Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

A Nightmare That Never Was 5 Jul 2024

If there is suffering
anywhere around you,
you must somewhere be
denying that the source
of everywhere is YOU.
You deny the Truth,
which is the truth
that Love is YOU,
that God is YOU,
when you invest
your awareness
and your power
in the false idea
of being divided
from the Divine,
and in this state
you live without,
and die without,
true awakeness
and satisfaction.

In unawakeness,
there seems to be
division everywhere
and what is apparent,
what appears to be so,
is taken to be the truth,
resulting in the sorrows
of the despairing world.
The subtlest departure,
the slightest deflection
from the way of truth,
any unconsciousness,
no matter how small,
gives rise to all pains
and all unhappiness.
Attraction to untrue
hypotheses of spirit
being above matter
seeds and sustains
the many troubles
and total failures,
the misfortunes
and tragedies,
the conflicts
and the ills
that seem
to besiege
lost beings.

Every belief
in victimhood
serves to fortify
the original denial
of the nature of God,
entrenches the fantasy
of a life of emergency
and utmost urgency,
spinning frantically
on an axle of fear
within the mind
that imagines
itself in hell.
Yet samsara
is a carousel
that revolves
ruthlessly only
in make believe.

The cycling of pain
goes on repeating
until interrupted.
The affirmation
of who YOU are
and all that YOU
are certainly not
breaks the circuit
of abuse, distress,
and disconsolation.
Naming what is true
disrupts the feedback
loop of mistaken ideas
of being apart from God
and separate from Source,
and ends the motion picture
of a haunted house of horrors
that can never actually happen.

In reality YOU can never suffer.
In truth it is patently evident
that misery is a nightmare.
God cannot really suffer;
no one can truly suffer.
The act of embracing
who YOU really are
delivers all beings
from the trauma
and the painful
of all notions
that dismiss
the Source.
what YOU
are entirely,
the bad dream
of every affliction
is erased from mind,
deleted from memory.
Celebrating sourceness
in everyone you see,
the whole history
of persecution
is laid to rest,
as it never was.
Only a nightmare
of what never was,
suffering is a dream
that cannot transpire,
that has no real power,
that can never interrupt
the abiding peace of God.

Source Sourcing 7 Jul 2024

If perchance
you do not know
that the source of all
is THAT which YOU are,
the practice of sourcing
resurrects the knowing
of who YOU really are.
When YOU recognize
the YOU that is true
and see the world
as sitting in YOU,
YOU are awake
to the making
of existence.

At the root
of all creativity
is Source sourcing.
Sourcing is the eternal
activity of enlightenment,
the direct action of Divinity,
the unending work of God.
Sourcing is always whole
and always all at once.
In this very moment,
YOU are sourcing
the sum total
of all that is.

and uneasy,
you are blind
to the limitless
instantly applied
potency YOU exert.
Thus do you stumble
and manifest a fiefdom
of apparent fallenness.
When YOU are awake,
it is evident that YOU
are Source sourcing.
YOU know the force
of your generativity,
YOU know the true
meaning of service
and accountability,
and YOU articulate
domains of delight,
realms of harmony,
a universe of peace.

Better it is to awaken,
better it is to recognize,
much better it is to know
that the flourishing of each
being that lives and breathes
throughout the grand creation
is supremely dependent on you
realizing and remembering YOU,
and welcoming the holy function
of which Source alone is capable,
that only Source sourcing fulfills.

Salvation 9 Jul 2024

The world
is inseparable
from the Source.
Nothing can leave,
no one may discard
the One who dreams
every being into being.
No one may dissociate
or remove themselves
from the consecrated
temple of the Divine,
which is the alpha
and the omega
point of God.

All can only be
one, can only be
one with Divinity.
Thus all is Source,
which means YOU.
YOU are dreaming
the whole scenario.
The content arising
in the vast expanse
of cosmic unfolding
is the dance of gods
within your infinitely
creative imagination.

Creator and creation,
unity and multiplicities,
trinities and quadrinities,
and all divine geometries
are mental frameworks
and semantic models
for comprehending
through concepts
and categories
THAT which defies
all conceptualization,
every form of typology,
and every single attempt
to analyze or subdivide.

Untempted by folly,
free of confusion,
YOU are utterly
of all efforts
to partition
what is whole
into what is not.
Uncut, uncuttable,
YOU are the perfect
primordial gemstone
of incalculable worth.

