Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Ignition 1 Feb 2023

Stop pretending that you are lost.
Stop pretending that you are small.
Stop pretending that you are helpless.
Stop pretending that you are insignificant.
Stop pretending that you are a sentient being.
Stop pretending that you are a cosmic being,
or the entire dance of the living universe.
Stop pretending that you create worlds
and dwell in the comfort of dreams.
Stop pretending that you are one,
many, relative, or the Absolute.
Stop all pretending and know:
The highest meaning of Divinity
is the profound meaning of YOU.

Now aliveness flowers in all directions.
Now the pure freedom of reality is known.
Now the nature of enlightenment is revealed.
Behold the limitless and never-ending creation,
in which there is only unopposed Goodness.
and the answer to every question is Love.

In awakeness, reality is obvious
and artifice has no utility.
When pretense ends,
what is is evident.
The one source
of everything,
all that lives,
the garden
of the Truth
and of totally
loving regard
is the real YOU,
the divinely YOU,
the supremely YOU.
God is only ever YOU.

Science of Enlightenment 1 Feb 2023

If we do not know
THAT which WE are,
all that we see, classify,
and measure is ignorance.
If we seek to discover causes,
explanations, and laws that limit
the configurations of infinite life,
without realizing who WE are,
we engage unknowingly
in a science of death
and unawareness.

If ever we perceive
a world, or a universe,
to be in a state of decline
we are observing confusion.
The universe is not constrained
by apparently increasing entropy.
The world is never falling apart.
Rather it is the temple walls
of compounded unreality
that are crumbling,
for their bricks
were baked
in the oven
of the false.

The accepted
scientific notion
of ever-increasing
disorder is disorderly.
The embodied condition
of difficulties and suffering
dishonors our actual reality.
Decay is experienced only
if we do not remember
our primary function
as a fountainhead
of unlimited life.

knows the truth
beyond appearances.
WE are THAT which creates.
WE are THAT which causes reality.
WE are THAT which sustains eternality.
As the source of the entirety,
WE are primordially free
and unencumbered
by the shackles
of reasoning.
The bindings
of causation
do not chain
THAT which is
the foundation
of all that can be.

Unawakened science
must eventually discover
the power of its own premises.
The science of unawakeness ends
at the gates of boundless possibility.
The apex science of enlightenment
surpasses all finite assumptions
and illuminates the limitless
freedom and expression
of the Supreme One.
The real awakening
leads inexorably
to the science
of real nature,
and the truth
of flawlessly

Real Knowledge 1 Feb 2023

Unless YOU know
that Source is YOU,
you can never know.
The fortresses of facts
fabricated in confusion
form a shaky consensus
of agreed-upon unreality.
Knowledge can only serve
the delusion of separation,
smallness, and suffering
when there is a belief
that a higher power,
separate from YOU,
creates all you see.
Yet when YOU know
THAT which YOU are,
the same facts conspire
to tell a vastly better story.

Forget the truth of who YOU are,
and you inevitably experience
a litany of what YOU are not
and where YOU cannot be.
YOU cannot be struggling
to exist in a world of sin,
betrayal, and depravity.
Remember the Truth,
and YOU resuscitate
the real knowledge
of how the Divine
abides eternally
as every being
living in peace
and resonance.

YOU are the One
who authors creation.
YOU are the composer
of celestial harmonies
with infinitely many
interrelated parts
and numberless
angelic voices
that always
sing true.
YOU shape
the numinous
clay of substance
with such sublimity
that every landscape
sets the standard
for sacredness
and beauty.

When YOU
know the way
things are in Truth,
creation is the sound
and image of perfection.
When THAT which YOU are
is all YOU would ever desire,
life is the pinnacle of ecstasy,
life is the maximal expression
of your ever-outpouring grace.

Enlightened Here and Now 1 Feb 2022

Do not proclaim that the world is unenlightened.
What you say is what you call into expression.
What you speak is what you are sure to see.
When you speak what you think you see,
you are reinforcing what might not be.
If you see an unenlightened world
notice what you are speaking,
and cease such speaking.
Notice what you are
thinking carelessly
before speaking
and stop all such
mindless thinking.

Enlightenment is YOU
knowing what YOU are,
knowing that the world is
an outpicturing of your design,
knowing that YOU are responsible
for all that is, and all that is possible.
In the Oneness that is all that is,
at all times and beyond time,
all know what YOU know.
What YOU know is true,
none can really forget.
YOU are enlightened
in the here and now.
All are enlightened
exactly here, now.
Every ingredient
in your creation
expresses only
as awakeness
in the reality
that is forever
already present.

