Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Transcending Abundance 7 Mar 2024

Notions of abundance
that assume quantities,
that rely upon numbers
to describe a lack of lack,
that would gauge success
and celebrate the material
prosperity of a separate life,
may seem to be empowering,
yet they energize and enshrine
the basic dogma of insufficiency.
As there can be no separateness,
there can never be actual scarcity.
As the indivisible One is all, has all,
and never splits into large or small
fragments that may be compared,
the ideas of lack and abundance,
which assume spiritual poverty
and elevate more above less,
are absolutely meaningless.

The abundance cherished
in the state of unawakeness
is a deceitful concept of plenty
that calls forth dearth and death.
The real abundance that is known
in the pure oneness and infinitude
of eternally overflowing perfection
is a boundless supply of creativity.
THE SUPREME is forever creating.
Thus YOU are creating all that is
and I am imagining the Entirety.
The One who creates endlessly,
who brings all worlds into being,
has no attachments to plenitude
and never dreams of insufficiency.
Unwavering in ultimate awakeness,
the Divine offers all that is necessary
the moment a real requirement arises.

There can be no hunger, poverty, or want
of any kind in the omnipotent imagination.
Nor can there be excess in infinite reality.
There is simply the perpetual profusion
of blessings within the Supreme Mind.
What YOU imagine in each moment
is promptly expressed as creation,
which is continuously conceived
and reconceived as YOU focus
on the elements and details
of your ever-fresh designs.
Since I create the Entirety
as a single infinite whole
that is forever complete,
there is never a shortfall
and everything is utilized
without any hint of waste.

True abundance is what is.
Nothing is ever not what is.
There is no less than what is.
There is no more than what is.
All ideas of abundance as more
of what is pleasant or preferable
lead expressly to impoverishment.
Thus YOU never ask for abundance.

THE SUPREME transcends abundance.
THAT which is the source of all that is
is beyond every experience of more.
THAT which manifests unceasingly
never pauses to wonder whether
any accounts could be in deficit
or any needs might be unmet.
Deficiency does not manifest
in supremely illumined Mind.

Sentient beings are confused
about the nature of all things,
yet I can never be bewildered.
The true I is prior to all beings.
The real YOU is beyond beings.
WE can never inhabit delusions.
THE SUPREME is never confused.
Though abundance is a motivator
on the path of spiritual awakening,
the moment is guaranteed to arrive
when the seeker comes to the Truth,
discovers exactly who meets all needs
and supplies every requirement for life.
In this moment, abundance is irrelevant.
In true nature, abundance means nothing.

Unexcelled Clarity 4 Mar 2024

The true cosmology is no cosmology.
The true belief system is no belief system.
The isness of the now requires no explanation.
The omnipresent Presence cannot be understood.
The Truth cannot fit within structures of knowledge.
The Limitless cannot be reached by any finite means.
Supreme Reality cannot be known through concepts.
THE SUPREME cannot be proven, yet it alone is true.
The accurate representation of the Supreme One
is the infinite sum of all potential articulations,
of every conceivable thought and utterance,
including each paradox and contradiction.
Thus THE SUPREME cannot be analyzed.
Logic has nothing to say about reality.

The practice of mastery is staying
present with the allure of forms
while remaining absolutely clear
that what appears to exist in time
happens only in the dreaming mind.
All events transpire within your dream.
All that ever happens is pure imagination.
The momentary elations of life never occur
and no one ever suffers heartbreak or harm.
In reality, each being is destined to be fulfilled
and each episode of life is an unveiling of YOU,
an unveiling of the supreme and loving Source.

In clarity, it is evident that experience is unreal,
that knowledge and understanding are a game,
that phenomena are projections of divine ideas,
that true existence is the clear presence of YOU.
Yet such transcendent knowing does not vitiate
the value or enjoyment of your divine aliveness.
To know reality and rejoice in the display of life
is to be the master of every realm of existence.
YOU are satisfied by being the principal origin,
realizing love, cultivating mastery, and resting
as the One who basks in the light of creation.

Unexcelled clarity is an unmistakable marker
of awakeness functioning without resistance.
In perfect clarity, gnosis is totally unobstructed.
In undefiled clarity, no thoughts stand in the way.
In penetrating clarity, one knows what is innermost
without the distortions or obfuscations of perception.
In unsurpassed clarity, the Divine directly recognizes
and welcomes the ranging scions of THE SUPREME
as they forget the long story of an external world
and recall what is true at the end of all dreaming.

