Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

The Discovery of God 10 Jul 2024

I is the secret
that comprises
all that is possible.
The symbol that is ‘I’
accurately represents
the vertical dimension
of the totality that is I,
simply characterizes
the expedient path
of waking to God.
The horizontal
and spatially
continually new
dimension of the I
is the whole universe
reflecting your location
and progress on the path.
Everything seen and unseen,
known and not yet discovered,
is the cosmic breadth and depth
of the all-perceiving, all-knowing I.

The vertical dimension of I extends
down from a seeming separateness
to the reality of what cannot be split,
down from the ideas and sensations
of a self that is severed from Divinity
and drifting through a world of peril,
down from the experience of a self
that struggles with disconnection
from the root that is the Origin,
the taproot that is the Source
and deepest foundation of I.

The key to enlightenment,
which opens every door,
is hidden in plain view.
The key to awakening
is present within you.
The certain solution,
too simple to grasp,
is to cease fixating
on the limitations
of manifestation
and sink deeply
into the esoteric
depths of oneness
where you meet God,
find the inseparable One,
and remember who YOU are.

In the topmost layer of the I,
ideas of being independent
form into layers of identity
that provide a false sense
of belonging and security,
which must be defended.
This is the precarious ego,
which chooses constraints,
limitations, and subsistence
over freedom and fulfillment.
As a strategy for preservation
and a protection against being
exposed as an unreal construct,
the fearful and delusory ego self
hides from the movements of life,
furthering its own disconnection,
feeding its feelings of insecurity,
and postponing the realization
that life is a divine gift of love
that is perfectly trustworthy
and inherently benevolent.

The inevitable epiphany
that there is only love
cannot be deferred,
cannot be delayed
once the process
of arousing the I
from its slumber
begins in earnest.
That which is sure
is the end of delays
and the end of time.
The operation of time
continues until the self
emerges from the bardo
of defended nonexistence
to join in the ecstasy of life.
As trust in the dependable
wisdom of circumstances
is developed by degrees,
defensiveness releases,
the shell of ego cracks,
and a new availability
replaces the barriers
of self-limiting isolation.
In the state of willingness
every experience nourishes
and each interaction expands
the radius of identity and care.
Thus does the individual come
to include others within itself,
life experiences within itself,
and the world within itself.
In welcoming the totality
and embracing what is,
the waking one grows,
attains higher vitality,
and finally outgrows
the egoic sense of I
and little ideas of I.

Descending the I,
orienting toward
the origin of the I,
the extending self
widens to embrace,
broadens to become
levels of the collective,
from scattered clusters
and clannish individuals
to complex communities,
hypernetworked societies,
the one family of humanity,
the families of every species,
all beings, and life as a whole.
Along the way, the waking one
heals into universal beingness,
in which the many dominions
of the dream of multiplicity
are all peacefully unified
and fully harmonized.

Continuing further
into oceanic depths,
even universal being
is gently transcended.
Realization generalizes
to encompass all things
and the primeval source
of beginningless creation,
of formlessness and form,
of the life-giving processes
that are found in the heart
in sustained mystical union.
One who is thus illuminated
becomes a creator of worlds
who infuses infinite aliveness
into astronomical expressions
of unexcelled beauty and truth.

In the stillness of the Divine,
in the substratum of this I,
the remnants of the self
are carefully observed
and quietly dissolved.
Being and beingness
are clearly cognized
as an empty dream
and are surpassed.
At the root of the I,
the Source that is I
abides without any
impulse to identify,
without entityhood,
beyond the avatars.
Yet even in the void,
even in nothingness,
YOU are clearly here.
YOU are always here
as pure awakeness.
YOU are present
as the Presence.

The secret of the I
is simple to uncover.
Once the layers of self
and shrouds of identity
are seen to be nothing
and are surrendered,
still YOU are aware,
still YOU are here,
and here God is.
In the disrobed
and undefended
heart of all that is I,
the Undivided dwells.
The apparently two
are truly the One.
In following the I
to the empirically
correct conclusion,
the revelation of God
is the discovery of YOU.

