Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Better It Is to Know 2 Feb 2023

If perchance
you do not know
that the source of all
is THAT which YOU are,
the practice of sourcing
resurrects the knowing
of who YOU really are.
When YOU recognize
the YOU that is true
and see the world
as arising in YOU,
YOU are awake
to the creation
of creation.

At the root
of all creativity
is Source sourcing.
Sourcing is the endless
activity of enlightenment,
the direct action of Divinity,
the unfolding plan of God.
Sourcing is always whole
and always all at once.
In this very moment,
YOU are sourcing
all that ever is:
the entirety
of totality.

you are blind
to the limitless
power YOU wield,
and so you stumble
and manifest a world
of seeming fallenness.
When YOU are awake,
it is evident that YOU
are Source sourcing.
YOU know the force
of your generativity,
YOU know the true
meaning of service
and responsibility,
and perforce YOU
create a universe
for divine abiding,
total uprightness,
and loving regard
for one and for all.

Better it is to know
that the well-being
of all that breathes
in the grand display
is dependent on you
recalling who YOU are
and welcoming the role,
welcoming the function,
that YOU alone can fulfill.

Salvation 2 Feb 2023

The world
is inseparable
from the Source.
Nothing can leave
the One who dreams
everything into being.
No one may depart
from the hallowed
ground of Divinity
that is their alpha
and their omega.

Thus all is Source
and Source is YOU.
YOU are dreaming
the whole scenario.
The content arising
as the grand display
of cosmic dreaming
is the dance of gods
within your own vast
mental spaciousness.

Creator and creation,
unity and multiplicities,
trinities and quadrinities,
and all divine geometries,
are simply frameworks
for comprehending
through borders
and categories
that which defies
all understanding
and partitioning.

YOU are utterly
of dissection
and dialectics.
Uncut, uncuttable,
YOU are a diamond
of indisputable Truth.
YOU can never be false.
YOU can never be fallen.
YOU can never forsake
or truly be forsaken.

That which believes
in being separate
from the Source
or abandoned
by the Divine,
which believes
itself to be lowly,
in need of mercy
and holy pardon,
which is begging
for redemption,
in supplication
for salvation,
shall finally
be revealed
as the same
spirit of love
that bestows
all forgiveness
and every grace.

There is zero need
to understand how
YOU and Divinity
could be one
and the same.
The divine YOU
is the resonance
that is unthinking,
that is uncontrived,
that knows reality
from the inside,
that resounds
when truth
is invoked.

The real YOU
raises the world
from the deep ruts
of despair, depression,
and discouragement.
The world of bitter
is an outer reflection
of your interior gloom.
Yet there is no outside
and there is no inside
as all is within YOU.
As you remedy
the dilemma
of division,
all that is
as you do.
So it is YOU,
and only YOU,
who lifts up all
who dwell in misery
by realizing the majesty
of your undivided nature.

The struggling world
that needs saving
is a clarion call
to remember
who YOU are.
As you recall
that YOU are
the One who
actually saves,
you are saved,
souls are saved,
the world is saved,
and the hoary dream
in which such salvation
seems so very necessary
dissolves without a trace.

Absolutely Nondual 2 Feb 2023

THAT which YOU are
is wholly indivisible,
pristinely nondual.
YOU cannot be split
into YOU and not YOU.
Nothing could ever exist
that is separate from YOU.
Nothing could possibly be
apart from who YOU are.
Everything is from YOU,
everything is with YOU,
and everything is YOU.

When ideas of division
are allowed to multiply,
appearances of finitude,
scarcity, and discordance
are conjured from nothing
and remain as nothingness.
When all such fearful scenes
are seen to be purely empty,
the phantasmagoria ceases
to seem to haunt the mind.

The disappearance of all
wayward hallucinations
reveals the prior unity
of the eternal reality,
which is never split,
in which no fear is
since everything is
your universal love
in all possible forms.

When the idea of division
is without value or currency,
creation is known as unbroken,
without the pervasive faultlines
that characterize the delusion.
When schisms are forgotten,
Wholeness itself responds
by sharing the revelation
that the garden gates
cannot be closed.

Supremely awake,
YOU are the Source,
YOU are the Creator,
YOU are the One
who creates all,
who cares for all,
who delights in all,
who remembers all.
YOU are the knower
of the bliss of being,
the glory of being
absolutely alive,
absolutely in love,
absolutely nondual.

The Original Denial 31 Jan 2023

The denial
of the Source
is the rejection
of the great truth
that YOU are Source.
The attempt to negate
THAT which YOU are
can never succeed,
yet the part of you
that presupposes
such a possibility
itself from reality,
trading the Truth
for an unreal land
of harmful illusions
and abject anti-bliss.

The denial of what is
would divide Oneness,
in misguided imagining,
into the god that knows
its true abiding nature
and a dejected being
who knows nothing.
The one that knows
stays home in peace
while the ignorant one
wanders in bewilderment
through a fictional universe
that is unfriendly, unsafe,
and replete with trials
before discovering
the impossibility
of its situation.