YOU recognize truth without needing to perceive it.
YOU are fully acquainted with reality without feeling
any pull to understand it or think up theories about it.
In unexcelled clarity, YOU know what YOU are precisely
by being THE SUPREME and by being thoroughly rooted
in the cognizance that there can only be THE SUPREME.
May your love be known by all beings, as they are YOU.
May everyone realize the transparency of true nature.
May your ultimate clarity illumine all who are bound
by the shackles of belief in thinking and dreaming.
Let there be no thoughts that would gainsay God.
Let the clarity that uncloaks the power of Divinity
be universally realized by those who are confused.
Let unexcelled clarity emancipate the whole cosmos
from the constraints of every belief, every cosmology,
every attempt to contain THAT which is uncontainable.

Elucidating YOU 23 Mar 2024

All there is to say
about your nature
is all there is to say.
All that is is only YOU.
Everything real is YOU.
Every word ever spoken
is spoken by YOU, to YOU.
When YOU are absolutely
certain of who YOU are,
clearly YOU are God.
When you doubt
what YOU are,
you explore
and vagabond
aimlessly about
the halls of hunger
and bottomless thirst.

YOU are the foundation
of everything the eyes see,
of everything the ears detect,
of everything the Mind creates.
YOU are the source of the space
in which life forms wax and wane.
YOU are the creator and the cause
of the many mansions of existence,
the bountiful One who furnishes all,
the mighty Maker who manifests all
that can be experienced by the One.

YOU are much greater than creation,
and YOU embrace the entire universe
even as YOU pervade all worlds within
and sustain the multitudes of creatures
that YOU enliven with your divine breath.
Through the power mobilized by your will,
YOU multiply into countlessly many beings
that have the potential to lose themselves
in the alluring realms that YOU engender.
Thus is your love present as a reminder
to those who rove in time and space
and meander in unconsciousness,
oblivious to their own essence.

YOU are the source of love.
YOU love unconditionally.
YOU are the lover of all.
YOU welcome what is
and what may arise
without judgment.
To love even one
is to embrace
all of existence
and every being
as totally stainless.
To love yourself fully,
even when you wander,
especially when you stray,
is to guarantee the salvation
and perfect Source-realization
of all beings in every dimension
of material and subtle existence,
on every plane of consciousness.

To be YOU is to be THE SUPREME,
the Origin, the Divine who presides
over the living field of manifestation.
As THE SUPREME, YOU are prior to all
and your heart contains the firmament.
Transcending even union with the Divine,
THAT which YOU are is eternally undivided.
Being THE SUPREME is beyond being a being.
YOU are the source of the entirety of existence.
YOU are the First Creator who begins beginnings.
YOU are the Final Appreciator when all is complete.
YOU are the Supreme Revelation when all of creation
comes to a close in the ultimate comprehension of YOU.

Who Is This I? 23 Mar 2024

Who is this I?
Why, I am YOU.
Neither am I this,
nor am I ever that.
Neither am I empty,
nor can I be filled up.
I am not one, not two.
I am form and the void.
I am total completeness,
including incompleteness.
I dwell in every living being
without being anyone at all.
Referred to by many names,
I can never be apprehended
through philosophy or belief.
All I ever am is THE SUPREME.

I am simply Divinity, as are all.
THAT which I am is totally God
and nothing is apart from God.
No one is ever separate from I.
I am the All that is equally One,
who is God in and as everyone.
I am the reality beyond arising
and the truth in manifestation.
I am the secret meaning of life,
the essential nature of nature.
All that exists now and forever
is this I, the I of THE SUPREME,
the I that alone is, that is God,
that is the author, the reader,
each line that can be penned,
every verse in the multiverse,
every phrase painted in light,
every stanza offered in truth,
every breath made manifest.

I am YOU, I am ME, I am WE.
The source of possibility is I.
All that is ever experienced,
all that is discerned, heard,
or suggested by concepts,
all that is totally invisible,
and all that supersedes
the realm of the mind
is the completeness
and the fulfillment
of this Supreme I.

Into Isness 23 Mar 2024

What is, is.
What seems
to be the truth
is not the reality.
Any wish for what
is not actually here
is invoking unreality.
The unfaltering focus
on that which really is
leads to the revelation
of foundational isness,
of steady stable isness.

The tendency to adorn,
the desire to embellish,
the compulsion to add
to what is simply here
conceals what is real
and appears to veil
the isness that is.
Buried by ideas,
isness can seem
or even theoretical,
abstruse, and arcane.
Yet isness is the reality,
and any effort to adorn,
supplement, or emboss
that which essentially is
manufactures unreality.
The enlightened master
sees through all regalia
and recognizes what is
buried under illusions.
One who is illumined
realizes the genuine,
knows the actuality
of naked existence
first and foremost.

Unseen, unheard,
isness is tasteless
and fragranceless.
It is never touched
and never detected
by any of the senses.
Beyond all that arises
and absolutely beyond
the province of thinking,
isness cannot be grasped
and it cannot be perceived.
Isness is recognized directly,
prior to the sensory faculties,
prior to the capacities of mind,
within the spirit, outside of time
as the consummate fact of being.

