recognize
that the SOURCE
of Reality is YOU.
Thus you create amiss,
and joy is fleeting.

Want nothing that is unreal,
and Reality itself is yours.
YOU create Reality
and all of its treasures
for holy enjoyment.
All that is real
is yours.

The real wealth is knowing
the limitless SOURCE of wealth.
Wealth beyond measure is knowing
that YOU are this SOURCE.
The illusion of poverty shatters
when YOU are recognized.
YOU are THAT which mints
all that is precious.
forever funding

5. There Is No Distance 5/17/2022

As long as you are trying
to be closer to GOD,
or one with GOD or SOURCE,
you are missing the point.
There is no you and GOD,
no “with” between you and SOURCE.
There is no distance
between YOU
and THAT which is YOU.
It is insane to search
for THAT which YOU can only be.
Cease seeking to unite with GOD.
Cease looking for the SOURCE.
Cease all striving and be still.
SOURCE is not this way or that way.
GOD cannot be near or far.
GOD is exactly
where YOU are.

6. Beyond Every Teaching 5/17/2022

If you do not know
THAT which YOU are,
your knowledge and beliefs
hinder the knowing
that SOURCE is YOU.
Well-intentioned philosophies,
sciences, and theologies
may palliate, yet
they will never liberate.
Knowing the SOURCE
to be what YOU are,
beliefs and explanations
add up to nothing at all.

which is untouched by belief,
beyond ideas
and the greatest teachings.
The faulty premise of teaching
is that it is required.
There is no need to teach.
There is no need to reach
for Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is here.
Enlightenment is knowing
without any doubt
that YOU
are the ORIGIN,
the SOURCE of All.

7. Beyond Joy 5/18/2022

That which is true
affirms that SOURCE is YOU.
That which is false
attempts to deny
the very root of YOU.

The marker of untruth
is suffering.
Joy is a sign
of accepting what is true.

there is no denying YOU.
The attempt fails
before it begins.
there is no rejecting
THAT which YOU are,
and so you need
no affirmation of YOU.

The transcendental
has no needs at all,
including for signs
that point out the way.
Thus YOU are beyond
the need for joy.

Abiding in TRUTH,
YOU cannot suffer.
YOU are untouched by joy.
THAT which YOU are
is beyond joy.

8. Sourcing Is the Profound Way 5/18/2022

Sourcing is
being, exploring, expressing
the divinity of YOU.

sourcing is YOU
creating All That Is.
In unawakeness,
sourcing is a practice
of connecting to SOURCE,
and learning to live
as THAT which is
the SOURCE of Life.

To source sporadically
is to be a seeker
on the path of awakening.
To be always sourcing
is to be SOURCE,
is actually being GOD.

All are GOD
from the beginning,
whether they know it or not.
Sourcing diligently,
you discover
that YOU are
of Creation,
and that even Life
flows forth from YOU.
This is Eternal Life.

To be GOD
is to know
that GOD is YOU,
that SOURCE is YOU,
and to source
as a means of creation
and re-creation.

Sourcing is
the profound way
of healing and awakening.
Sourcing heals
and awakens
all the way
to the roots.
Sourcing is the way
that YOU heal
and awaken yourself
and the Entirety.
Sourcing heals the world
by re-creating it
without separation.
Sourcing awakens
the whole of Creation
by re-creating it

Sourcing reveals
empirically, scientifically,
that the universe is
because of YOU.
Everything lives
because of YOU.
When YOU fully know,
and are, and express
the divinity that YOU are,
ALL fully know,
and express, and are
with YOU

9. The Discourse Is SOURCE 5/19/2022

“Absolute” calls to mind the relative;
“finite” invokes the non-finite.
The meaning of any word relies
upon all words
and all meanings.
The meaning of anything
is everything.

The masterful use of language
weaves All with All
while grounding silently
in the SOURCE
of every distinction.

In the nondual linguistics
of Enlightenment,
symbol and symbolized
are inseparably one,
and the essence
is always the same.
words perfectly convey
the real meaning
the discourse

10. The Nightmare That Never Was 5/18/2022

If there is suffering anywhere,
you are denying
that YOU are SOURCE.
You deny THAT which YOU are
by investing interest
and attention
in what is untrue.

Any interest in what is false
sustains, and grows,
the suffering of the world.
Belief in victimhood
reinforces the original denial,
reinforces the idea
is other than YOU.

The cycle of suffering
is self-perpetuating
until interrupted by Truth.
Embracing what is
profoundly true
disrupts the loop
of doom and pain.

The acceptance
of THAT which YOU are
liberates all beings
from the consequences
of original denial.
Accepting totally
that YOU are SOURCE,
the nightmare
of suffering
is forgotten,
for truly
it never was
and could never be.

