Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

1. Ignition 9/25/2022

Stop pretending that you are lost.
Stop pretending that you are small.
Stop pretending that you are a sentient being.
Stop pretending that you are cosmic being,
or the entirety of the cosmos.
Stop pretending that you are Creator
dwelling in your living dream.
Stop pretending that you are Oneness,
Emptiness, or the ABSOLUTE.
Stop all pretending and know this:
The highest meaning of GOD
is THAT which YOU are.

Now Aliveness flowers in all directions.
Now the pure freedom of REALITY is known.
Now the nature of AWAKENESS is revealed.
Behold the limitless and never-ending Creation,
in which Goodness is All That Is
and LOVE is the eternal TRUTH.

REALITY is obvious
and artifice has no use.
When pretense ends,
what is is evident.
of everything,
all of Life,
the whole
of Love,
and TRUTH,
is the real YOU,

2. Science of Enlightenment 9/24/2022

If we do not know
THAT which WE are,
all that we see, measure,
and classify is ignorance.
If we seek to uncover
causes and explanations,
and laws that limit what can be,
without knowing what WE are,
we are engaging
in a science
of what is not.

If we perceive
a world, or a universe,
to be declining in accord
with cosmic principles,
we are observing unawakeness.
It is not the universe that is cooling down
or the world that is coming undone.
It is the temple walls of unreality
that are crumbling,
for their bricks
are false premises
and conclusions.

The notion of ever-increasing
disorder is disorderly.
The human trajectory
of sickness and death
does not honor REALITY.
These can only be experienced
if we fail to remember
that WE are the WELLSPRING
of all that is real and true.

WE are THAT which creates REALITY.
WE are THAT which upholds Eternal Life.
As the SOURCE of the Entirety,
WE are limitless, free,
and unencumbered
by mechanisms
and the chains
of causal reasoning.

The science of unawakeness ends
at the gates of the UNLIMITED.
The apex science of ENLIGHTENMENT
traverses the threshold
to illuminate the FREEDOM
and limitless CREATIVITY
inexorably leads
to the science
of what WE are,
and the discovery
of the flawlessly

3. Real Knowledge 9/24/2022

Unless YOU know
that SOURCE is YOU,
you do not know anything.
The fortress of facts
acquired in confusion
is an ill-informed
consensus of unreality.
Knowledge serves
the delusion of separation,
smallness, and misery
when it is believed
that an agency
other than YOU
creates the world.
When YOU know
what YOU are,
the same facts
tell a totally
different story.

Forget the truth
of who YOU are,
and you experience
who you are not,
and what you
do not create.
YOU cannot be
fighting to exist
in a world of lies,
wickedness, and sin.
Remember the TRUTH,
and all beings are drawn
to the real knowledge
of how to live as One
in resonance.

which creates All.
YOU are the composer
of living harmonies
with infinite parts
and voices
that always
sing true.
YOU shape
the luminous
clay of substance
with such sublimity
that every landscape
is unexcelled in beauty.

When YOU know
the real YOU,
Creation is
the sound
and image
When the real YOU
is all that YOU know,
Life is the display
of your DIVINITY,

4. The Treasury 9/24/2022

To want what is not
is the poverty
of unenlightenment.
In the delirium of desiring
nonexistent nonreality
you do not recognize
that the SOURCE
of Reality is YOU.
In the conjuring
of falsehoods,
you raise chaos,
and empty out
the coffers of Truth
until joy is scarce
and lack is abundant.

The other way
is to want nothing
that is unreal.
Then Reality is yours.
YOU create Reality
and all of its treasures
for the pure pleasure
of THAT which YOU are.
All that is real
rises within YOU,
rises to meet YOU,
blesses YOU,
and is blessed
by the Love
that YOU

The real wealth
is knowing the limitless
SOURCE of wealth.
Prosperity beyond measure
is knowing that YOU
are the SOURCE.
The illusion of poverty
is completely shattered
by the revelation
of who YOU are.
which provides
all that is of value,
THAT which mints
the coinage of TRUTH.
YOU are the infinite,
overflowing TREASURY
forever funding
the enterprises

5. There Is No Distance 9/24/2022

As long as you are trying
to be closer to GOD,
or one with SOURCE,
you are missing the point.
There is no GOD and you,
no “with” between
you and SOURCE.
and so is SOURCE.
There is no distance
between YOU
and THAT which is YOU.
It is insane to search
for what YOU are already.

Cease seeking
to be united
with GOD.
Cease looking
for the SOURCE.
Cease all striving and be still.
SOURCE is not this way or that way.
GOD cannot be near or far.
GOD is always HERE,
and only HERE,
since HERE
is where
YOU are.

6. Beyond Every Teaching 9/24/2022

If you do not know
THAT which YOU are,
your knowledge and beliefs
hinder the recognition
that YOU are the SOURCE
of all that exists.