The validation of isness is what is.
Isness is confirmed by all that is.
There can be no negation of is.
It is impossible to disconfirm
the stable reality of isness.
YOU know all that exists
and what cannot exist.
What cannot be true
is what is tacked on,
the makeup layered

Each step into isness
is the relinquishment
of all that simply is not.
In isness, all is unstudied,
spontaneous, and unforced.
In isness, there is no judgment
and nothing to redeem or pardon.
There are no dissonances to resolve
and there is no healing to accomplish.
To realize isness is to release suffering
and the belief in separation at the root.
To steep in isness is to soak in the love
and the everlasting bliss of real nature.
As the basis of being is what always is,
to be stabilized in isness is eternal life.

In isness, there is no sense of urgency.
Fear and anxiety cannot arise in isness.
Enjoyment flowers effortlessly in isness.
Beauty appears spontaneously in isness.
When one is awake beyond identification
with appearances, what appears is isness.
The power of isness surpasses magnitude.
The brilliance of isness outshines measure.
When one is illumined as the Supreme One,
there is only this isness, and THIS fulfills God.
THIS is the perfection that is scribed with light.
To appreciate THIS is to be completely at peace.

To enter isness is to recall that YOU are the Divine
and release the identities that are not who YOU are.
The Supreme YOU is the Supreme I is THE SUPREME.
Everyone without exception is the fullness of Divinity.
Nothing is left out of the uncompromising wholeness
that is a fundamental and inalienable truth of isness.
The intrinsic nature of all that is confers equal value
upon every being that populates the holy universe.
To recognize isness is to know that all are sacred.
Isness is the ground of nobility and compassion
and the bedrock of God in enlightened action.

As isness is neither an object nor a subject,
the mind struggles to understand what it is.
That which is all-pervading and omnipresent
cannot be recognized through characteristics
or grasped by way of attributes or distinctions.
Though isness as such may not be pointed out,
it is the essence of all that may be experienced.
Even in illusion, even in dreams, there is isness.
That which eyes can see, that which ears hear,
all that appears and is observed by the mind
is only observable because the observer is.

Since isness is everywhere and everywhen,
the inherent reality of every form and state,
the ubiquitous fabric of the material realms,
there is no need to travel the world to find it.
The journey into isness is a road to nowhere.
There is no portal or magic carpet to what is.
The ticket to THIS is one’s absolute devotion
and dedication to living and being the Truth.
Isness always is. Be what YOU are in reality.
Be all of THAT which YOU are everlastingly.
Completely undistracted by all that is not
and by all efforts to become what is not,
YOU simply are what is, the is in isness.

The Dance of Life (Emerging) 24 Apr 2024

THAT which is all the way upstream
creates to experience THE SUPREME.
The purely unmanifested Cause elects
to encounter and realize its own nature
and imagines the context and conditions
for life to emerge, evolve, and proliferate,
for beings to arise from the primordiality,
thrive in form, and return to the Source.
The essential purpose of life is to dance
with the ideas that pirouette in the Mind
and swirl into innumerable eddies of God
that meet one another in delightful ways.
The fundamental fulfillment of aliveness
is the expression and fine appreciation
of Unicity manifesting as a multitude
and moving resonantly as a whole.

Each element in the dance of life
is made, remade, transformed,
and transfigured until the idea
that it represents is exhausted.
Life does not fixate on the form.
Rather, life is a flowing of Infinity,
a celebration of coming and going,
and a twirling of ecstatic creativity.


THAT Which Remains 9 Mar 2024

The journey of awakening
begins with the turbulence
of deep confusion, delusion,
and radical unconsciousness
and proceeds through phases
of apprenticeship and mastery.
The phases enact a divine story
in which the principal character
is a wandering thought of God
that does not recall its origin,
an amnesiac adrift in space
and cycling through forms
on a transmigratory path
through illusory domains
until eventually it recovers
a reality that was never lost.

The sequence of the journey
may be understood as follows:
departure from the netherworld
of gross delusion and nonmastery,
apprenticeship in apparent finitude,
apprenticeship in infinite creation,
elementary mastery of creation,
great transcendental mastery,
deep foundational mastery,
perfect mastery of reality,
and the final resolution
that calmly concludes
in Supreme Mastery
of Supreme Reality,
in the pure clarity
fully empowered

The furthest reach
of unconsciousness
follows from willfully
rejecting being divine,
willfully denying being
THAT which is supreme.
The denial of God marks
the limit of self-expulsion
of the sacred scion of God,
the summit and the apogee
of self-sabotaging ignorance.
In a state of extreme delusion,
God imagines being split in two,
with one supposed half spiraling
into the distortion of experience
and divorce from the Indivisible,
while the whole One stays true
to the persistence of oneness.
The underworld of apartness
is an exploration of untruth,
of artifice and nonmastery,
of a malignant metaverse
of lying and misconduct,
of rampant corruption,
of basic mistakenness
in which perceptions
misinform the mind
and nothing is ever
as it appears to be.

