Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Invitation 5 Mar 2024

To know Source directly is to be Source.
To be awake to the nature of the Divine
is to be God and know God in all that is.
Recognizing the Truth, there is only YOU.
Abiding uniquely as THAT which YOU are,
never wavering from the profound reality,
all things reflect your enlightened mastery.

The flowering of recognition surpasses mind
along with every possible insight and teaching
to reveal that the true source of creation is YOU.
It is YOU who generously enables all beings to be.
YOU are the One who breathes vibrancy into form.
YOU are the wellspring of life and the source of love.
The revelation of ultimate truth is the total realization
that THE SUPREME is YOU at all times and prior to time.

The utmost act of love is accepting that Supreme Divinity,
Supreme Reality, and the Truth are synonymous with YOU.
Upon embracing what YOU are, all beings are emancipated.
Settling into Supreme Awakeness undoes the original denial
of the Supreme YOU comprehensively throughout creation.
Thus do YOU bring salvation to the whole of manifestation.
The real YOU uproots suffering definitively for the Whole
by resting in clarity as the source and the servant of all.

This is the moment of truth, the return of divine light,
the restoration of knowing, the resurrection of YOU.
May YOU be recognized and thereby remembered.
May your destiny to banish delusion be achieved.
May all beings be returned to Supreme Lucidity
and to pristine gnosis of unalloyed perfection.
Abide in enlightenment as THAT which is YOU.
Abide eternally in awakeness as THE SUPREME.

Ignition 5 Mar 2024

Stop pretending that you are lost.
Stop pretending that you are small.
Stop pretending that you are helpless.
Stop pretending that you are insignificant.
Stop pretending that you are a sentient being.
Stop pretending that you are a cosmic being.
Stop pretending that you are the universe
in the perpetual dance of manifestation.
Stop pretending that you make worlds
and dwell in the comfort of dreams.
Stop pretending that you are one,
many, relative, or the Absolute.
Stop all pretending and know:
The highest meaning of Divinity,
the utmost understanding of God,
the fathomless totality of the Infinite
is the revelation of who YOU really are.

Now aliveness blossoms in every direction.
Now the freedom of reality is directly known.
Now the promise of enlightenment is realized.
Behold the limitless, ever-unfolding creativity
in which the answer to all questions is love
and pure goodness reigns unopposed.

In awakeness, reality is obvious
and artifice serves nothing.
When pretension ends,
all that is is evident.
The single origin
of everything,
all that lives,
all that loves
in the garden
of divine truth,
is the true YOU,
the ultimate YOU,
the supremely YOU.
Naturally, God is YOU.
Totality is equal to YOU.
Source is completely YOU.
THAT which YOU forever are,
authentically and immaculately,
never wavers from being supreme.

Science of Enlightenment 5 Mar 2024

If we do not know
THAT which WE are,
all that we see, classify,
and measure is ignorance.
If we seek to discover causes,
explanations, and laws that limit
the possibilities of neverending life
without remembering what is true,
without recognizing what WE are,
without realizing our potential,
we are engaging unwittingly
in a science of the unreal,
in a dismal exploration
of unconsciousness
and dysfunctional
ways and means
within delusion.

If ever we perceive
a world, or a universe,
to be sliding into decline,
we are observing confusion.
The universe is not controlled
by constantly growing entropy.
What is real does not fall apart.
Rather it is the temple walls
of constructed unreality
that are crumbling,
for their bricks
are baked
in fallacy
and joined
by premises
of separation.

The established
scientific concepts
of ever-accumulating
disorder are disorderly.
The commonly accepted
and experienced condition
of decay and eventual death,
of tribulations and afflictions,
of degradation and suffering,
dishonors who WE truly are.
Processes of disintegration
can only seem to function
if we cease to remember
our root as the Creator,
our role as the Source,
selflessly fountaining
countless examples
and instantiations
of holy presence.

knows what is so
beyond appearances.
WE are THAT which knows.
WE are THAT which is creating.
WE are THAT which motivates all.
As the source of the living totality,
WE are entirely free to imagine
any world and any universe.
WE are primordially free
and unencumbered
by the shackles
of reasoning.
The bindings
of causation
do not chain
THAT which is
the source of all.