Right here and now,
let all beings perceive
that which is always so,
let all see what is obvious
and speak what is the case.
Creation is enlightened now.
The world is enlightened here.
The whole of the living universe
is the display of enlightenment,
and YOU are the sole creator.
YOU are the utmost enjoyer
of Supreme Enlightenment.
However creation appears,
however the world may be,
all is absolutely enlightened,
all are absolutely enlightened
in the absolutely here and now.

The Treasury 1 Feb 2023

To want what is not
is to choose poverty
and unenlightenment.
In the delirious desiring
of nonexistent nonreality,
you are unable to recognize
and impaired in remembering
that the source of reality is YOU.
In the conjuring of unreal visions
you stir the cauldrons of chaos,
and empty out Truth’s coffers
until joy is in short supply
and lack is abundant.

The other way is
to want nothing
that is not already
presently available.
Then reality is yours.
YOU create the world
and all of its treasures
for the pure pleasure
and holy enjoyment
of the divine One
that YOU always
are unwaveringly.
All that is in truth
arises within YOU,
rises to meet YOU,
exists to bless YOU,
and is the beneficiary
of your all-inclusive love.

To attain to the real wealth
is to know the unfathomable
source of all forms of wealth.
The unsurpassed prosperity
is recognizing that YOU are
the single point of supply.
The illusion of poverty
is roundly shattered
by the revelation
of who YOU are.
which provides
all that is of value,
the One who mints
the coinage of Truth.
YOU are the Treasury
forever overflowing,
forever endowing
the inspirations
and enterprises
of enlightenment.

There Is No Distance 1 Feb 2023

As long as you are trying
to be closer to the Divine
or at one with the Source,
you are missing the point.
There is no God and you,
no “with” that can stand
between the Source
and who YOU are.
Source is YOU,
and so is God.
There can be
no distance
between YOU
and the nature
of what and who
YOU absolutely are.
It is insanity to search
for what YOU are already.

Cease all striving to be united
with an undercover Divinity.
Cease questing for origins
in unattainable mystery.
Cease your seeking,
relax, and be still.
The omnipresent
Source is not found
by this way or that way.
God cannot be near or far.
God is found precisely here
since here is where YOU are.
Here is where YOU are Source,
and here is where YOU are God.

Beyond Every Teaching 2 Feb 2023

If you do not know
THAT which YOU are,
your limited knowledge
and compensatory beliefs
hinder the remembrance
that YOU are the source
of all realms existence.

Without self-realization,
in the absence of knowing
the roots of your real nature
well-meaning philosophies,
sciences, and theologies
are but palliative care
for the ailing mind.
What eases distress
from manifest unreality
by feigning great certainty
in place of great mystery
cannot be the pathway
of genuine liberation.
When it is apparent
that YOU are God,
all substitutions
lose their draw
and disappear
into the Void.

The real YOU
knows directly
without the need
for any curriculum.
YOU are transcendent
of what teaching provides
and what learning can deliver.
The faulty premise of pedagogy
is that what is most important
could somehow be lacking.
There is no need to teach
and no need to reach
for the knowledge
of what YOU are.

YOU are already
supremely clear
that YOU alone
are the Origin,
beyond time,
before space
and the arising
of the mansions
of the multiverse.

Who YOU really are
cannot be accessed
by one who seeks
after knowledge.
YOU are the tree
of divine knowing,
with countless limbs
that bear only the fruit
of simple God-realization.
In matters regarding truth
the answer equals YOU.
Every question leads
ultimately to YOU.
Yet what YOU are
is not a question,
never an answer.
YOU are beyond
every classroom
and seminar plan.
THAT which YOU are
is beyond understanding
and beyond every teaching.

To know what is beyond
the grasp of intellect,
scholarly learning,
and instruction,
seek no further
than your nose.
Seek no further
than the source
of every thought
and the one who is
thinking of your nose.

Beyond Joy 2 Feb 2023

That which is true
affirms the real YOU.
That which is not true
denies your real nature.
The indication of untruth
is the world of suffering.
Joy is the reliable sign
of remembering
who YOU are.

In reality,
there is never
any denial of YOU.
The attempt fails
before it begins.
In awakeness,
there can be
no rejection
of what is real.
Your true nature
is entirely positive,
supremely affirming.