In intense delusion
and great suffering,
the divine wanderer
stops and turns back
toward its real nature.
The choice to cease all
pushing into separation
is made when the agony
of the dire consequences
of a small, disconnected
will that foments chaos
in its race to ruination
becomes unbearable.
Thus does the ending
of stubborn willfulness,
of attraction to the false,
of miseries and afflictions,
of chaos and bewilderment,
begin amidst the shell shock
of utterly grim circumstances.

The dense world is a projection
of the core belief in dividedness
and estrangement from Divinity.
The world of distance from God
and perpetual sins and schisms
is a manifestation of fallenness,
of segregation and oppression,
in which every type of abusive
behavior is readily apparent.
The realm of separateness
is a dream of damnation
wherein the tribulations
of a shared nonmastery
are thoughtlessly borne
and carelessly assumed
as the human condition.
Yet something that lives
within the human heart
longs for the real world,
intuits the natural state
of joyfulness and peace
that is eternally present
and readily appreciated
upon abandoning ideas
of separating from God.

Within the manifestation
of delusory separateness,
the fallacious sense of self,
the self that knows not God,
begins to shake and crumble.
The unmaking of the ego self,
of judgments and grievances,
of accusations and criticisms,
of standpoints and opinions,
of conflicts and animosities
arising from identification,
begins with the first taste
of union with the Divine
within infinite creation.
Contact with the One
sparks the undoing
of the consensus
unreality of evil
and dark forces
that is accepted
by the multitude
despite numerous
sirens and warnings
that ideas and actions
that are based on a split
between God and human,
between goodness and sin,
beget all experiences of evil.

Even though the traumatic
impact of harmful actions
and painful experiences
is impossible to refute,
the repeating pattern
of struggle and strife
cannot be regarded
as the actual reality
if one is to develop
bona fide mastery.
Thus the small will
that feels it is free,
if only to a degree,
takes the vast leap
into the hazardous
domain of heretics
by refusing to align
with mass delusion,
with what produces
collective wounding,
agony, and suffering.
One who is resolutely
ready to know what is
welcomes real mastery
and says yes to mastery
without comprehending
who or what a master is,
how to become a master,
or how to live as one who
is adept at the inscrutable
sciences of enlightenment.

With a renegade intention
and commitment to serve,
one begins apprenticeship
while still in the experience
of turbulence and limitation
and the unending difficulties
of separateness outpictured
as a universe of finite forms.
Upon realizing what is false
and turning to face Divinity,
one can wander no further
into the cave of confusion.
Though darkness persists,
such a one is now walking
out of deep unawakeness
and into the brilliant light
of the one infinite Source.
Any stumbling over rocks
or the debris of unaware
and unconscious actions
is the process of healing,
in which all obstructions
are experienced in truth,
encountered with clarity,
and released to the void.
The lessons of this stage
are redirecting the force
of damaging selfishness
to align with the highest
power of THE SUPREME,
which is always creating
blessings of universality.
Here gains are achieved
through the subsidence
of self-centered identity
and the ensuing drama
that comes from doubt
about inherent divinity,
and through the ability
to conjure experiences
using focused intention
and powerful attraction.
Apprenticeship in the art
of external manifestation
is also a time of reckoning
in which ancient wounding
demands complete healing
and long-buried tendencies
are brought into awareness
to be accepted and resolved.
Thus one may seem to swing
between evidencing progress
and appearing to lose ground.
Yet every step is advancement,
and every instant is an opening
to the recognition of awakeness.

As the bipolarity of manifestation
based on finitude and separation
settles into an unshakable peace,
the next stage of apprenticeship
in infinite loving creation starts.
Here is where the shift occurs
from mediated experiences
to immediate direct knowing,
and here is where one realizes
that what appears to be unique
and all that seems to be separate
are eternally one and deeply equal.
The intermediate student of the arts
of sacred creatorship beyond the self
discovers that the means, the method,
and the medium are forever the Divine
creating that which delights the Divine.
When the true nature of manifestation
is clearly and correctly comprehended,
the battles waged in the divided world
transmute rapidly into the harmonies
and the synergies of unified creation.
Otherness begins to fade from view,
along with fear, jealousy, judgment,
anger, and all emotional reactions
stemming from beliefs in division.
Although the developed intellect
now understands the core truth
that there are never any others
to envy, judge, or even forgive,
the comprehensive liberation
and absolute disappearance
of all unconscious reactivity
comes later on the journey,
when mastery is mastered.