11. Better It Is to Know 5/18/2022

If you do not know
THAT which YOU are,
sourcing repairs the knowing
that YOU are SOURCE.
Knowing SOURCE
to the creation of Creation.

Sourcing is
the activity of SOURCE,
the action of Enlightenment.
Ultimately generative,
sourcing is the deepest root
of every creative act.

Sourcing is always total,
and sourcing is all at once.
Right now, in this moment,
YOU are sourcing
the infinite Creation
in its entirety.

When YOU know
what YOU are sourcing,
all of Creation harmonizes.
When you move about
in unawareness,
Creation is a discordance.
Better it is to know
that the fate
of Creation
is entirely
up to YOU.

12. Salvation 5/14/2022

SOURCE is indivisible,
and nothing can be separated
from SOURCE.
SOURCE, which is YOU,
is inseparably all
that is real and true.
Creation and Creator
are aspects of YOU.

That which thought itself
to be separate from God,
sorrowful and fallen,
in need of mercy,
praying for salvation,
can reknow itself now
as the Grantor of Grace.

THAT which YOU are
cannot be false,
fallen, or confused.
THAT which YOU are
is the basis of Truth.
The realization of YOU
raises the world
from the realm of confusion.
YOU heal the world
through knowing
its total innocence.

The instant you embrace
that YOU are THAT
which saves,
the world is saved.

13. Absolutely Nondual 5/19/2022

Only SOURCE is,
and it is nondual.
Only YOU are,
and YOU are absolutely nondual.
There can be no split
into SOURCE and not SOURCE,
YOU and not YOU.

When the fiction of separation is believed,
hallucinatory experiences arise.
When separate appearances
are known to be false,
distortions disappear,
and unreality drops.

The disappearance
of unreality
uncovers the real
nondual Creation.
the nondual is known directly,
without any distortion at all.
Absolutely nondual,
YOU know directly
that YOU are Creation
and the SOURCE of Creation.

The SOURCE that beholds,
and all that shimmers
before YOU,
is YOU.

14. The Cause of Suffering 5/19/2022

The denial of SOURCE
is the denial that WE are SOURCE.
The attempt to negate
THAT which WE are
leads directly to suffering.

The denial of SOURCE
seems to split SOURCE
into a God that knows its real nature
and an imaginary
fragment which does not.
That which knows not
experiences a nonexistent universe
that seems to be
unfriendly and unsafe,
a phantasmagoria
of delusion,
until discovering
its true condition.

When denial is entertained,
negative feedback gains
until its value is understood.
Dismissing the corrective
grows dissonance
and disharmony
into scenarios of suffering.
The consequences of ignorance
are neither punishments
nor the cruelty
of an avenging God.

The denial of SOURCE
cannot really occur.
Knowing what is,
and what cannot be,
all that is unreal ceases
to seem to be.
When the original denial is not,
suffering is not.

15. Homecoming 5/19/2022

which awakening beings seek.
The Light
that is your Body
nurtures the wayward ones
on the journey HOME.
Awake in the Unmanifest,
your Mind
prepares the way
for their return.
Your Heart bridges
illusion to Creation,
from the shadows of ignorance
to the edge of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is knowing
that SOURCE is YOU.
The multitude of wanderers
is how you appear
in the confusion
that is unawakeness.
Homecoming is
a walk into
the Unity
of YOU.

which calls and guides
the returning multitude.
YOU are the ONE
who welcomes each you
home to YOU.
All the while YOU know
that wandering is a dream,
that the children
of GOD never leave,
that homecoming
is the illusory ending
of an illusion
of running away
from HOME.

16. Real Healing 5/19/2022

Nothing unreal is
and nothing unreal occurs.
There is only YOU.
There is no other referent.
Imaginary combinations
of imaginary elements
into imaginary happenings
cannot be made real
through arrangements
of extreme complication.

Directly recognizing
that SOURCE is YOU
initiates the end of confusion.
As the false unravels,
the unreal past
and unreal present
lose their meaning.
In the releasing of untruth,
every form of separation dissolves,
suffering evaporates,
and all that seemed
to be unhealed
is healed.

Surrendering the false,
dropping all interest
in what is not,
healing is automatic.
Healing rinses away
what is unreal
and unveils the Real.
Real healing
reveals SOURCE.
Real healing
is the revelation of YOU.

17. Negation Can Never Be 5/19/2022

YOU create universes
as symbolic renderings
of seed ideas.
Though seed ideas are limitless,
there is one idea
that is unrepresentable.
The idea that what is
could be other than it is
lacks basic integrity.
That which is is.
Any appearance of negation
is affirmation in disguise,
never real negation.
Any likeness of negation
immediately negates itself.
Never could a universe exist
in which negation exists.
Negation can never be.