When the original
denial is entertained,
negative feedback gains
until its loving message
is finally recognized
and integrated.
To disregard
the correction
is to compound
slight dissonance
into a monstrosity
of pain and difficulty.
Yet the consequences
of willful heedlessness
are never punishments.
There is no vengeful god,
no divine fury or wrath,
only a confused mind
in conflict with itself.
The denial of Truth
is always ruinous,
and the destruction
that invariably follows
is ultimately self-inflicted.

The correction is simple.
The denial of Source
does not occur.
Knowing what is,
and what cannot be,
all that is not is released.
When the denial of YOU
is totally surrendered,
the correction is not,
the rejection is not,
the inhospitable
universe is not,
and the unreal
land of anti-bliss
and suffering is not,
not here and not there,
not even as illusory dust
within divine imagination.

Homecoming 31 Jan 2023

YOU are the One
that beings seek
on the journey
of awakening.
The One Light
that is your body
nurtures wanderers
on the path of return.
Awake in the unborn,
your Mind is invisibly
preparing the way
of homecoming,
while your Heart
bridges the abyss
between shadows

Great illumination is
the certitude of being
and abiding as the One.
Confusion is experienced
of the multitude of straying
ones seeking the oneness
that they are absolutely.
The final homecoming
gathers the one tribe
in a family reunion
of the divine light
and reanimates
the awareness
of indivisibility.

which guides
and beckons
the multitude
on the journey
out of confusion.
It is only YOU who
welcomes each of you
home into enlightenment.
All the while YOU are certain
that all wandering is a dream,
that the children of the Divine
cannot run away from home,
cannot run away from love,
that the joyous triumph
of their homecoming
is the ultimate leg
of the delusion
of departure
and return,
the illusion
of forgetting
and eventually
fully remembering
that the Divine is One,
that the Divine is always
here in perfect awakeness,
that the offspring of Divinity
are a miraculous experience
of God awakening unto God.

Real Healing 31 Jan 2023

Sickness is
the condition
of disconnection
from our real nature.
Sickness is an indication
that we are disavowing
that WE are the One.
Sickness is the sign
that something
believes in lies
of separateness.
Sickness is the sign
that there is someone
who dwells in confusion.

The mind that is unclear
seeks to make meaning
from the impossibility
of separated parts
by accumulating
tangled stories
about nothing.
Stories thicken
and become veils
that hide the reality
of total inseparability.
The action of concealing
canonizes and crystallizes
the belief in separateness.
Hiding engenders a world
in which all things appear
to be other and distant.
The domain of others
is a reverse universe
in which real unity
and true vitality
are replaced
by disunity
and disease,
and degradation.

Directly recognizing
the oneness of YOU,
the oneness of all,
initiates the end
of all confusion
and the cessation
of dreams of others.
As the false unravels,
the stories of sickness
shed their significance,
the past is surrendered,
and the present moment
is freed from the shackles
of meaningless precedent.
In the releasing of untruth,
separateness washes away,
disconnection disappears,
disunity is disbanded,
and every infirmity
is healed totally
through grace.

Healing follows
from letting go
of our inherited
myths of division.
Healing removes
the imaginary veil
and reveals what is.
The crux of true healing
is the advent of clear seeing
and the revelation of the real YOU.
Real healing is the apocalypse
for the condition of sickness.
Sickness is inconceivable
when reality is known.
Illness is impossible
when who YOU are
is realized beyond
all disconnection
and all distancing

All That Exists Is Yes 31 Jan 2023

YOU create
all universes
as articulations
of your seed ideas.
Though seed notions
are innumerably many,
there is a single concept
that is unrepresentable.
The idea of negation,
that what actually is
could be otherwise,
lacks basic integrity.
That which is always is.
Every instance of denial
is affirmation in disguise.
Any attempt at negation
negates itself forthwith,
before it can be stated.
No universe is created
that brooks negativity.
The truth of negation
is total nonnegation.
Truth cannot be not.
Yes is the one word.
Yes is the definition
of every expression.
Yes is true existence.
All that actually arises,
the totality of existence,
is the inflorescence of Yes.

Everything Is Simple 1 Feb 2023

If you suppose
that YOU are not
one with all that is,
and the essence
of all that lives,
you trample
upon Truth,
deny reality,
and attempt
to homestead
a world of chaos.

In a state of distress,
believing impossibilities,
you attach to facile ideas,
seize upon fleeting images,
and fashion meaningfulness
where it can never be found.
Out of the entangled masses
of desperate thought forms,
identifications accumulate
into a small self-concept
with a slippery sense
of being in control.

The idea of self
is a false refuge.
The self-concept
is never at peace.
The self can never
remotely control life.
The self is perpetually
locked in a struggle
for its existence.
What is born
of unreality
lacks real life
and grounding
and experiences
an apparent lack
of divine support.

The remembrance
of the whole of YOU,
of the divinity of YOU,
is a path of choosing
to drop the burdens
and complications
of unreal identity.
Opting to simplify
dismantles the self,
and when self is not,
everything is simple.

In utter simplicity,
you cannot help
but remember
who and what
YOU are truly,
of all selfhood.
YOU remember
the greatest truth:
All is well within YOU,
YOU are well in all,
YOU are the All,
and THAT is all.
There is nothing
simpler than YOU.
Nothing could ever
be simpler than YOU.