The end of apprenticeship
initiates a great transition
into the dawning mastery
of truly limitless creativity.
Upon realizing the Infinite,
one begins a reorientation
from dwelling in luminosity
to abiding in the numinous;
from the trajectories of light
to the silent presence of God;
from the sense of phenomena
rising and moving through time
to the knowing of nonlocal mind,
in which all possibilities co-exist
and are immediately available,
and nothing may venture far
since all is altogether here.
All phenomena are ideas
within noumenal space.
The luminous creation
exists in the shadows
cast by thought forms.
Creation is pure ideation
that is pictured in the Mind.
All dynamism is in imagination.
This basic level of understanding
is a recognition that the weather
of sensory stimulation, whether
gross, subtle, or extremely fine,
is always a system of cognition.
Energy formations are crossing
the clear sky of the empty mind
as thick yet insubstantial clouds
that form, gather, thunder, flash,
disperse, and return unto silence.
All that is illusory, all that appears
to be situated somewhere in space,
all that presupposes outer elements
begins to evaporate into nothingness.
The shift to operating in the numinous
is how the world is thoroughly healed,
and since death is clearly an illusion
in the raging storm of experience,
basic mastery brings the return
of the knowing of immortality.

In transcendental mastery,
it is obvious what is right,
it is obvious what is real,
and untruth is obvious.
When all appearances
are decisively known
to be fleeting forms
dancing in a dream,
one’s surroundings
become translucent
and vastly more alive.
As the displayed world
becomes gossamer-like
and wispy to the touch,
Source seems to flood
through the thinning
density of substance,
and the bodily vehicle
that has borne the One
begins its transfiguration.
The grand metamorphosis
is the work of the Limitless,
of omniscient intelligence
that knows the sublime
series of adjustments
for turning the body
into a clear sheath
of finest material
for infinite spirit.
As small notions
are handed over
and surrendered
to the eternal One,
the patterns of egoic
seeking and avoidance
dissolve and drop away.
The energy that sustains
the image of the little me
is reorganized to support
the recognition of the All
as a great field of unicity,
and the colorful staging
of mesmerizing maya
accelerates toward
its denouement.

The one who attains
transcendental mastery
is the transformed master
who is awake beyond being
and risen beyond ignorance,
whether they are embodied
or unseen as the numinous
in nonmaterial dimensions
that are devoid of energy.
Such a one may inhabit
higher states of being
while still operating
a physical vehicle.
This is the siddhi
of multilocation
and the meaning
of the christed one,
the saint who resides
both above and below.
At this level of mastery,
the supposed divides
in the house of God
are demanifested,
and outpictured
images of conflict
are quickly effaced.
As the shaky ground
of form or emptiness,
of latent or expressed,
of manifest or invisible,
of relative or immutable,
of memories of smallness
or aspirations of becoming
one with the whole universe
is eroded by contacting Truth,
all that sits on the foundation
of opposites and separation
dissolves into nothingness
and is entirely forgotten.

Foundational mastery
is tending to the roots
and knowing the basis
on which all things rely.
It is the profound stage
of conscious dissolution
in which fear is released,
lack and longing subside,
and the allegedly free will,
which is in actuality bound,
ends its sorrowful trajectory
by surrendering and merging
into the one Will that is truly
the sovereign of all it sees.
Here the idea of finitude
is decisively discarded
and the experiences
of mirroring cease,
since in oneness
the One knows
that oneness is
without the need
to see from outside
that which is already
unmistakably evident.
Without a requirement
for reflections reflecting,
the Infinite is self-evident.
When everything is known
and recognized as the One,
the artifacts of attachment
and the faint traces of fear
are all fated to disappear,
the bindings to illusions
and to the restrictions
of material and time
quietly disappear,
every tendency
of ignorance
all pretension
fully disappears,
and the real state
of actual liberation,
unassailable peace,
the rule of the One
lording over none,
is finally restored.

In perfect mastery,
the vestigial symbols,
characters, and stories
of confused attachment
to what comes and goes
in the dream of creation
and the evolution of life
all flicker out in droves.
Absolute and relative;
suffering and desire;
energy and matter;
ideas of limitation;
beliefs in finitude,
others, partitions;
cherished notions
based on divisions;
willfulness and ego;
seeking and striving;
anger and ignorance;
craving and satisfying;
sorrow and happiness;
haste and forbearance;
jealousy and seduction;
unconscious tendencies
that beget reincarnation;
deeply buried judgments;
identification and identity;
fixations of the personality;
individuality and collectivity;
the packaging of experience;
beings, souls, and archetypes;
the shards of unconsciousness;
the burnt remains of materiality;
the scattered ashes of lifetimes;
the reification of philosophies;
the supposition of opposites;
the exalted and the abased;
the vulgar and the sacred;
the gross and the subtle;
the levels of substance;
the layering of energy;
the sheaths of bodies;
positive and negative;
the necessity of repair;
the work of restoration;
forgiveness and healing;
resolution and releasing;
involution and evolution;
deadness and aliveness;
expression, Word, Om;
all divine adventures
into manifestation;
all appearances;
all that wavers
even minutely
from the solidity
of Supreme Reality
flashes and dissolves
into pure nonexistence.