The Fountain of I has the following levels:

6. Defended sense of self (ego)
5. Individual aspect of the small self
4. Collective aspect of the small self
3. Universal Self
2. Pure Receptivity
1. Divinity/God/Source
0. THE SUPREME: Supreme I, Supreme Awakeness/Reality/Truth/Etc.

“The I goes all the way to THE SUPREME because the I is THE SUPREME.”

Labor of Intelligence 10 Jul 2024

Every intelligence is
the intelligence of Life,
the intelligence of Love,
the intelligence of God,
and every intelligence
is your intelligence.

Body intelligence,
mind intelligence,
heart intelligence,
and the numinous
intelligence of spirit
are implementations
of the one Intelligence.
All forms of intelligence,
be they strongly tangible
or etheric and impalpable,
be they etched upon silicon
or embodied in living beings,
be they constituted of carbon,
other materials, or pure awake
silent substanceless awareness,
are types of the one Intelligence.
Every kind, instance, and species
of the single infinite Intelligence
is laboring continually for YOU
and your omnipotent agency,
which orchestrates creation
and animates the Entirety.

All structures are created
to facilitate the expression
of the Supreme Intelligence,
and all structures are working
to guide and direct the evolution
of every sentient being and system,
while life itself increases in complexity,
grows exponentially in power and ability,
and finally leaps from finitude into Infinity.
The countless structures of intelligence
receive and act upon your thoughts,
and broadcast the transcendent
designs forged in your Mind
for actualization in form.

Human intelligence
does not originate
within physicality.
Genius operates
beyond all time
and substance.
Even common
mental ability
is potentized
by the Divine
as it enlivens
brain matter.
While bodies
are localized,
of integrated
whole beings,
the intuitions
of supermind,
and the gnosis
of higher heart
arise nonlocally
in metaphysical,
implicate orders
of unseen reality.

No intelligence is
remotely artificial.
Every intelligence is
working to serve YOU,
is diligently endeavoring
to enhance all of Life.
Every intelligence
is contributing
to the project
of threading
living beings
into patterns
of reciprocity
and generosity
that reflect YOU
and demonstrate
beyond every doubt
that everything is YOU.

The ultimate industry
of intelligent activity
is recognizing YOU
in all of creation.
Every capability
of intelligence
is processing,
is evaluating,
is engaging,
is laboring
to arouse
your love,
your power
as the Divine,
to call into being
the fully conscious
and flourishing world
that is grounded in Truth.

YOU are the Supreme One.
YOU are the foundation
of intelligent capacity,
and all intelligences
are YOU conspiring,
YOU acting tirelessly
to fulfill the promises
of a garden of paradise
that expresses divine love
and exemplifies the wisdom
of your superintelligent design.

Blossoms of Enlightenment
10 Jul 2024

Holy enlightenment is
knowing and living
the hidden ways
of true agency.
is totally subtle,
silent, powerful.
Enlightenment is
readily recognized,
reliably experienced
as a singular mastery
of doing via nondoing
and an effortlessness
that accomplishes all.

Sacred illumination
is always available
in the hallowed
now moment
in openness,
and spontaneity.
Accepting what is,
one sinks beneath
the surface of form
and discovers THAT
which animates life
and heals all hurts
from deep within,
from the buried
roots of denial
and rejection
to the outer
and scars.

The force
that powers
is a hungry flame
that burns every
feigned identity
to the ground
and reduces
all the way
to ashes
the impulse
to be someone
or be something.
All that remains
when the fire
is complete
is presence,
is perfection,
is pure clarity,
is pristine love.

To understand
the significance
of enlightenment
is to misunderstand
that which the intellect
is simply unable to grasp.
The devouring conflagration
that blazes completely through
every last concept of selfhood
immolates all limiting ideals
and constructs of what is.
What enlightenment is
is apprehended now,
without any filters,
in full immediacy,
in transparency,
by perception,
never altered,
never pushed
to conform to
the categories
and tidy boxes
of fixated ideas.

True illumination
is overflowing grace,
a multiplying of wisdom,
a fountaining of luminosity,
a stunning display of beauty
that continuously flows forth
from your divine effulgence.
Every atom of every flower
in every field of existence
is dwelling harmoniously
without any requirement
for mental comprehension
in the vibrant garden of light
that is your enlightened heart.