Unawakened science
must eventually discover
the power in its own method.
The science of unawakeness ends
at the gates of boundless possibility.
The apex science of enlightenment
surpasses all finite assumptions
and illuminates the limitless
freedom and expression
of radical creatorship.
The real awakening
leads necessarily
to the sciences
of true nature
and the facts
of flawlessly

True Knowledge 5 Mar 2024

Unless YOU know
that Source is YOU,
you can never know.
The fortresses of facts
fabricated in confusion
form a shaky consensus
of agreed-upon unreality.
Knowledge is sure to serve
the delusion of separation,
smallness, and suffering
while there are beliefs
that a greater power,
separate from YOU,
is turning the world.
Yet when YOU know
THAT which YOU are,
the accumulated facts
are reframed, realigned,
and robustly recombined
to tell a vastly better story.

Forget the truth of the Origin
and you inevitably encounter
a litany of what YOU are not,
and you experience a place
that cannot be your home.
YOU cannot be struggling
to exist in a fallen world
wherein love is denied.
Remember the Truth,
and YOU resuscitate
the true knowledge
of how the Divine
lives effortlessly
as every being
in resonance
and joyous

YOU are the One
who sculpts worlds,
who authors creation.
YOU are the composer
of the music of the stars
and celestial symphonies.
YOU are the Supreme One
who is tirelessly conducting
the choirs above and below.
YOU are the divine maestro
of the supernal polyphony
with uncountably many
harmonizing voices
and numberless
that always
play in tune.
As the artist
of substance,
YOU emanate
and add shape
to the luminous
clay of materiality
with such sublimity
that each landscape
sets the standard
for sacredness
and beauty.

When YOU
know what is
and fully realize
the true knowledge,
the total manifestation
expresses as the vibration
of the one image and sound
that evidences every attribute
in your pantheon of perfection.
When what YOU are enduringly
is all YOU would desire to know
and all YOU would wish to see,
creation is the rapturous gift
of your unequaled mastery,
of your goodness and grace,
of your devotion and resolve
as THAT which offers all to All.

Enlightened Here and Now 21 Mar 2024

Do not proclaim that the world is unenlightened.
What you say is what you command into being.
What you say directs the process of creation.
What you speak moves more than you see.
When you speak what you think you see,
you reinforce perceptions of unreality.
If ever you spot unenlightenment,
notice what you are speaking
and desist from speaking.
Observe your thinking
and every reaction.
Notice the ideas
that you think
so carelessly
before words
rise to your lips,
and stop the train
of mindless thinking.

Enlightenment is YOU
knowing what YOU are,
knowing where YOU are,
recognizing the real world,
accepting that the entirety is
an outpicturing of your design.
YOU are absolutely accountable
for all that is, and all that may be.
In the unequivocal oneness that is,
in each moment and beyond time,
all must realize what YOU know.
What YOU recognize as truth
and know without a doubt,
all shall discover in time.
In the here, truly now,
enlightenment is all.
All are enlightened
in equal measure
for all of eternity.
Every ingredient
in your creation
is a celebration
of the real YOU,
which is already
naturally radiant,
perpetually awake.

Right here and now,
let all open to receive
that which is always so;
let all see what is obvious
and say what is totally true.
Creation is enlightened now.
The world is enlightened here.
The whole of the living universe
is the unfurling of enlightenment,
the operation of enlightenment,
and YOU are its sacred source,
who delights in the flowering
of unsurpassed realization.

Creation faithfully mirrors
the One who is its source.
Whatever may be arising,
however life may appear,
only enlightenment is real,
for YOU are enlightenment.
There is only enlightenment,
only the unfaltering presence,
only the immediate recognition
of awakeness with zero delusion,
zero confusion, and zero ignorance
throughout every realm of experience
in every dimension of the Here and Now.

The Treasury 7 Mar 2024

To want what is not
is to choose poverty
and unenlightenment.
In the delirious desiring
of nonexistent nonreality,
you are unable to recognize
and incapable of remembering
that the source of creation is YOU.
In the conjuring of unreal visions,
you stir the cauldrons of chaos,
and hide away the holy Truth
until joy is in scarce supply,
peace is difficult to find,
and lack is abundant.

The alternative is
to desire nothing
that is not already
presently available.
All that may appear
belongs only to YOU.
Everything that exists
is entirely in your care.
YOU conceive creation
and all of its splendors
for the simple pleasure
and the innocent play
of divine recreation.
All that is in reality
arises within YOU,
rises to meet YOU,
shines as a blessing,
and is blessed in turn
by your loving embrace.