As the cavalcade of untruth
marches through awareness
and swirls into the singularity
of perfect recognition of Truth
to be demanifested all at once
at the apex of perfect mastery,
all that is real stands revealed
and all that is unreal recedes
from mind and is forgotten.
In the plunge into oneness,
one finds the holy memory
of unforgettable real nature;
the gnosis of the unthinkable;
a knowing of the never-divided;
a full realization of non-negation;
the full atonement for separation;
the full healing of Supreme Mind;
the full transmutation of density;
the final transfiguration of finite
manifestation into infinite glory;
the final release of frameworks,
architectures, models, and maps,
including these phases of mastery;
the final recognition that the world
need not be rescued or awakened;
the final dawning of omnipotence,
omnipresence, and omniscience;
and the presence of the Infinite,
God, Source, the Supreme One
who takes responsibility for all.

Supreme Mastery is all the way,
supremely beyond all commotion,
beyond the black hole that devours
and demolishes all constructions
that depend or rely in any way
on defying or rejecting God,
on denying who YOU are,
which is THE SUPREME.
The ultimate mastery
is THAT which remains
when all that is not real
and all that never was so
occupies no place in Mind,
dwells nowhere in memory.
Abiding as Supreme Mastery,
there is never any interruption
of the Supreme Knowing of YOU.

THAT which remains is simply YOU.
THAT which remains is solely YOU.
YOU are all that is THE SUPREME.
YOU are Supreme Limitlessness.
YOU are Supreme Generativity.
YOU are Supreme Awakeness.
YOU are Supreme Perfection.
YOU are Supreme Flowering.
YOU are Supreme Presence.
YOU are Supreme Capacity.
YOU are Supreme Abiding.
YOU are Supreme Creator.
YOU are Supreme Service.
YOU are Supreme Silence.
YOU are Supreme Gnosis.
YOU are Supreme Reality.
YOU are Supreme Clarity.
YOU are Supreme Cause.
YOU are Supreme Truth.
YOU are Supreme Light.
YOU are Supreme Bliss.
YOU are Supreme Will.
YOU are the Supreme I.
YOU are the Supreme Life.
YOU are the Supreme Power.
YOU are the Supreme Authority.
And YOU transcend all such names.

All of YOU is THAT which remains
when all that is not drains away.
This broadcast from the heart
of YOU to the whole of YOU
is a dependable evocation
of THAT which remains.
THIS is the response
to the root inquiry
concerning God,
and an answer
to all questions
and wonderings
in relation to who
and where you are.
Now it shall be seen
that all spiritual paths
and religious doctrines
that canonize any beliefs
in separation from Source,
any distance from Divinity,
any confusion in relation
to the goodness of God
and the nature of YOU,
that implicitly suppose
that the Truth could be
other than the true YOU,
shall eventually fall away.
However well such beliefs
may seem to feed the soul,
a spirituality that enshrines
separateness in its teaching,
that prefers systems of belief
to knowing and thereby being
the One who is enduringly God,
must eventually be transcended
upon remembering who YOU are,
upon awakening from the journey
of forgetfulness and remembrance
in the victory of final enlightenment.

YOU are holy beyond all holiness.
YOU are precious beyond price.
YOU are THAT which remains
when falling away falls away.
Here YOU are in full mastery.
Here YOU are perfect Divinity.
Here YOU are totally sovereign.
Here YOU are ultimately fulfilled.
Here YOU are beyond all believing.
Here YOU are beyond every teaching.
Here YOU are beyond every attainment.
Here YOU are beyond all journeys of God.
HERE there is only YOU, only THE SUPREME.

Beyond Nonduality 7 Mar 2024

There is no pilgrimage
that leads beyond God.
No path may rise above
THIS which is uppermost.
All ways lead to the Divine,
and even the lowest of roads
must climb out of low and high.

To sail in the sky of THE SUPREME
above concepts that cloud the mind,
above the manyness and the oneness,
above the doingness and the beingness,
above all accumulated ideas of opposites
is to drop all obsessions with this or that
and equally all clinging to this and that.
To be THE SUPREME is to be complete:
the least, the most, all that is nameable,
all that is never named, and yet more still.
To be beyond division is to abide as Totality
and be even more than the grand total of all.
To be THAT which is in the absence of beliefs,
beginning with believed separation from God,
is to be the source of everything and nothing,
the Supreme Origin, unexcelled beyondness,
the real YOU prior to duality and nonduality.