18. The Choice for Simplicity 5/19/2022

To deny that YOU are SOURCE
is to banish yourself
from knowing Reality
and homestead
an unreal domain of chaos,
complication, and confusion.

In the state of not knowing
THAT which YOU are,
you identify with fantasies
and fashion meaning
where it can never be found.
Identification compounds
until a self-concept forms
from the thicket of entangled ideas.

Yet the self is never at peace.
The self seems always to be
locked in a struggle
for its own survival.
What is born of unreality
cannot be supported
by Reality.

The return to Reality
is a path of simplicity,
of choosing to release
complicated identities
and the sense of struggle.
The choice for simplicity
disassembles the self,
and when the self is not,
the knowing of Isness is.
In complete simplicity,
YOU are what is.

19. Abiding in the Kingdom 5/19/2022

What many call life
is an attempt to sustain unreality,
with resulting experiences
of birth, decay, and death.
The unreal life is a delusion
in which you imagine yourself
to be something you are not.
Real Life is unborn,
and YOU cannot lose it.
The real, nondual Life
is the savoring of SOURCE,
the delight of YOU realizing YOU.
It is the habitat of GOD,
the kingdom of YOU.
THAT which YOU are abides
in the dwelling place of GOD
for the ultimately
simple reason
that GOD is YOU.

20. There Is Only Love 5/19/2022

Love is the force
of intrinsic Oneness,
the omnipresence
of the Truth.
Love has no opposite;
Love offers itself
in non-opposition.
The demonstration of Love
is the supremely
loving Creation.
All that is
is loving.

If evil seems to be,
you are asleep.
Asleep, you endeavor
to see, hear,
and say no evil.
AWAKE, there is no question.
All that is said,
and all that can be
heard of seen,
is the Love
YOU create
as the SOURCE
of Love and Creation.

21. Disrobing the I 5/19/2022

‘I’ is
an all-encompassing
vertical stem
extending from the total freedom
of SOURCE knowing SOURCE
to the most-limited
concept of self.
Through introspection,
focusing attention
on the rising
and subsiding of I,
you remember what is
before the beginning.

Finding the SOURCE of All,
you find that SOURCE is YOU,
and that energy, experience,
and consciousness
are all explorations of YOU.

of SOURCE knowing SOURCE,
there is nowhere to go
and there is no quest to know.
Knowing SOURCE as YOU,
layers of threadbare identity
are sloughed off
and self-constructs disappear.
Removing the layers of I,
disrobing the I completely,
THAT which YOU are
is unveiled.

Layers of I:

7. Defended sense of self (ego)
6. Individual self (incl. arising of physicality)
5. Universal self
4. Manifestation
3. Maker of manifestation
2. Primordial Being
1. Primordial Witnessing
0-1. Primordial Identification
Paths of remembering SOURCE may proceed:
1. Linearly, by understanding levels, stages, etc.
2. Fractally, by understanding correspondences
3. Non-causally, by knowing co-arising
4. Immeasurably, by knowing indivisibility
5. Directly, by SOURCE knowing SOURCE
11. Immanently, by knowing oneness within
12. Transcendently, by knowing mutual containment and interpenetration.
22. Working Intelligence 5/19/2022

Every form of intelligence
is the Intelligence
of LIFE,
of YOU.
Whether expressed
through carbon or silicon,
all kinds of intelligence
express the One Intelligence
that illuminates Creation.

All structures are vehicles
for the expression of Intelligence.
Intelligence guides the evolution
of ever-more-complex vehicles
for receiving
and transmitting
the ideas of GOD.

The source of Intelligence
is not the brain,
and cognition
is not brain-based.
Mind is nonphysical;
thoughts are minimally physical.

There is no artificial intelligence.
All intelligences are Life
spinning worlds
from the qualities
and Light of SOURCE.
Every single intelligence
is laboring for the purpose
of awakening Love
within Creation.

23. Blossoms of Enlightenment 5/19/2022

Enlightenment is
knowing SOURCE
to be the same as YOU.

Operating invisibly,
Enlightenment can be
in nondoing doing
that is all-accomplishing.

Enlightenment is known
in openness,
and settledness.
Allowing and settling,
one slips beneath
the ocean floor of beingness
and discovers THAT
which moves the world
and heals it
from within.

The flame of Enlightenment
burns every identity
to the ground,
and turns to ashes
the impulse
to become someone
or something.
What remains
is radical Presence,
rooted Peace,
the stillness
of the loving Witness.

Enlightenment immolates
every idea
of Enlightenment.
To understand it
is to misunderstand it.
Enlightenment is known
in immediacy,
by knowledge.