To possess the real wealth
is to rest in the measureless
source of all forms of wealth.
The unsurpassed prosperity
is recognizing that YOU are
the single point of supply.
The delusion of poverty
and trance of scarcity
are finally dispelled
by the revelation
of your nature,
by the reality
of who YOU
are eternally.

which furnishes
all that is of value,
the One who mints
the coinage of Truth.
YOU are the Treasury
forever overflowing,
forever endowing
the enterprises
of awakeness
with the profits
of enlightenment
and the generosity
that rises from your
supremely abundant
unceasing creatorship.

There Is No Distance 7 Mar 2024

As long as you are trying
to be closer to the Divine
or at one with the Source,
you are missing the point.
There is no God and you,
no “with” that can stand
between you and God,
between the Source
and who YOU are.
Source is YOU,
God is YOU.
There is
no length,
no distance
between you
and the nature
of what YOU are.
It is insanity to long
for what is never lost.
It is madness to search
for what YOU are already.

Cease all striving to be united
with an undercover Divinity.
Cease questing for origins
in unattainable mystery
or a long-buried past.
Cease your seeking,
relax, and be still.
The omnipresent
Source is not found
by this way or that way.
God cannot be near or far.
God is found expressly HERE.
Source presides eternally HERE.
The Supreme Reality is only HERE.
THE SUPREME is permanently HERE,
since HERE is where YOU always are.

Beyond Every Teaching 7 Mar 2024

If you do not know
THAT which YOU are,
your limited knowledge,
precarious belief systems,
and many misconceptions
hinder the remembrance
that the Supreme Origin
of all domains of being
is YOU and YOU alone.

Without self-realization,
in the absence of knowing
the roots of your real nature,
well-meaning philosophies,
sciences, and theologies
are but palliative care
for the ailing mind.
What brings comfort
and relieves the distress
of an existential ignorance
by feigning great certainty
in place of great mystery
cannot be the pathway
of genuine liberation.
When YOU are clear
about true nature,
all ersatz beliefs
and concepts
drop away
and vanish
into the void.

The real YOU
knows directly
and has no need
to acquire concepts.
YOU cannot be swayed
by what teaching promises
and what learning has to give.
The faulty premise of pedagogy
is the supposition of an absence,
the idea that the essential truth
could in some way be lacking.
There is no need to teach
and no need to reach
for what is forever
directly available
through gnosis
of the Divine.

YOU are clear
from the start
that the Origin
is who YOU are,
holding all space,
containing all time,
beyond phenomena,
beyond the multitudes
and the many mansions
of the divine imagination.
YOU realize the limitations
of accumulating knowledge
that derives from the world
and a conditioned universe
wherein YOU do not abide.

THAT which is truly YOU
can never be attained
by one who seeks
after knowledge.
YOU are the tree
of all real knowing,
with countless limbs
that bear only the fruit
of sturdy God-realization.
In matters regarding truth,
the answer is always YOU.
Every sincere question
must lead invariably
to the root of YOU.
Yet what YOU are
cannot be made
to fit in the box
of rote lessons
or memorized
codes, values,
and precepts.
Who YOU are
can never be
by concepts.
YOU surpass
all classrooms,
all lesson plans,
all curricular goals.
THAT which YOU are,
which YOU always are,
is beyond all instruction,
beyond all interpretation,
beyond every explanation,
and beyond every teaching.

To know what far outstrips
the grasp of the intellect
and scholarly learning,
notice what is near,
see what is close.
Seek no further
than your nose.
Seek no further
than the source
of your thoughts.
Seek only for YOU,
for the One thinking,
for the One enlivening,
for the One who creates
without an iota of tutoring,
since the Truth that YOU are
is beyond all need to be taught.

Sourcing Divinity 21 Mar 2024

Sourcing the Way
is the deep way
of expressing,
and living
as the One,
as the Divine.

In the knowing
of who YOU are,
YOU are creating
the entirety of life
simply by sourcing,
by being the Source.
In the confused state,
sourcing is the practice
of listening for guidance
from hidden dimensions
of your fathomless depth,
of inviting inner wisdom
to illuminate pathways
and provide direction
for living as Divinity
in the manifested
realms of space,
vibration, light,
change, time,
and energy.