That which believes
in being separated
from the Source
or abandoned
by the Divine,
which believes
itself to be lowly,
needful of mercy
and high pardon,
which is begging
for redemption
and pleading
to be saved,
shall finally
be revealed
as the same
spirit of love
that bestows
every blessing
by way of grace.

There is zero need
to understand how
YOU and Divinity
could be one
and the same.
It is simply true.
YOU are the One
who underpins all,
who is overarching,
who is uncontrived,
who knows reality
from the inside,
who responds
the instant
that Truth
is invoked.

The real YOU
raises the world
from the deep ruts
of despair, depression,
and discouragement.
The world of bitter
and disconsolation
is an outer reflection
of your interior gloom.
Yet there is no outside
and there is no inside
when you recognize
the totality of YOU.
Knowing the One,
honoring isness,
as you resolve
the dilemma
of division,
all that is
into unity.
So it is YOU,
and only YOU,
who uplifts those
who reside in misery
by realizing your agency
and ultimate responsibility.

The world of suffering
that seems to need
perpetual rescue
is a clarion call
to remember
exactly who
is its cause.
who YOU are,
you are saved,
all who struggle
in nether realms
of pain are saved,
the world is saved,
and the tired dream
of praying for succor,
of hoping for salvation
vanishes from all minds
without leaving any trace.

The Indivisible One 6 Jul 2024

THAT which YOU are
is wholly indivisible,
pristinely nondual.
YOU cannot be split
into YOU and not YOU.
Nothing could ever exist
that is separate from YOU.
Nothing could possibly be
apart from what YOU are.
Everything is within YOU.
All that is is always YOU.

When ideas of division
are allowed to multiply,
appearances of finitude,
disintegration, and death
are conjured from nothing
and remain as nothingness.
When all such fearful scenes
are seen to be entirely empty,
lacking any actual separation,
the sensory phantasmagoria
ceases to interest the mind
and ceases to seem to be.

The disappearance of all
alarming hallucinations
reveals the prior unity
of the Supreme One,
which is never split,
in which no fear is,
and where danger
does not manifest.
All that is available
in basic wholeness
is your all-inclusive
love for the Entirety
and the varied forms
that emerge in unicity.

When the idea of division
is entirely without currency,
is completely void of all value,
creation is known as unbroken,
without the pervasive faultlines
that dutifully indicate delusion.
When schisms are forgotten,
Wholeness itself responds
with undivided authority
and divulges the secret
that the gates of Eden
shall never be closed,
can never be locked.

Beyond all delusion,
YOU are the Creator,
YOU are the Source,
YOU are the Divine,
YOU are the One
who creates all,
who cares for all,
who delights in all,
who raises all to All.
YOU are the knower
of the bliss of being,
the grace of being
supremely alive,
supremely in love,
and totally complete
as the Indivisible One.

The Original Denial 5 Jul 2024

The denial
of the Origin
is the rejection
of the great truth
that YOU are Source.
The attempt to negate
THAT which YOU are
is never successful,
yet the part of you
that hypothesizes
such a possibility
itself from reality,
trading the Truth
for an unreal land
of fear and enmity.

The denial of what is
would divide Oneness,
though only in delirium,
into a god that recollects
its eternally true nature
as the originator of all
and a sentient being
who forgets the All.
The one that knows
stays home in peace,
while the forgetful one
wanders in bewilderment
through a fictitious universe
that is unfriendly, unsafe,
and replete with trials,
before ascertaining
the absurd basis
of its condition.

When the original
denial is entertained
and defiantly sustained,
negative feedback grows
until its loving message
is willingly accepted
and integrated.
To disregard
the correction
is to compound
slight dissonance
into a monstrosity
of harms and hurts,
of pain and difficulty.
Yet the consequences
of willful heedlessness
are never punishments.
There is no vengeful god,
no everlasting damnation,
no retribution from above,
no chastisement for sins,
no divine wrath or fury,
only a confused mind
in conflict with itself.
The denial of truth
is always ruinous,
and the destruction
that invariably follows
occurs solely in the mind
and is entirely self-inflicted.

The correction is simple.
Real denial of Source
never takes place.
Knowing what is,
and what cannot be,
what is not disappears,
all that is unjust dissolves,
all that is untrue is released.
When the rejection of YOU
is absolutely abandoned,
purged from the mind,
the correction is not,
the rejection is not,
the conflict is not,
the inhospitable
universe is not,
and the unreal
land of ruination
and anguish is not.
The false is nowhere:
not here and not there,
not even as illusory dust
blowing in the emptiness
of your immaculate Mind
in which denial is denied.