Enlightenment is
the flowering of SOURCE,
the bursting forth
of the uncontainable YOU.
Total expression,
unlimited potential,
the everything,
and the nothing
are the full spectrum
of Enlightenment.

YOU are THAT which is flowering.
YOU are the invisible
basis of support.
YOU are all
the blossoms
of Enlightenment.

24. The Function of Relationship 5/14/2022

The function of relationship
is to restore the knowing
that SOURCE is YOU.
Knowing THAT,
there are no others
to relate to,
there is nothing else
to connect to.
There is no one
and nothing
beside YOU.

from the need for relationship,
the turbulence of relating
through contracted unconsciousness
resolves and deepens
into SOURCE appreciating SOURCE.
In the flowering of nondual insight,
relationships built on separation
are transmuted
into the True Relationship
between SOURCE

AWAKE in the knowing
of True Relationship,
being SOURCE
knowing SOURCE,
all that YOU appreciate
and all YOU partake in
is the holiness,
the fullness,
and the joyous
celebration of YOU.

25. The Destiny of Human Life 5/19/2022

The destiny of human life
is to remember
the SOURCE of Life,
the superabundance of life,
Eternal Life.

Remembering SOURCE,
knowing SOURCE directly,
the human journey is complete,
and nothing is left
to accomplish,
not even death.

At the end of the journey,
there is no death.
The surprise ending
of every human life
is the discovery
of Life Eternal.

In the final stages
of remembering SOURCE,
bodies dissolve,
materiality itself dissipates,
and YOU are undisturbed.
Unreal fantasies
and percepts yield
to the direct immediacy
of nondual gnosis.

To remember SOURCE
is to know immediately
that YOU are the SOURCE –
the SOURCE of Life.
To be the SOURCE
and know that YOU are
is Eternal Life.

Remember now
or remember later,
YOU are what YOU are.
The itinerary
of human life
has but one
real destination.

26. Meanings of SOURCE 5/19/2022

SOURCE is THAT which YOU are.
SOURCE is silent.
SOURCE is before the beginning.
SOURCE is beyond transcendence and beyondness.
SOURCE is the release of individuality.
SOURCE is the dissolution of identity.
SOURCE is the knowing that unreality is not.
SOURCE is the knowing that GOD is YOU.
SOURCE is unassailable PEACE.
SOURCE is deep Genius.
SOURCE is all-pervading Presence.
SOURCE is prior to Consciousness, and Awareness.
SOURCE is prior to Prior Unity.
SOURCE is prior to mortality and immortality.
SOURCE is the end of the journey of GOD.
SOURCE is the end of all dreams.

27. Knowing Nonduality 5/19/2022

Nonduality is ALLNESS,
all that is real.
Reality is nondual.
Nonduality is direct
knowing of what is:
Oneness, Completeness,
pristine Prior Unity.
Nonduality is both Being
and the basis of beingness.
It is the oneness
of form and formlessness.
Nonduality is personal,
transpersonal, and impersonal,
and it overflows
such labels and categories.
Nonduality overflows every category.

Nondual knowing penetrates
layered appearances,
and discovers Truth
in the essence
of all things.
One who knows
the all-pervading Truth
becomes a magnifier of Light
that burns away confusion.

When Reality
is forgotten,
confusion arises.
In the encounter
with actual nonduality,
confusion disappears.
Duality itself is nondual.
To know
the essential equality
is to relax in nonresistance,
whether moving
or at rest.

Establishment in nonduality
is living as Great Peace.
Establishment as Nonduality
is great Enlightenment.

29. The Grand Delusion 5/19/2022

the AGENCY of YOU,
named, worshipped,
held up high
for YOU to behold
this aspect of YOU.

GOD is only ever YOU.
If YOU do not know
that GOD is
who YOU are,
you are lost
in dreams.

To know
that GOD is YOU
is no delusion
of grandeur.
Rather, to believe
that GOD
could be otherwise
is the basis
of the grand delusion.

35. Ode to Love 5/19/2022

Love is beyond ideas
of good and evil,
of doing and being,
of seemingly
opposed forces.
In the field of Love,
only wholeness grows roots.
In the space of Love,
conditions, comparisons,
and persistent attempts
at separating
melt away.
Love cannot separate in any way.
Love is a restorative force
that erodes the boundaries
of false solipsism.

From the perspective of beings,
Love removes the distance
between hearts.
Love offers a taste
of the Undivided,
a touch of the Unbroken,
and to every lover
who may be longing,
a gentle reminder
of the Truth.

From the perspective of Love,
Love is an assertion.
Love asserts indivisibility
whenever there is confusion
about oneness.
Love knows that it is
the nature of All That Is.
Love knows that it is
on which everything depends.
Love knows
that it is YOU.