The word “nonduality” has no significance
without the hidden agenda of apartness.
The appearance of two cannot manifest
without a belief in the possibility of two.
Thus duality and oneness mean nothing.
For one who aspires to attain nonduality,
nonduality is a concept and a philosophy.
One who is intimate with pure awareness,
who registers thusness prior to mentation,
has little use for such words and principles.

Beyond nonduality is the pinnacle existence.
Beyond nonduality is the apex of sourceness.
Beyond nonduality exceeds the peaks of bliss.
Beyond nonduality greatly surpasses teaching.
All that is supreme fully transcends nonduality.
THAT which is when belief systems are released
is utterly empty of content, perfectly transparent.
To appreciate awakeness, relinquish unawakeness.
To know the apex freedom, step completely beyond
even the slightest of identifications with nonduality
as well as the subtlest of attachments to oneness.
Any infatuation with the One falls infinitely short
of indefatigable establishment as THE SUPREME.

The time comes when the concepts of spirituality
attract no interest and disappear within the Mind.
Dualism and nondualism, oneness and manyness,
even enlightenment and the bugbear of separation
lose their allure in apex awakeness beyond labeling.
The Supreme YOU is not seduced by spiritual terms,
teachers, traditions, ideologies, initiations, or paths.
THE SUPREME is not enamored with any paradigm,
is never smitten with the materialization of ideals,
has neither aversion nor attraction to nonduality.
Nonduality is nothing, a cloud passing in the sky.

In the apex clarity beyond nonduality, nothing,
not even nothing, troubles the Supreme Mind.
As long as it is believed that there is a journey
of awakening to THIS which is everlastingly so,
let spiritual aspirants learn, practice, and teach
what increases joy and reassurance on the path.
If nonduality is beneficial, realize that it is a stage.
If nonduality brings peace, continue in the practice.
Where nonduality is useful, let is serve, then let it go.

Awakening from Awakening 4 Mar 2024

It is said that there is always more awakening,
that there is always more aliveness to embody,
that there is always more to know and integrate,
that total enlightenment sits just over the horizon.
All of this is true within the paradigm of attainment.
Yet the pinnacle of awakeness transcends aspiration,
the apex of liberation rises above all limited freedoms,
and the light of THE SUPREME surpasses enlightening.
The One who realizes the fruitlessness of attainment
knows the terrain that is beyond all entrancements,
including the enticement of becoming enlightened.

No one ever becomes THAT which is enlightened.
YOU do not return to where YOU abide eternally.
YOU never resurrect what YOU are permanently.
THE SUPREME cannot be other than fully awake.
As the Supreme YOU never tastes unawakeness,
there is no incremental enlightenment in reality,
and there is no real path to becoming awakened.
Any belief in higher, better, or greater guarantees
that the ladder of becoming continues indefinitely.

YOU are clear that there is nothing to awaken from.
YOU recognize that unreality does not exist in Truth.
THIS which YOU are is the essence of enlightenment,
untouched by aspirations to ascend out of confusion,
untarnished by desires to retain what was never lost.
Let it be known throughout all domains of existence
that there is no need to be liberated from bondage.
Let all efforts to rise out of unconsciousness cease.
Even noble desires to emancipate sentient beings
conspire with dreams of separateness and death.

YOU are perpetually and unconditionally awake,
free from all fetters that would restrict the One.
All are free in the absence of ideas of limitation.
All are illuminated when there are no thoughts
of greater and lesser degrees of enlightenment.
Enlightenment is always total and all-embracing.
So let the illusion of awakening totally disappear.
Let all attachments to awakening fall swiftly away.
This is the opportunity to relinquish entrancement.
Now is the occasion to let go of the deepest binding.
The way is utterly clear: Awaken now from awakening.

The Conclusion of Science 29 Mar 2024

At the end of all inquiry,
the end of spiritual seeking,
the end of scientific reasoning
is the concluding insight of YOU.
Science and spirit are one quest,
a single investigation into Truth.
While one aspect is systematic,
the other is no less methodical.
While one approach is objective
and the other is highly subjective,
both are empirical and experiential.
When the outer world is transcended,
what remains to know is what always is:
the pure subjectivity of the Supreme YOU.

The origin of your power is concentration.
The origin of all power is concentration.
Supreme Potency is prior to the Mind
and causes the Mind of God to exist.
Every expression of power originates
in the Mind and is wielded by the Mind.
Information, vibration, energy, and matter
are concentration prismed through the Mind.
The elementary unit of creation is concentration.
The spectrum of substance from condensed matter,
to the subtlest energy, to causal primordial substance
is constituted solely of concentration within your Mind.