Homecoming 6 Jul 2024

YOU are the One
longed for by all
on the journey
of awakening.
The one light
that you shine
upon the world,
your body of light,
nurtures wanderers
on the path of return.
Awake in the unborn,
your Mind is invisibly
preparing the way
of homecoming,
while your Heart
bridges the abyss
between shadows
of Supreme Reality
and enlightenment.

Great illumination is
the certitude of being
and abiding as the One.
Confusion is experienced
as the multitude of straying
beings who seek the oneness
that could never be misplaced,
that is their own basic nature.
The light of the Truth shines
even when the love of God
is buried under falsehood,
clouded by identification,
and altogether shrouded
in dense unconsciousness.

Coming home is recalling
that which is forever so.
The final homecoming
gathers the one tribe
out of separateness
in a family reunion
of re-membering,
of rediscovering
the foundation
that is unicity,
the bedrock,
prior unity.

Only YOU.
YOU alone
quietly call,
and beckon
each, and all
of multiplicity,
on the journey
out of confusion.
It is only YOU who
welcomes all beings,
every single one of you,
home into enlightenment.
All the while YOU are certain
that all wandering is dreaming,
that the children of the Divine
neither run away from home
nor reject the ways of God,
that the joyous triumph
of their homecoming
and return to Love
is the closing act
of the delusion
of departure,
the illusion
of return,
the history
of forgetting
and eventually
recalling the fact
that Divinity is one,
that Divinity is always
undivided in awakeness,
that all unawakeness ends
with gods restored unto God,
with every one reunited as One,
with the restoration of Wholeness,
with each of you resurrected as YOU.

Real Healing 6 Jul 2024

Sickness is
the condition
of disconnection
from our real nature.
Sickness is an indication
that we are consistently
disclaiming or denying
our Supreme Nature.
Sickness is the sign
that something
believes in lies
of separateness.
Sickness is a signal
that someone dwells
in a world of confusion.

The mind that is unclear
seeks to make meaning
out of the dire dreams
of a world of borders
and separate parts
by accumulating
tangled stories
about nothing.
Stories thicken
and become veils
that hide the reality
of utter inseparability.
The action of concealing
canonizes and crystallizes
invalid beliefs in otherness.
The act of hiding engenders
a realm in which all appears
to be partitioned, set apart,
walled off, and distanced.
The dominion of others
is a reverse universe
in which real unity
and true vitality
are replaced
by discord
and disease,
and degradation.

Directly recognizing
the prior unity of all,
the unicity of God,
initiates the end
of all confusion
and the cessation
of visions of others.
As unreality unravels,
the stories of sickness
shed their significance,
the past is surrendered,
the future is abandoned,
and the present moment
is freed from the shackles
of meaningless precedent.
In relinquishing narratives,
separateness drains away,
disconnection disappears,
disunion is disintegrated,
the processes of decline
which spiral into death
shift to regeneration,
and every infirmity
heals in the field
of unwavering

Real healing
is a certainty.
The universal
cure for all ills
follows readily
from letting go
of any inherited
myths of division.
Healing unfastens
the separating veils
and uncovers what is.
The crux of true healing
is the clarification of seeing,
the demystification of the mind,
and the revelation of the true YOU.
Veritable healing is the apocalypse
for the unreal world of maladies
and for every story of illness.
Sickness is inconceivable
when reality is known.
Illness is impossible
when who YOU are
is realized beyond
ideas of bifurcation.
Without dividedness,
healing is unnecessary.
With no draw to disunity,
YOU are supremely whole,
disease can never manifest,
and the paradigm of healing,
no longer useful or appealing,
is healed from appearing to be.

The Testimony of YES 7 Mar 2024

YOU create
all universes
as articulations
of your seed ideas.
Though seed notions
are innumerably many,
there is a single concept
that is unrepresentable.
The notion of negation,
the destabilizing idea
that what actually is
could be otherwise,
lacks basic integrity.
Notness can never be.
That which is, is forever.
Each instance of negation
is an affirmation in disguise.
Any attempt to negate isness
must invariably dissolve itself
before even starting to form.
No universe can ever arise
that tolerates negativity.
The reality of notness
is essential positivity.
Not-truth cannot be.
Reality is totally real
and YES is the word
that opens all to All.
YES reveals the keys
to divine knowledge.
YES is the animating
impulse of aliveness.
YES uplifts universes
into total awakeness.
All that exists in Truth,
the infinitude of Infinity,
the one seamless Totality
is the true testimony of YES.