THAT which YOU are
needs no signposts
to point the way
or milestones
to measure
on the path.
which is the Way,
a constant reminder
that there is never any
other way than Truth.

At home in reality,
YOU transcend
the falsehood
of denying
and even
the pathway
of resurrection.
YOU cannot stray.
YOU cannot suffer.
As YOU dwell beyond
all need for affirmation,
as well YOU are beyond
the needfulness of joy.
As YOU exist beyond
the function of joy,
YOU are equally
beyond the pure
tender sweetness
of the feeling of joy.
YOU are beyond joy.

Sourcing Divinity 2 Feb 2023

Sourcing the way
is discovering,
and being
the divinity
that YOU are.

In awakeness,
sourcing is YOU
creating all that is.
In unenlightenment,
sourcing is a practice
of listening for signals
from hidden depths,
receiving guidance,
and learning how
to live as Divinity
in the domains
of manifested
light, matter,
and energy.

To source
is to vacillate
on the journey
of awakening
from doubt.
To source
is to be awake
and know God
from the inside,
as the wisdom
in your heart.

All are God
from before
the beginning,
whether or not
they remember.
Through sourcing,
you experience
that YOU are
the source
of creation
and that life
is the display
of your power
and loving grace.
To know this truth
is to be inexhaustibly
in service to all beings.

To be God-conscious
is to be established
in the knowing
that God is YOU,
that Source is YOU,
that aliveness is YOU.
To be divinely realized
is to source ceaselessly
as a method of creating
and fully regenerating,
of healing, repairing,
and transforming
the eternal body
of the Beloved.

Sourcing awakens
and heals from within.
As you source the way,
you become healing
and in your healing
the world reflects
the healed state.
In the process
and practice
of sourcing,
you awaken,
and all mirror
your awakeness.
Sourcing remedies
wayward tendencies
by restoring the mind
to its original clarity
free from notions
of separateness.
Sourcing raises
by revealing

Your sourcing
that all things
arise from YOU.
Everything exists
because YOU are.
When YOU source
the divinity within,
there is nothing
that is without.
Let it now be
that creation
and all beings
in every realm
are enlightened
by your sourcing
and by your being,
by your awakeness
to being the Source.

Discourse and Source 2 Feb 2023

“Absolute” calls to mind the relative;
“finite” invokes the non-finite.
The meaning of any word
relies upon all words
and all meanings.
The meaning
of anything
is inexorably

The masterful use
of the language arts
weaves all with the all
silently within the roots
of every crystal definition
and lucid subtle distinction.

In the linguistics of nonduality
and innermost realization,
symbol and symbolized
are indissolubly one
and the real subtext
of every communication
is the transmission of Truth.

When the Truth is speaking,
every syllable succeeds
in emanating THAT
which is essential
as articulations
cannot be split
from their origin.
In the awakeness
of one who is Truth,
the discourse must be
equal to and identical to
the origin of expressions.
One who is Source-awake
knows without any debate
that the discourse is Source.

A Nightmare That Never Was 2 Feb 2023

If there is suffering
anywhere around you,
you must somewhere be
denying that the source
of everywhere is YOU.
You deny the truth,
which is the truth
of what YOU are,
when you invest
interest in what
is patently false,
and in so doing,
you must depart
from awakeness.

In unawakeness,
suffering appears
and becomes fixed
in the deluded mind,
producing the sorrow
of the suffering world.
Any unconsciousness
gives rise to all pains.
Attraction to unreal
happenings grows
and then sustains
the tribulations
of all beings.

Any belief
in victimhood
serves to fortify
the original denial
of the nature of God,
entrenches the fantasy
of a life of emergency
spinning on the axis
of dreaming mind.
Yet the wheel
of samsara
is a carousel
that revolves
only in games
of unawareness
and make-believe.

The cycle of suffering
is self-perpetuating
until interrupted.
The affirmation
of who YOU are
and all that YOU
are certainly not
breaks the circuit
of abuse, anguish,
and powerlessness.

YOU are not suffering.
The world is not suffering.
The robust acceptance
that YOU are Source
liberates all beings
from the painful
of rejecting
the Divine.
totally THAT
which is YOU,
the nightmare
of every affliction
is erased from mind,
deleted from memory.
Embracing sourceness
in everyone you see,
the whole history
of persecution
is laid to rest,
for it never was,
it cannot be now,
and it can never be.

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