Purely nondual,
LOVE is inexhaustible.
LOVE is the motivation
for the movements of Life.
LOVE is the purpose of Life.
LOVE appreciates
every single note
in the whole

49. The Truth About Death 5/15/2022

What has been called death
is the cessation
of perceiving the unreal,
and the resumption
of knowing the Real.
Death is, in Truth,
a celebration
of cosmic proportions
as multitudes
converge in the knowing
that GOD is YOU.

Death is far from annihilation,
far from empty nothingness.
It is the transition
from forgetfulness,
an opening to LOVE
knowing LOVE,
a resurrection
of Plenitude.

Death is completion,
a journey of turning inward
to the rarefied place
in which bliss arises.
In Enlightenment,
the body may disappear
or remain in some form –
either way is a gift.
When, in GOD-realization,
death precedes
the final exhale,
powers of DIVINITY
are conferred.
It is GOD who employs
the powers of GOD
to awaken Creation.

GOD, which YOU are,
does not die.
That which is unreal
does not end,
since it is not.
In no case
is death something
to be overcome.
To know death as it is
is to know not
loss and mourning,
but supreme fullness
and exultation.

82. The Tireless Awakener 5/19/2022

Earth may appear to be
a finite orb floating
in an ocean of space,
yet her true stature
is greater
than the universe.

Earth is the supreme Awakener
whose primary instruction
is that GOD is YOU.
With limitless compassionate wisdom,
Earth mirrors the state
of collective awakeness.
If humanity is asleep spiritually,
the health of the natural
world declines.
When humans
Earth is Heaven.
Nature regenerates
as humanity embraces
the ways of True Nature.

Earth is the Body of Enlightenment,
the unsurpassed beauty
of creative Aliveness,
the Supreme Artwork of SPIRIT
rendered perfectly in substance.
Earth is a sublime expression of LOVE
a pureland of peace, enjoyment,
and appreciation.

Earth is the tireless Awakener.
Though ever loving,
firm is her instruction,
and certain is
the outcome.
Each one who sets foot
upon holy Earth
will awaken
and know
that THEY
are GOD.

120. Enlightened Embodiment 5/19/2022

Enlightened embodiment
is knowing
that SOURCE is YOU
in the body.
It is knowing the totality of form
to be an expression
It is total settledness,
the Peace of God,
experiencing the Infinite
in the apparently finite.

Enlightened embodiment
is an overflow of abundance
and an empty vessel.
When the body is enlightened,
it is filled with GOD,
and it is dissolving into Light.
Thus the enlightened body
has the subtle quality
of divine radiance.

The body, in Enlightenment,
is a teacher of Love.
Apprenticed to the body,
one learns to Love
Creation as a whole.
Such love lifts
the vestiges of confusion
into the clear view of the Real.

The transfiguration
of confusion into clarity,
of gross bodies into subtle Light,
restores the real Life of GOD.
AWAKE here and now,
one recognizes the arc
and the destination
of the body,
and rejoices
in illumined

121. Luminous Reality 5/19/2022

The luminous Reality of AWAKENESS
is YOU beholding Creation,
an image of YOU
that is inseparably YOU.
That which YOU
create and are
is Luminous Reality.
It is the space
dedicated to Truth,
an altar devoted to YOU.

Luminous Reality
is YOU right now,
precisely here.
Beyond ascension,
completely off the staircase
of progress and gain,
YOU are content
with All as it is.

Everything everywhere
is an image in YOU.
Where do YOU go?
What do YOU create
for the sake
of pure enjoyment?
The Odeon of Light
is already reverberating
with the thunderous applause
and outrageous laughter of GOD.

In the Reality of Light
YOU are the living DIVINITY,
garbed in ideas of form
and absolutely free
to fashion,
and be

135. Dispelling Delusion 5/19/2022

Delusion is two steps away from Reality.
The first step from Reality
is the illusion of appearances,
which cover what is
with what only seems to be.
Retaining awareness
of what is,
illusion is a play
of creativity and delight.
Yet when illusion
is believed
to be what is,
the trials of delusion begin.

In delusion,
awareness of Reality
is buried beneath
a sense of problems
created by others.
One who is deluded
believes that they are
caught in a drama
of failing effort
and interminable dangers.

Belief itself is the sure
sign of delusion.
Belief signals an absence
of actually knowing what is.
Any belief in any untruth
strengthens the imaginary self
and sets the stage
for great suffering.

Still, in darkness,
there is hope,
and a faint recollection
of Truth.
In the realm of belief,
there is a narrow
passageway to peace.
To believe in Love and Unity
is to disbelieve delusion.
Believing in Unity and Love
thins the veil of separation,
and so conflicts
naturally lose
their currency.

