Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

31 Jan 2023

Beyond Every Teaching is a book of spiritual transmissions that evoke the immediate knowing of God and Source as YOU, the real reader and the real author. As these transmissions are absorbed, the idea of separation, beginning with separation from Divinity, disappears from the sole Mind that is all minds.

To know Source directly is to be Source. To be awake to the reality of God is to be the Divine and know the Divine in and as all. When YOU recognize Truth, YOU recognize that there is only YOU. Abiding as who and what YOU are, without wavering, is the essence of enlightenment.

The flowering of recognition transcends the Mind and every possible teaching to reveal that the cause of all that is is YOU. YOU are THAT which breathes aliveness into creation. YOU are the origin of life and the source of love. The Supreme Truth points directly to THE SUPREME, directly to YOU. YOU are THE SUPREME, and there is only THE SUPREME.

The greatest act of love is accepting that THE SUPREME is YOU. When you embrace your real nature, all beings are liberated. Cultivating awakeness undoes the “original denial” of who YOU are and ends suffering throughout creation. The real YOU saves the world by abiding as THAT which never fails, never falls from grace, and never is in need of salvation.

This is the moment of Truth, the restoration of reality, the restoration of YOU. May YOU be fully and forever unveiled. May YOU realize your power to remedy all delusions and return all beings to the knowing of Supreme Perfection, in which nothing is ever amiss.

As the transmissions of Beyond Every Teaching are thoroughly absorbed, awakeness blossoms in all times and locations. When pure awakeness is all that YOU know, the flourishing of life is all there is to behold.

Step now into pristine awakeness.

꩜ ꩜ ꩜


1. All of these transmissions are still emerging and evolving, and more will be added. Although the book version of Beyond Every Teaching is anticipated for late 2023, this draft is being shared for the benefit of early readers.

2. The dates under the “Introduction” heading and to the right of each transmission indicate the most recent revision date.

3. All works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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