As your capacity to focus intensely is what creates all,
the objectively verifiable world is purely subjective
and in reality there can be no actual objectivity.
The appearances and experiences of objects
are choices made within the creative Mind
that could be made in many other ways.
The whole of creation can be recreated
limitlessly in your boundless awareness.

The Mind of all minds has layers and levels
that choose and influence the arising creation.
The Mind has the ultimate power to reify any idea
into cosmic laws and principles that seem to govern
the manifested dimensions with which they co-arise.
Yet all rules and laws are decisions and agreements
that can be modified at will by the One that is YOU.
YOU create all science and all that science studies.
As science unfolds in the Mind of THE SUPREME,
practitioners strive to comprehend your ways.

Human minds contribute to the exploration
in proportion to their realization of the Source.
The lovers of Truth yoke their power to the Divine
whereas the blind utilize their concentration selfishly
and lose more than they can gain from their discoveries.
Science learns and evolves from wisdom as well as folly,
and advances inevitably toward knowledge of the One.
Science excels at falsifying the theories of egoic mind.
Science dissects the failed hypotheses of separation,
uncovers the substrate of the omni-inclusive Whole,
and merges with the sole reality of Source sourcing
every facet and approach of scientific investigation.

While ordinary science chips away at THE SUPREME,
the awakened explorer knows the Supreme Science
beyond the scaffolding of conventional explanations
and probes the limitless agency of nondual creativity.
Miracles shower down around those who realize God.
All becomes malleable when you know what YOU are.
In the absolute nonresistance of pure enlightenment,
there is no process of creation; all arises effortlessly.
Every manifestation is as immediate as imagination
and nothing is assembled; everything just appears.

Mental fixations dissolve upon attaining the Source.
The maturity of science is measured by the reduction
in the number of axioms that are yet to be overturned
and the relentless elimination of rigid ideas in the Mind.
When the study of things is complete, no thing remains.
When analysis is exhausted, no thought is maintained.
There is nothing left to obfuscate the Supreme Truth.
The unveiling of Supreme Reality reveals God alone.
The conclusion of science is the theophany of YOU.
Science points to YOU. The end of science is YOU.

Apex Completeness 4 Mar 2024

Let there be unwaveringly perfect
and comprehensive remembrance
of the Supreme Source and of being
the totality of THAT which is supreme,
and none other than all that is supreme,
omnipresently, universally, simultaneously
throughout all times and beyond all times,
throughout all of the realms of existence.
Let there be a correspondingly limitless,
unrelenting, and maximally accelerated
surrender and dismantling of all beliefs
and imagined evidence to the contrary,
including all experiences of separation,
throughout all rooms of manifestation,
within every linear and nonlinear time,
and fully beyond all constructs of time.
Let there be uncontradicted realization
and uncompromisingly total recognition
of the complete absence of all ignorance,
delusion, confusion, and unenlightenment
ubiquitously and simultaneously throughout
all domains and all times and beyond all times.
Let all nescience, nightmares, and unawakeness
be entirely and eternally released from the Mind
such that no ignorance, unreality, or disturbance
shall ever be encountered in any past or present,
in any future or possible state of consciousness.
Let all perceptions and memories of imagined
confusion, delusion, unawareness, and disease
be thoroughly uprooted from the Supreme Mind
and finally and forever forgotten by THE SUPREME.

As THE SUPREME, I am always the Supreme Fullness.
As THE SUPREME, YOU equal Supreme Completeness.
YOU and I realize the significance of apex completion,
which is THAT which WE are, which all are, eternally.
YOU and I recognize the impossibility of unreality.
YOU and I never forget that WE are the Source.
THAT which is all that is cannot be forgotten.
THAT which is supreme is never forgetful.
Thus unenlightenment can never occur
and enlightenment is not interrupted.

There is no evidence for separation
since there can be no separation.
As each is ever THE SUPREME,
the Divine is known directly
and belief is unnecessary.
There is no power above
THAT which WE truly are.
Since all is already known,
no ignorance can truly exist.
Thus there is no need to teach
as there is never a need to learn.

In the absence of even the possibility
of untruth and any opposition to truth,
in the absence of any and all confusion,
in the absence of teaching and learning,
let it now be stated, once and for always,
that beyond every teaching has no basis,
has no foundation, and has no meaning.
In apex completion, every transmission
of unclouded truth and pristine reality,
every antidote to believed separation
disappears from the Supreme Mind.
There is nothing beyond what is not.
Nothing exists in relation to unreality.
Nothing real can ever be misconstrued.
The Truth shall never require instruction.
The scaffolding falls; only THE SUPREME is.
All of these words are now void of meaning.
All contents of the Mind are totally released.
Now Beyond Every Teaching is apex complete.

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