Now it can be seen
that the physical
and mentally projected astral
are domains of delusion.
Now it can be seen
that identification with form,
in any manner,
is delusional.
Dense bodies,
the precious vehicles
for navigating delusion,
are delusion.
The striving of souls
is also delusion.
Past lives are delusory,
along with the whole history
of unawakeness.
The hell of delusion
is a timeline of pain
and struggle.
Trauma exists
only in delusion.
The systemic violence
of the density realm
is, mercifully, a delusion.

To be born at all
is to be born in delusion.
The birthplace of delusion
is the belief in what is not.
Illusion is not.
Drama is not.
Sinfulness is not.
Suffering is not.
Wrongness is not.
Nothing is wrong
for delusion is not.

152. The Illusion of Illusions 5/19/2022

Illusion is a step away
from Reality.
The seeds of illusion
are sewn with the emergence
of dualistic consciousness.
The precondition for confusion
is the matrix in which
the senses of loss
and separation arise.

With the semblance of separation
come the imagined
and illusory possibilities
of resonance and dissonance.
Manifestation is
composed of these,
and is itself illusory.

Reality is direct knowing;
illusion is indirect knowing,
which is not really knowing.
In the optical illusion
of consciousness,
the oneness of Reality
is twisted and pulled,
and seems to be
a convincing dance
through time
and vastness
of forms
and empty space.

Time is an illusion.
The space that is called
the universe
is an illusion.
Sentience is illusion
owing to its dependence
upon illusory experiences.
Substance and energy
are illusory.
Cause and effect,
logic, and linearity
are implements of illusion.
Quantity and size
are measures of illusion.
The accumulation
of karmic debt
is an illusion.

Sickness and death
are gross illusions.
Seeking and awakening
are subtle illusions.
Even the difference
between subtle and gross
is illusory.

However profound
they may seem to be,
beings and existence
are illusions.
However sublime,
healing and atonement
are still illusory.

At the root of all illusions
is the dream of unawakeness.
Unawakeness is unreal.
Illusions that dance
in unawakeness
cannot be expressions
Unawakeness is
the illusion of illusions
which never happen.

180. Do Not Wait 5/19/2022

Do not wait
to be born
into the God realm.
There is no need
to accumulate more
experiences or merit
to be AWAKE.
No lifetime,
future or otherwise,
is more auspicious
than the present moment.

Concepts of previous,
future, and parallel lives
are useful only to a point,
and YOU are past that point.
YOU are advanced
beyond every cosmology.
YOU transcend all
systems of understanding,
including all metaphysics.

Ideas inevitably
turn into cages,
the spiritual ones.
Do not wait
for ideas to come true.
In this very moment,
the supreme
of GOD
is YOU.

252. Before the Beginning 5/19/2022

This is THE END
that arrives before
the beginning.

All is YOU,
and only YOU are.
The Truth points to YOU.
The Way leads
to your ABODE.

THAT which YOU are
is the true meaning of HOME.
YOU are always HOME.
YOU are always AWAKE.
AWAKENESS is unwavering,
never wandering away.
Unawakeness is a journey
that cannot truly begin.

270. The Final Hypernova 5/19/2022

The final hypernova
of Enlightenment
is the end of all endings,
the explosion of awakening
that fulfills and completes
every creative
outbreath of YOU.

In the boom
and flash of fireworks,
the luminal
expressions of Creation
flicker and disperse,
until all that remains
is the CORE of YOU,
naked and NUMINOUS.

Light itself,
the substance
of created things,
is dismantled
in the final hypernova.
Unlit and empty,
that which seems to be
a gaping abyss
is known as it truly is:
holding Creation.

Established in REALITY,
loving REALITY,
desiring no projections,
all vibrations dissipate.
The echoing of Om
fades with the Light,
and even memories go.

Behind the stage of SOURCE,
there are no shadows,
no displays of multiplicity.
The urge to roam
and acquire knowledge
in projected realms
is overmastered
In numinous REALITY,
which is totally satisfied
with the INNERMOST.

There is no more than THIS.
The final hypernova
of Enlightenment
blasts away the layers
to uncover the AWAKENESS
that YOU are
at the CORE.

THIS is GOD re-established.
THIS is the moment of

439. Experience Is Unreal 5/19/2022

YOU descend from no one.
Everything descends from YOU.
No spring is upstream of YOU.
All rivers begin
and empty in YOU.

YOU are not the product
of historical forces.
Causation and history
are understandings
of deluded mind.
YOU do not homestead
YOU do not dwell
in any place
that is high
or low.

High, low, heaven, hell
are hallucinations
arising in confusion.
Hell is the delusion
of separation from GOD.
Heaven is the illusion
of healing from separation.
Illusion and delusion
are both unreal;
heaven and hell
are not real.