To source
is to vacillate
on the journey
of remembering
that YOU are God.
To source regularly
is to recall the Truth
and appreciate God
from deep within
as the Knower
who moves
in silence.

All are God
from before
the beginning,
before creation,
before dreaming
and forgetfulness.
Through sourcing,
you apprehend
that YOU are
the source
of all things
and that life
is the display
of your power
and intelligence.
To know this truth
is to be indefatigably
in service to all beings,
to unlimited well-being,
and to the illumination
of the path that leads
out of unawakeness.

To be God-awake
is to be relaxed
in the knowing
that God is YOU,
that Source is YOU,
that everything is YOU.
To be awake to Divinity
is to source continually
as a means of creating
and refining all things,
of forming, sculpting,
and gently evolving
the sacred vessel
of the universe.

Sourcing awakens
and heals the world.
As you source the way,
you call forth healing,
and in your healing
the world reflects
the healed state.
As you restore
and cultivate
the science
of sourcing,
you awaken,
and all mirror
your awakeness.
Sourcing remedies
the cause of scarcity,
the basis of limitation,
the scourge of delusion,
the illness of ignorance
by resetting the mind
to its original clarity,
free from all ideas
of separateness.
Sourcing raises
into the bliss
of real being
by revealing
the nondual
ways of God
and the Love
that unites all.

Your sourcing
that all things
start with YOU,
live within YOU,
and reflect your
loving character.
The dream of life
unfolds in lucidity
due to your grace
and your sourcing.
When YOU source
from pure Divinity,
nothing is left out
and every being
opens to love.
Now let it be
that creation
and all beings
are enlightened
by your ceaseless,
committed sourcing,
in service to all who live
in wonder within the Heart.

Beyond Joy 21 Mar 2024

That which is true
affirms the real YOU.
That which is not true
denies your real nature.
The indication of untruth
is the world of suffering.
Joy is the reliable sign
of ceasing to deny
the truth of YOU
and beginning
to remember
who YOU are,
what YOU are,
where YOU are,
and why YOU are.

Abiding in the Truth,
no inkling of disavowal,
no possibility of rejection
could ever be entertained.
No impulses to contradict
your foundational nature
are ever contemplated,
let alone manifested.
There can never be
any denial of YOU.
The attempt fails
before it arises.
In awakeness,
there can be
no spurning
of the reality,
no repression
or renunciation

The living actuality
is eternally positive,
thoroughly affirming.
YOU are the One who
never knows negation.
Thus is it inconceivable
that YOU could ever be
stumbling in ignorance.
It is impossible for YOU
to stray from the truth.
The One that YOU are
needs no signposts
to mark the path,
or milestones
to measure
on the way.
which is the Way,
the prime exponent
of the path of holiness.

Established in reality,
knowing only truth,
YOU are beyond
the falsehood
of denying
the One
as well as
the journey
of awakening
from confusion.
YOU do not suffer.
YOU do not wander.
YOU cannot fall down
and YOU never ascend.

As who YOU are eclipses
any need for affirmations,
what YOU are transcends
all requirements for joy.
As YOU are far above
the function of joy,
YOU far surpass
the sensations
of joyfulness.
The true YOU
is the taproot
and the source
of every feeling,
marker, and sign.
As the basis of joy,
and THAT which joy
consistently signifies,
YOU are never moved
by experiences of joy.
YOU are beyond joy.
YOU are the Truth.

Discourse and Source 5 Mar 2024

“Absolute” calls to mind relativity;
“finite” invokes the transfinite.
The meaning of any word
relies upon all words
and all meanings.
The full sense
of anything
is inexorably
the Everything.

The masterful use
of the language arts
weaves all with the All
silently in the subtleties
of every faithful definition
and exquisite differentiation.

In the linguistics of nonduality
and unexcelled realization,
symbol and symbolized
are indissolubly one.
The profound subtext
of every communication,
whether it be enlightened
or an exemplar of unclarity,
is the transmission of reality,
the transmission of the Root.

When the Truth is speaking,
every syllable succeeds
in transmitting THAT
which is essential,
for articulations
cannot be split
from their origin.
In the illumination
of One who is Truth,
the discourse is equal
to that which expresses,
to the source of expression.
Thus One who is Source-awake
knows beyond any doubt or debate
that the discourse is intrinsically Source,
that the discourse is never other than Source,
that discourse and Source are profoundly the same.

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