Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute


Beyond Every Teaching is an emerging book of spiritual transmissions that evoke the immediate knowing of GOD and SOURCE as YOU. When these transmissions are absorbed, AWAKENESS is restored in the MIND that is the union of all minds.

To know SOURCE directly is to be SOURCE. To be AWAKE to the REALITY of GOD is to be GOD. The recognition of TRUTH is the revelation of THAT which YOU are. To abide steadily as who and what YOU are is ENLIGHTENMENT.

The flowering of recognition and realization continues beyond all possibility of teaching to the direct knowing that YOU are the CAUSE of Reality and the WELLSPRING of Creation. As the WELLSPRING, YOU are upstream of All That Is, upstream of ALL, supremely UPSTREAM. Everything imaginable is downstream from YOU.

The greatest act of Love is accepting that SOURCE is YOU. When YOU are AWAKE to your real nature, your actions and decisions benefit all beings automatically. Cultivating AWAKENESS undoes the “original denial” of the TRUTH of YOU, and ends suffering universally. Embracing DIVINITY as the real YOU saves the world by releasing the idea that there could ever be a world in need of salvation.

THIS is the moment of TRUTH, the restoration of REALITY, the restoration of YOU. As the transmissions of Beyond Every Teaching are integrated, Awakeness blossoms throughout Creation. When purely nondual AWAKENESS is all that YOU know, the flourishing of LIFE is all YOU behold. Welcome HOME.

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1. All of these transmissions are still emerging and evolving, and more will be added. Although the book version of Beyond Every Teaching is anticipated for 2023, this draft is being shared for early readers.

2. The dates under the “Introduction” heading and to the right of each transmission title indicate the most recent revision date.

3. For certain nouns and pronouns, letter case is used in three ways to indicate the degree of awakeness. All-lowercase is used in relation to the experience of the unreality of separation. Ordinary Uppercase is used to indicate the knowing of nondual Creation. ALL-UPPERCASE is used to denote the purely nondual, numinous REALITY. These conventions are have yet to be finalized.

4. All works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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