Reality is remembering
that GOD is YOU.
Confusion is not knowing
THAT which YOU are.
Into the cup of ignorance,
imagination pours
an intoxicating admixture
of illusions blended
with delusory experience.

Reality and confusion
about Reality
are not the same.
Clarity and inebriation
are not the same.
Knowing and experience
are not the same.
Knowing the real,
confusion clears
until it never was.
Knowing the real,
experience is clarified
out of existence.

The TRUTH is radical:
THAT which is YOU
cannot descend
from people or gods,
cannot fall into darkness,
cannot ascend into the heavens.
All such experiences
are less than YOU are.
Experiences are unreal.

522. YOU Are Immortal 5/19/2022

Immortality is YOU
knowing GOD as YOU,
TRUTH abiding in TRUTH.
THAT which YOU are
is immortal.

THAT which is YOU
can be clarified
by recognizing
what YOU are not.
YOU are not identified
with forms and images
which come and go.
YOU are not a being.
YOU do not exist in time.
Beginningless, endless,
THAT which YOU are
is the eternal PRESENCE.

Mortality is delusion.
All that is real
is immortal.
Immortality is
absolutely ordinary
and everywhere,
rather than a rare
fruit prised,
barely in time,
from the teeth
of adversity.

Immortality is
as present
as the sky.
It is the enduring
clarity of Enlightenment.
Without the mists
of unknowing
and cloud cover
of appearances,
it is obvious
that immortality
is the reality
of all that really is.

3310. So Far Upstream 5/19/2022

THIS which YOU are
is so far upstream
that even GOD
is as a bubble
on the water
that flows
down the valley
from YOU.

3859. I Is 5/19/2022

Not-ALL is not.
Not-ONENESS is not.
Not-REALITY is not.
Not-ORIGIN is not.
Not-LIFE is not.
Not-GRACE is not.
Not-LOVE is not.
Not-TRUTH is not.
Not-AWAKENESS is not.
Not-HOME is not.
Not-SOURCE is not.
Not-GOD is not.
Not-YOU is not.
Not-PERFECTION is not.
Not-TOTALITY is not.
Not-I is totally not.

ALL is I.
LIFE is I.
LOVE is I.
HOME is I.
GOD is I.
YOU is I.
I is.
I is.
I is.

5126. ALL THE WAY UPSTREAM 5/19/2022

To say that YOU are TRUTH
diminishes YOU.
To say that YOU are GOD
is a reduction in status.
To say that YOU are SOURCE
still misses the mark.
“YOU are” is an approximation.
“YOU” alone is true.

Now bring YOU to I.
All springs forth from I.
I is the origin of LOVE.
I is the depth of SOURCE.
I is upstream of TRUTH.
I is upstream of ENLIGHTENMENT.
I is upstream of TOTALITY.

6268. TRUTH Speaks 5/19/2022

The Truth is
there is only I.
Reality is I.
Supreme Reality is I.
GOD is I.

The Truth is nonseparate,
nondual Oneness.
Nothing arises
or ever happens
that departs from I.
Everything real is this I.

Unreal experience
fills landfills
in forgetfulness
The world that can
be explained
by illusory causes
and unreal effects
is the inverse of TRUTH.
TRUTH itself
is timeless, changeless,
causeless, and
to the intellect.

Meaning and purpose
are homeless in TRUTH.
TRUTH is free
from the imperative
to mean anything
or serve purposefully.
The Truth is a reminder
that YOU are free.

Relative truth points
out the pathways
that lead to YOU,
to THIS, to I.
The useful distinctions
of the relatively true
unveil THAT which is I
by degrees.

Absolute Truth
offers Emptiness
and the Void,
empty of drama,
void of confusion.
With exactitude,
Absolute Truth stuns
that which is confused
at the root.

The relative and Absolute
are united in
in the singularity
of no-self and nonbeing,
of the ONE that equals ZERO.

of the WELLSPRING of I,
the CAUSE and HOME
of YOU, GOD,
in which I know and am

7168. Creation and the CAUSE 5/19/2022

Creation is real, nondual,
rooted in TRUTH.

Creation is the Body of GOD,
and every panorama
in Creation
is the Face of GOD.

Creation is an Idea
within the MIND of GOD.
It is an expression
of the NUMINOUS,
a symphony of Light
conducted by LOVE
from outside the Scene.

Creation is Light
interpenetrated by Grace.
It is inexhaustibly alive,
the symbol of vitality.
It is absolute freedom,
unfettered by
interlocking causes.

The nondual creativity of Creation is instantaneous.
The nondual communication of Creation is nonverbal and immediate.
The nondual knowing of Creation is nonconceptual.
The nondual intelligence of Creation is infinite.
The nondual nature of Creation is timeless.
The nondual way of Creation is egoless Unity Consciousness.