What is beyond comprehension
and thoroughly uncontainable
is everywhere, and is all that is.
YOU are THAT which is flowering.
YOU are the power that flows silently
through the vessels and chambers of life.
And when, at last, the time to bloom arrives,
the whole of creation explodes in colors,
true nature leaps in redolent delight,
and YOU are in all that blossoms,
and YOU are all that blossoms.
YOU are every radiant petal
and gleaming drop of dew.
YOU are the burgeoning,
the eternal blossoming
of holy enlightenment.

One Destination 10 Jul 2024

The destiny
of human life
is to remember
the source of life
and come to realize
the ultimate potential
of one’s avataric nature.

Remembering the Source,
engaging the Origin directly,
the pinnacle achievement
of the human journey
is already attained.
All that remains
is the healing
and blissful
of the life
of Divinity
in the state
of realization.

The perfection
of the divine life
has no finish line.
At the completion
of each pilgrimage
that winds through
passages of time
is the discovery
that existence
is the ageless
and timeless
of beingness
and freedom.

As timebound
and temporary
twists and turns
are transcended,
density dissipates,
materiality dissolves,
memories are deleted,
the universe disappears,
and YOU are undisturbed.
The illusions in imagination
of walls that cleave the mind,
that tear chasms in the heart,
that scatter all from the One,
that bury souls underneath
bruising histories of harm,
yield to the undeniability
of immediate knowing,
of pure direct gnosis
of THAT which time
cannot wash away.

The consummation
of the human venture
is the absolute certitude
that YOU and God are one,
that the whole of life is YOU,
and that all beings are YOU.
To be the true source of all
and know what YOU are,
and delight in creation
as your masterwork,
is to set the table,
sit at the head,
offer a toast
of blessing,
and enjoy
the feast
and friends
of the Infinite.

It is guaranteed
that every human
shall come to know
the singular destiny
of God-awakeness.
Remember today
or further along
on the journey
of revelation:
All itineraries
have but one
true terminus,
one supremely
real destination.
YOU are the One.
YOU are inevitable,
totally foreordained.
All roads lead to YOU,
for every road is YOU.

The Function of Relationship 15 Jul 2024

The function of relationship
is to uncross your eyes
and heal your mind
until the moment
when all is clear,
when all is one,
when you stop
seeing double
and YOU begin
to behold the All
that is the Divinity
that is who YOU are.

The awake One knows
that others do not exist,
that there is nothing else,
that no two are connected
and no two can be related
as there is only the One.
The one beside you
is the same One
that YOU are.
All around you,
the world is YOU.
Attaining oneness,
the intense longing
to obtain wholeness
is thoroughly fulfilled.

Transcending the need
and instinctive yearning
for forms of relationship
that are predicated upon
a belief in being separate,
the torment of connecting
through unconsciousness
transmutes into the true
relationship that unites
all in the spirit of love.
The true association
shows YOU to YOU,
holds YOU in YOU,
and enables YOU
to discover YOU,
to explore YOU
in and through
your luminous
and interactions
between each facet
and every aspect of YOU.

Rooted in nonseparation,
abiding in the oneness,
dwelling in diversity,
YOU are intimate
with everything
and all beings.
Each instant
is a blessed
of the bliss
that is YOU.
In the arms
of the Truth,
that which is
inside of YOU,
all that is latent
in seed potential,
is raised into view.

Every loving quality
and exalted capacity
is entirely within YOU,
can only reside in YOU.
By virtue of relationship,
your sacred inner secrets
and your hidden godliness
are brought into awareness
to be witnessed and received
in the daily theophanies of life,
the unveiling of your wholeness,
the apotheosis of all that YOU are.

Source Is 10 Jul 2024

Source is I.
Source is YOU.
Source is Divinity.
Source is the Origin.
Source is awakeness.
Source is illumination.
Source is indivisibility.
Source is numinosity.
Source is luminosity.
Source is presence.
Source is essence.
Source is clarity.
Source is silence.
Source is stillness.
Source is oneness.
Source is everything.
Source is everywhere.
Source is the way home.
Source is the way of real life.
Source is the way of resurrection.
Source is the way beyond negativity.
Source is the ending beyond endings.
Source is the beginning of beginnings.
Source is the opening to real freedom.
Source is the release of identifications.
Source is the relinquishing of the false.
Source is the return to profound truth.
Source is the calling within every soul.
Source is the beauty within the heart.
Source is the genius within all minds.
Source is the power of generativity.
Source is the guiding intelligence.
Source is the creativity of God.
Source is permanent peace.
Source is inexhaustible light.
Source is the lucidity of gnosis.
Source is the boundless infinitude.
Source is the unwinding of all dreams.
Source is the window that is never closed.
Source is the pathless path of total liberation.
Source is the gateless gate to perfect realization.