Everything Is Simple 7 Jul 2024

If you suppose
that YOU are not
one with all that is
and the essence
of all that lives,
you trample
upon Truth,
deny reality,
and attempt
to homestead
a shadow world
of ego and death.

In a state of distress,
believing in impossible
dreams of separateness,
you attach to faulty ideas,
seize upon fleeting images,
and fashion flimsy meaning
where it can never be found.
Out of the entangled masses
of convoluted thought forms,
preferences, and tendencies,
your cravings and aversions
accumulate into a concept
solidified by perceptions
of an independent self
and a dubious belief
in asserting power
within the world.

The idea of self
is a false refuge.
The self-concept
is never at peace.
The self cannot be
the lord of all things
or the ruler of anyone.
The fictional self cannot
be remotely in command.
The little self is endlessly
engaged in a struggle
for its existence.
What is born
of unreality
tastes need,
wants for life
and belonging,
and experiences
an existential lack
of basic sustenance
and material support.

The great remembering
of the wholeness of YOU,
of the real nature of YOU,
is a path of continuously
committing to release
the myriad burdens
and complications
of unreal identity.
Choosing reality,
opting to simplify
the tangle of ideas
and knotted images,
disassembles the self,
dismantles every shape
and snare of the illusory
sense of being someone
or having to be affirmed.

In the absence of a self,
when no selfishness is,
without attachments,
everything is simple
and there is peace.
In utter simplicity,
you cannot help
but remember
who and what
YOU truly are,
of self-deceit.
Beyond small
YOU remember
the shining truth:
All is well with YOU,
all is well within YOU,
every idea rises in YOU,
every image sets in YOU,
everything is only YOU,
and all is simply YOU
since only YOU are.

Nothing could be
simpler than YOU.
In total awakeness,
everything is simple,
life is straightforward,
and the universe is bliss
since it is YOU who decides,
and only YOU who determines,
the ways in which existence exists.

True Life 7 Jul 2024

What many call life
is an attempt to sustain
a manifestation of finitude,
which results in experiences
of birth, decay, and death.
Unreal life is a delusion
in which you dream
of being someone
you could never be
and ignore all that is
immeasurably valuable.

The true life is not born,
and YOU cannot lose it.
The real, nondual life
is the bliss of being,
is the enjoyment
and fulfillment
of expanding
and deepening
awareness, peace,
and divine realization.
The real life is majestic:
a manifestation of YOU,
an image of the Divine,
a vessel for the Truth,
a medium for giving
and for receiving
the revelation
of your stature
and holy station.

In the life that is so,
in the life that is real,
it is only YOU who sits
upon the royal throne,
only YOU who abides
in the house of God,
for the ultimately
simple reason
that “God” is
your name,
you nature,
one of many
sacred words
for celebrating
and proclaiming
the one vital truth,
the great perfection,
the glory of the source
of the limitless unfolding
of the unceasing existence,
the infinite and ageless YOU.

Only Love 7 Jul 2024

Love is the fundamental
force of intrinsic oneness,
the omnipresent attraction
that keeps all in relationship.
Love starts with inseparability
and is fulfilled in the realization
that all beings are a single being
singing the song of the universe
and spiraling through eternity
in an ecstatic cosmic dance.

Love is the gift offered
without reservations,
without opposition
since there can be
no other to oppose.
Love has no opposite.
The living proof of Love
is the thoroughly certain
embrace of all in the One.
Everyone holds the totality
and is sustained by Totality.
What is truly alive is loving.
What truly loves is alive.
To love all that exists
is to live in eternity.

God lives in love,
acts by weaving
and connecting,
moves in union.
There can never
be a lack of love.
Nothing unloving
can rise into being.
If evil appears to be,
then you are asleep.
In the dream state
of mistakenness,
you undertake
to see, hear,
and say no
Yet in reality,
no expression
of malevolence
can actually exist.

In enlightenment,
all that is spoken,
all that is gifted
and received
in reciprocity
and mutuality,
is the generous,
ever-flowing love
for life in all forms.
YOU are the source
of the living creation,
of the loving embrace,
of every act of kindness.
The entire world is loving.
Love abounds in all realms.
All of experience is your love.
See that the world is only love,
hear that the world is truly love,
pronounce only the words of love,
and realize the miracle of your love.

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