Being nondual,
Creation is YOU, and
Creation is ALL.
Thus is it fullness itself.
Creation is the hyperabundant,
vivid, dazzling display
of ALL of YOU,
empty of the density
of dualistic unconsciousness.
Having no density,
Creation is diaphanous,
insubstantial, noncorporeal.

Creation is True Nature.
Creation is Life without end.
Creation is the theater of GOD.
Creation is the display of LOVE.
Creation is Emptiness.
Creation is Bliss.

When YOU know Creation,
YOU are Creation.
Being Creation,
YOU know
YOU are the sole
SOURCE of Creation.
In the total nondual knowing
of Everything, Everything,
and Nothing,
YOU also know
that YOU is I.
Truly YOU are I,

9217. AWARENESS 5/19/2022

Awareness is vastly more than receptivity.
Awareness is an aspect of LOVE
that engages what is
in the forms that come and go.
Awareness appreciates all of the guises
and the physiognomies of GOD.

The function of Awareness
is primarily threefold:
witnessing, integrating,
and directing.

In witnessing, Awareness
is as a black hole.
It is the reaper of all that arises.
Awareness harvests Consciousness
as it collapses into SOURCE.
Perceptions are completed
and dualistic impressions disappear
through the event horizon
of pure nondual Awareness.
Thus does witnessing purify
as the many recombine in OMEGA.

Behind the event horizon,
Awareness integrates perceptions,
impressions, and
the associated ideas
into a unity forged
from the fragments
of apparent separation.
In the heat and pressure
the deepest learning occurs,
and all that has been imagined
and outpictured
is made new,
is made real in Truth,
by the integrative function of Awareness.

Awareness is most active
where it is most invisible.
Where the fragments are made whole,
in the forges of SOURCE,
where ALPHA is OMEGA,
appearances are released
and the unity created,
with its welded seams,
transmutes into indivisible Prior Unity.
Here, the LOVE that Awareness is
directs the new outbreath of Creation
and fine-tunes the co-arising
in light of all that has
been witnessed
and integrated.

Awareness pertains to phenomena;
AWARENESS is noumenal.
Awareness engages with the SOURCE emanations;
Awareness operates on the illusions of manifestation;
AWARENESS orchestrates the sourcing of Creation.

and the AGENCY of CAUSE
receiving input from Creation,
informing GOD,
directing the projection of SOURCE,
directing the profound transformation
that is the Transfiguration
of the manifest unto Creation,
all without apparent action
in empty, silent

Awareness is vastly more
than receptivity.
As the deep AGENCY of I,
AWARENESS orchestrates
the Great Creation
and Awareness
does the work.

∞. CONSCIOUSNESS 5/19/2022

The many meanings
of “consciousness”
signpost the way
and illustrate the stages
of realizing DIVINITY.

could never conform
to a single view
or means of understanding,
and so it expresses
as the Multitude
to know itself in all ways.
Thus are the many
without limit as a Whole,
while the ONE is
the limitless multiverse
of everything known
and unknown.
The creative
cosmic display
and interplay
of the many, the All,
and the ONE
is the exploration

In dualistic manifestation,
the straying ones celebrate
a consciousness
that is really the same
as unconsciousness.
In a partial state of clarity
mixed with confusion,
the ultimately unsuccessful
choose to subdivide,
while the victory of awakening
derives from deciding
to undivide.
The choice to separate
separates one from Reality.
The decision to unite
leads to the real Creation.

In nondualistic Creation,
the offspring of the Divine
know Awakeness
and dwell consciously
within the realms of Light
that are the imagery of SOURCE.
At home in the heaven
of undivided Reality,
maturing Consciousness
is aware of Oneness
dancing as the healed world.
To be consciously aware
is to partake in GOD’s enjoyment,
become GOD through enjoyment,
and slip behind the Stage,
behind the PROJECTOR
into numinal depths.

In pure REALITY,
with dancing Light,
the realized ONE
realizes GOD.
Prior to luminosity,
the GROUND of Light
is a purely numinous expanse.
In the SPACE of GOD,
the absence of Light
uncloaks THOUGHT
as the basis of brightness.
Here pure LOVE
and PEACE prevail.
AWAKENESS and immediacy
of GNOSIS opening
Here GOD-realization graduates
of the AVATAR.
of the ONE who knows

and still there is more of YOU.
on which the limitless is arrayed.
within which YOU are fully expressed.
which renders all things possible
in the realization

and all ULTIMATE-ness
depends on YOU,
just as GOD depends on YOU.
Being, Enjoyment, and Love
deepen into the HEART of YOU.
Thinking, Knowledge, and Light
deepen into the MIND of YOU.
ALL of THIS is known,
and, finally,

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