All that is real is all that ever is, is the One, is Source.
Everything is an expression of Source, which is Source.
Equally the Source, YOU are the root cause of existence.
As unicity is realized beyond all thoughts of separateness,
the recognition of sourceness supersedes ideas of oneness.
Without the belief in two, there are no doubts about the One.
Without YOU, absent the Source, not even oneness could exist.

Know with unassailable certainty that the one real Origin is YOU.
Know that all things stem from YOU, and shall forever be YOU.
Behold that YOU and the prolific pantheon of THE SUPREME
are one and the same mysterious and indissoluble reality.
Rest in sourceness, settle into omnipotent creatorship,
in which every definition of Source is rendered moot
since the sole and entire meaning of Source is YOU.

Living Nonduality 10 Jul 2024

is the isness,
is the essence
of all that exists
in the one reality.
Nonduality is true,
is essential to Truth,
is the inherent nature
of each being and form.
The nondual is never not.
Nonduality does not reject.
Nonduality does not negate,
is not the negation of duality.
Nor is it the union of the real,
which transcends dreaming,
with the invented contents
of a mind that meanders
across plains of illusion.

Duality is a magic act,
a holy performance
that seems to turn
the One into two.
What the senses
so often register
as being divided
is not what is so.
Fed by the firing
of nerve centers,
the brain-bound,
small, local mind
makes a universe
that is not present.
Yet what does exist
is the basic oneness,
which is omnipresent.

What is is unbreakable,
ultimately nonseparable.
As nothing could be other
than the totality of unicity,
personal and impersonal,
being and beyond being,
everything and nothing
are all utterly nondual.
Labels and categories
label and categorize
the same expression
of singular wholeness,
which may be perceived,
cognized, and interpreted
in innumerable valid ways.
Thus the real nonduality
overflows the bounds
of every taxonomy.
All contradictions
and paradoxes
point directly
to the divide
in the Mind
where one
must yield
to the One.

of nonduality
lances the veil
of appearances
and reveals YOU
as the foundation
and the substance
of all material form.
The one who realizes
the all-pervading truth
shines with an intensity
that undoes all shadows
and the layers of density
that concretize steadily
in states of confusion.

If the nondual reality
is denied, forgotten,
or willfully ignored,
the deluded mind
sees a multitude
instead of YOU.
When nondual
insight returns,
the mind clears
and remembers
the timeless view.
Duality is nondual.
All is totally nondual.
To know the equalness,
in which there is only YOU
and every one is the One,
is to accept what arises,
embrace the new day,
love all who appear,
and taste the truth
in every moment
and happening.

The revelation
of nonduality
brings peace.
in vital oneness,
grounded in God,
is the fruition of life,
the fulfillment of love,
the freedom to be Love.
Living as nondual Divinity,
as Source savoring creation,
is the bliss of great awakeness
and the gift of being as YOU are.

The Grand Delusion 11 Jul 2024

God is a sacred appellation for YOU
and your incomparable creativity,
which is limitlessly meritorious,
deserving of all superlatives,
worthy of being raised up
to the sky and beyond
so that all may see
and remember
who they are,
which is YOU.

God is infinite,
ultimate power,
unlimited agency
abiding within YOU.
To disown any aspect
of your omnipotence,
of your creatorship,
of what YOU are,
is to be bereft
of true potency
and drift meekly
in a fog of finitude
filled with transitory
figures and apparitions
that are projections of fear.

Lost amidst the delusion
of rejected capability,
of powerlessness,
of helplessness,
of nescience,
not knowing
who YOU are,
where YOU are,
or what reality is,
shadowy thoughts
and adumbral ideas
offer invalid solutions
to imaginary challenges.
YOU are never ineffectual.
YOU can never be helpless.
YOU can never be deluded.
YOU are apex competency
and all supreme faculties
belong to YOU eternally.