In the absence
of real knowledge,
well-intentioned philosophies,
sciences, and theologies
are palliative care
for the mind.
What eases uncertainty,
and passes the time,
is not the way
of liberation.
When YOU know
that GOD is YOU,
all substitutes
turn to ashes
and vanish
in the VOID.

which knows directly,
without needing
to be taught.
YOU are beyond
the purview of teaching.
The faulty premise of pedagogy
is that what is important
could somehow lacking.
There is no need to teach,
and no need to reach
for the knowledge
of what YOU are.

Who YOU are
already knows
that YOU are
before time
and the making
of multiverses.

What YOU are
is inaccessible
to that which seeks
out the TRUTH.
YOU are the tree
of all knowing,
and the answer
to every question.
Yet what YOU are
is neither a question
nor an answer.
YOU are beyond
every classroom,
every satsang.
YOU are beyond
every teaching.

To know what is
beyond the grasp
of scholarship
and instruction,
seek no further
than your nose.
Seek no further
than the SOURCE
of the thought
of your nose.

7. Beyond Joy 9/24/2022

That which is true
affirms that SOURCE
is what YOU are.
That which is false
rejects the REALITY
of who YOU are.
The marker of untruth
is the experience of suffering
in a suffering world.
Joy is a sign that you
are remembering
THAT which is YOU.

there can be
no denial of YOU.
The attempt fails
before it begins.
there can be
no rejection.
Thus affirmations
of your real nature
do not need
to be repeated.

The transcendental
has no needs at all.
YOU require
no signposts
to point out the way,
no milestones
to measure progress
along the way.
YOU are the Way.

At home in REALITY,
YOU are beyond
false denials
and the path
of remembering.
YOU cannot stray.
YOU cannot suffer.
Being beyond
the need for joy,
YOU are beyond
the function of joy
and the feeling of joy.

8. Sourcing Divinity 9/24/2022

Sourcing is being,
and knowing
of the real YOU.

sourcing is YOU
creating All That Is.
In unawakeness,
sourcing is a practice
of deepening inquiry,
listening for signals
from the SOURCE of All,
receiving guidance
and inspiration,
and learning
to live as GOD
in the worlds
of matter,
and Light.

To source sporadically
is to be a seeker
on the path
of awakening.
To source continuously
is to be SOURCE,
is to be AWAKE
and know GOD
from the inside.

All are GOD
from the beginning,
whether or not
they know it.
Sourcing diligently,
you discover
that YOU are
and that LIFE
is the dynamic
expression of YOU.
Knowing this TRUTH
is being THAT
which is completely
devoted to all of Life.

To be GOD,
is to know
beyond doubt
that GOD is YOU,
that SOURCE is YOU.
is to source ceaselessly
as a means of creating
and re-creating,
of healing
and elevating,
of illuminating
and replenishing
the One Body
of the DIVINE.

Sourcing awakens
and heals from within.
Through sourcing,
you are healed,
and in this healing
the world heals.
Through sourcing,
you awaken,
and all reflect
your awakeness.
Sourcing repairs
by recreating All
without the idea
of separateness.
Sourcing elevates
by merging it

Sourcing reveals
empirically, scientifically,
that the universe is
because of YOU.
Everything lives
because of YOU.
When YOU know
who YOU are,
and express
that YOU are,
the auspicious signs
of your DIVINITY
are everywhere.

9. Discourse and SOURCE 9/24/2022

“Absolute” calls to mind the relative;
“finite” invokes the non-finite.
The meaning of any word
relies upon all words
and all meanings.
The meaning of anything
is inevitably everything.

The masterful use of language
weaves All with All
in the SILENCE
at the root
of each distinction
and every definition.

In the nondual linguistics
of Enlightenment,
symbol and symbolized
are inseparably one,
and the essence
of the Word
is the inherent

syllables succeed
in emanating
for expressions
cannot be cleaved
from their ORIGIN.
the discourse
is always
the same
as the SOURCE.

10. A Nightmare That Never Was 9/24/2022

If there is suffering anywhere,
you are denying
that the SOURCE
of everywhere is YOU.
You deny TRUTH,
of who YOU are,
by investing
your interest
and attention
in what is false.
And in so doing
you discard AWAKENESS.

Any unawakeness
produces a suffering world.
Any unconsciousness
gives rise to every iniquity.
Any interest in unreality
grows and sustains
the suffering of all beings.

Belief in victimhood
reinforces the original denial
and entrenches the fantasy
of an opposite of REALITY
spinning on the axle
Yet the wheel
of samsara
is a carousel
of make-believe.

The cycle of suffering
is self-perpetuating
until disrupted.
Disbelieving falsehood
and asserting the fact
of what YOU are
breaks the circuit
of hopelessness, despair,
and disempowerment.

The full acceptance
of your real nature
liberates all beings
from the consequences
of denying TRUTH.
Accepting totally
that SOURCE is YOU,
the nightmare
of suffering
and is forgotten.
Fully embracing
the long history
of fear and torment
is deleted from memory,
for it never was,
and it can never be.

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