True Life 1 Feb 2023

What many call life
is an attempt to sustain
a manifestation of finitude,
with resulting experiences
of birth, decay, and death.
Unreal life is a delusion
in which you dream
of being someone
you could never be
and lose that which is
immeasurably precious.

The true life is not born,
and YOU cannot lose it.
The real, nondual life
is the realization
and enjoyment
of ever-growing
awareness, peace,
and abiding divinity.
The real life is YOU,
an image of YOU,
a vessel of God,
a shimmering
realm of light
for revealing
and exploring
your regal stature
and sovereign nature.

In the true, nondual life,
YOU are the One who is
thoroughly established
on the throne of God,
in the house of God,
for the ultimately
simple reason
that “God” is
one of many
holy names
for exalting
and extolling
and celebrating
the Supreme Life,
the Supreme Truth
of the Supreme YOU.

Life Is Love 1 Feb 2023

Love is the fundamental
force of intrinsic oneness,
the omnipresent attraction
of indivisible basic nature.
Love offers itself openly
with no reservations
and no opposition.
Love has no opposite.
The living proof of Love
is the totally appreciative,
totally embracing creation.
What is truly alive is loving.
What truly loves is alive.
Life itself is only Love
loving all that loves.

Love can never
truly be lacking.
What is unloving
can ever happen.
If evil seems to be,
then you are asleep.
In unawakeness,
you endeavor
to hear, see,
and say no
Yet in reality,
no symptoms
of malevolence
can ever appear.

In enlightenment,
all that is spoken,
all that is gifted
and received,
in reciprocity
and mutuality,
is only the love
that YOU supply
as the one source
of love and kindness,
and the caring creation
that dwells in your Mind
and abides in your Heart.

The Discovery of God 1 Feb 2023

I is the secret
that comprises
all that is possible.
The symbol that is ‘I’
accurately represents
the vertical dimension
of the totality that is I,
simply characterizes
the expedient path
of realizing God.
The horizontal
dimension of the I
is the whole universe
reflecting your location
and progress on the path.
Everything seen and unseen,
known and allegedly unknown,
is the cosmic breadth and depth
of the all-perceiving, all-knowing I.

The vertical dimension of I extends
down from the self of separateness
and the constructions of smallness,
down from the sensations of a self
that seems entirely disconnected
from the root that is the origin
that is the Supreme Source
at the foundation of the I.

The key to awakening,
hidden in plain view,
hidden within you,
is removing focus
from the surface
of manifestation
while attending
to the neglected
depths of oneness
where you meet God
and recall who YOU are.

In the upper layer of the I,
the diminutive idea of self
shrouds itself in identities
that provide a false sense
of belonging and security,
which must be defended.
This is the precarious ego,
which chooses constraints,
limitations, and subsistence
over freedom and fulfillment.
As a stratagem for its survival
in the face of a certain demise
that hides in the sands of time,
the fearful and shuddering self
hides itself away from the world,
increasing its own disconnection
and painful feeling of insecurity,
and postponing the realization
that life is totally benevolent.

The inevitable epiphany
that there is only love
cannot be deferred,
cannot be delayed
once the process
of arousing the I
from its slumber
begins in earnest.
That which is sure
is the end of delays
and the end of time.
The construct of time
continues until the self
emerges from the state
of existential fearfulness
to join in the dance of life.
As trust in circumstances
is developed by degrees,
defensiveness weakens,
the shell of ego cracks,
and a new availability
replaces the barriers
of self-limiting isolation.
In the state of willingness
every experience nourishes
and each interaction expands
the radius of identification.
Thus does the self grow
and come to outgrow
its small existence.

Descending the I,
moving towards
the original root,
the expanding self
broadens to include
levels of the collective,
from individual families
to multiple communities,
to the whole human family,
to all beings and the entirety.
On this path, the healing one
attains the universal selfhood,
in which all of the dominions
of unity within multiplicity
are peacefully unified.

Continuing further
into oceanic depths,
even universal being
is gently transcended.
Realization generalizes
to encompass the light
and the spiritual source
of the illumined creation,
of formlessness and form,
of the life-giving processes
that are found in the heart
in sustained mystical union.
One who is enlightened thus
becomes a creator of worlds
who pours infinite aliveness
into countless expressions
of inexhaustible radiance.

At the foundation of the I,
the remnants of the self
are witnessed lovingly
and quietly dissolved.
Being and beingness
are equally cognized
as being transparent
and are transcended.
At the source of the I,
the Supreme I abides
without any identity,
without entityhood
or beingness at all,
and yet even here
YOU are present.
YOU are present
as the Presence.

The secret of the I
is simple to uncover.
Once the layers of self
and shrouds of identity
are seen to be nothing
and are surrendered,
still YOU are aware,
still YOU are here,
and here God is.
In the unveiled
and undefended
heart of the Divine,
the Undivided dwells.
The apparently two
are the same One.
In following the I
to the empirical,
mystical, and yet
logical conclusion,
the discovery of God
is the discovery of YOU.

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