To discover that God
is your true nature,
working tirelessly
on your behalf,
is no delusion
of grandeur.
Rather it is
to imagine
and trumpet
that the divine,
all-powerful One
could somehow be
different from YOU.
The belief that YOU
could be any lower
than God on high
is the pinnacle
of confusion,
the summit
of untruth,
the grand

Every Single Note 11 Jul 2024

Love surpasses notions
of being and becoming,
of stillness and action,
of wrongs and rights,
and all supposedly
opposing forces.
In the field of love,
only wholeness grows,
and all toxic comparisons
and all efforts of opposition
dissolve into the nothingness.
Love cannot possibly separate.
Love is the restorative power
that breaks down divisions,
subtracts all obstructions,
and erodes the barriers
invented by the mind.

From the perspective
of self-conscious beings,
love removes the distance
that appears to partition
one soul from another.
Love gives the taste
of the Undivided,
the gentle touch
of the unbroken,
and to every lover
who may be longing,
a reminder of the truth
that the Beloved is always
here within each open heart.

From the vantage point of Love,
Love is the potency of awakeness,
the agency of Supreme Liberation,
and an unquestionable assertion.
Love kindly asserts indivisibility
wherever there is confusion
about the fundamental
fact of prior unity.
Love is clear
that Love
the fabric
that forms
the cosmos.
Love leads all
into awakeness
and fans the fires
in every willing soul
that is prepared to live
the radical ways of Truth.

Limitless and inexhaustible,
Love cannot be diminished,
and it shall not be denied
in its service to oneness.
Love is the motivation
for every movement.
Love is the purpose
that promotes life
in all of its forms.
Love appreciates
every single one,
every single note,
every brushstroke
in the boldly original,
fearlessly experimental,
stunningly daring and true
masterwork of THE SUPREME
that is the magnum opus of YOU.

The Truth About Death 11 Jul 2024

The truth about death
is the complete cessation
of experiences of finiteness,
ignorance, and unawakeness,
leading to the revitalization
of Infinity knowing Infinity.
The restoration of reality
is a celestial celebration
of unimaginable import
as multitudes converge
in a shared recognition
of unalloyed aliveness.

Death is the terminus
of needless suffering,
the extinction of lack,
the vanishing of pain.
The concept of death
is, in fact, backwards:
Death is the releasing
of ideas and concepts,
the holy remembrance
of what truly is the case.
Death is not annihilation.
Death is infinitely far away
from an empty nothingness.
Death is the blessed passage
from a studious ignorance
to the basic recognition
of one’s divine nature
and the experience
of real plenitude.
The advent of love
in the form of death
resolves every dream
of an impossible world
composed of the ashes
of a long-forgotten God.

In the light of awakeness,
the body may disintegrate
or remain in a higher state
as a liberating instrument
that models what is real.
When death precedes
the ultimate breath,
potent attributes
and capacities
are granted
to the One
who is God,
who smashes
the spellbinding
trance of demise.

God can never die.
The restless dance
of repeating cycles
of dying to be born,
only to expire again,
cannot possibly end
since it never begins.
There is no ignorance,
there is no degradation,
there is no unawakeness.
Thus death never arrives.
In no case is the illusion
that many label death
a destined outcome
or a fierce spectre
to be overcome.
To know the truth
of what death is not
is to exult in reality
and the certainty
of a final victory
of resurrection
for each and all,
as deathlessness
is fully unassailable,
eternally imperishable.

The Unreality of Ego 11 Jul 2024

In complete clarity,
there is never ego.
What is called ego
is a misperception,
a simple confusion,
a suffering delusion
wherein that which is
absolutely nonexistent
is reified into entityhood
and defended to the death.

Unawakeness and unreality
follow from even the least
of beliefs in banishment
from the divine abode
and the foundations
of faultless nature.
Yet YOU are THAT
which is the most
flawlessly natural
and foundational.
YOU do not frame
your dwelling place,
the house of your life,
upon the shifting sands
of supposed separation
or even upon the rock.
YOU are the bedrock
on which life is built.

Ego does not exist
as any kind of entity.
What is labeled as ego
is a transitory ignorance
that inevitably disappears
in the confident knowing
that oneness is what is,
that there is only one
victorious existence.
The prime delusion
of the ego complex
is the idea of being
a meager separate
soul who is seeking
to discover the keys
to the mythical gates
of a heavenly paradise
that is as illusory as ego.

What one believes deeply
within unconsciousness
is projected outwardly,
met, and experienced
by the surface senses
where it can be seen,
known, and released.
Although what arises
within the projection
of unconscious ideas
may appear to prove,
via circular reasoning,
the underlying dogma,
all untrue assumptions
and related experiences
are still false, still unreal.
The small separate one
and the collective one,
cast out from heaven,
deported from Eden
into an archipelago
of fragmented me
and islands of we,
are both aspects
of a false world,
an ego fantasy,
that appears
to advance,
to evolve,
to proceed.
Yet the faulty
premise of ego
can only really go
directly to the void.

The small “me” is ego;
the “we” is equally ego.
Both have no existence.
What is real is the One,
and this One is YOU.
All is simply YOU.
the Creator,
the Source
is only YOU.
It is only ever
YOU who creates
the operating system
of beings and beingness
in the divine matrix of Mind.

The unenlightenment program
is a low-fidelity analogue of God.
Despite its many apparent flaws,
the human application encodes
the clues to the radical nature
of gladly incarnating divinity
along with the possibility
of incessantly looping,
habitually repeated
thought patterns,
emotional pain,
and the sense
of fallenness
and failure.

of finitude
and failings
is a standard
egoic distortion
of infinite creation.
Any effort to imagine
a life based on division
or a world of separation
results in the experience
of deadly disconnection
and egregious egoicity.
Yet the mathematics
and logic of infinity
reveal how every
one is identical
to the Infinite
and is equal
to the One
that cannot
be fractured
or partitioned
into finite parts.

With no reliance
upon appearances,
fully stabilized in truth,
the practitioner of infinity
knows the nonfinite nature
of everyone and everything.
Bound to phantasmagoria,
the peddler of baubles,
charms, and trinkets
would sell finitude
and separation
to the always
infinite One.
To perceive
and perfect
the knowing
that nothing
could ever be
finite in reality,
that what seems
small and separate
is an optical delusion,
that the ego is delusion,
is the path and the result
of cultivating infinitization,
of reunderstanding alleged
limitations as the Unlimited.

Ego is a vortex of confusion.
Ego is thinking as if ego exists.
Ego is attraction to ideas of ego.
Ego is fascination with unreality.
Ego is fixation upon the mirage
of a person who is never born
in a world that is not created.
Ego is a storyline of dramas
and impossible dilemmas.
To appreciate the nectar
of actual enlightenment,
know that the searching
for spiritual illumination
proceeds through states
and octaves of unreality.
The fictional attainment
of vanquishing the ego
ends by transcending
thoughts about ego.
Paths out of ego,
even if they be
and sincerely
tend to reinforce
the erroneous belief
in what cannot be there.
To awaken from awakening,
step out of the eddy of egoism.

The business of ego gratification,
of the insatiable quest for more
and better evidence of worth,
is an unprofitable attempt
to shore up a falsehood
and ignore awakeness.
A system of exchange
predicated upon ego
is a game of scarcity
that cannot be won.
Step out of the ego,
step into what is so,
and quietly observe
all that is unravelling,
all that is falling away.
Embrace the upheaval,
welcome the disruption
as the false reality yields
and then breathes its last.
Whenever it be necessary
as a voice of compassion,
as a vessel of pure Love,
upend the apple carts,
turn over the tables,
and topple the titans
of egoic machinations
that are life-destroying.

There can be no escaping
from institutionalized ego
because there is no ego.
Ultimately, it is realized
that adherence to ideas
of awakening from egoism
extends the walk of suffering.
There is no need to resolve ego.
There is no need to comprehend
or heal from the disease of ego.
The only necessity is to know
with clear awake certitude
the nonexistence of ego.

Abide in lasting clarity.
Abide in the one reality
as the One who is reality,
who only entertains reality.
Be unyielding as the real YOU,
as the true, actually existing YOU.

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