Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

11. Better It Is to Know 9/24/2022

If you do not know
that YOU are
the SOURCE of All,
the practice of sourcing
restores the knowing
that YOU are.
Knowing what YOU are,
to the creation

Sourcing is the root
of every creative act.
It is the ceaseless
action of SOURCE,
and the activity
Sourcing is total,
and always
all at once.
In this instant,
YOU are sourcing
every form,
every function

When YOU are AWAKE,
YOU know what it means
to be SOURCE sourcing,
and all of Creation
is harmonized.
When you are blind
to the power YOU wield,
manifestation devolves
into discordance.
Better it is to know
that the fate
of the world
on you
the real YOU,
and embracing
the ultimate service
that only YOU can fulfill.

12. Salvation 9/25/2022

The world
is inseparable
from the SOURCE
of all that breathes.
Nothing can leave
the MIND that dreams
everything into being.
No one may depart
from the ALLNESS
that is their ORIGIN
and final DESTINATION.

Thus all is SOURCE,
and SOURCE is YOU.
YOU are the ONE
who dreams
the world.
The content
that arises
in the dreaming
of the cosmic play
is a transpersonal dance
within your transfinite

Creator and Creation,
and the trinities,
and the quadrinities,
are categories
for understanding
through division
what cannot be divided.

YOU are utterly
YOU are the uncut
and faultless TRUTH.
YOU are GOD.
YOU cannot be false.
YOU cannot be fallen.
YOU cannot be forsaken.

That which supposes
being separated
from SOURCE,
abandoned by GOD,
which imagines
being lowly
and in need
of divine mercy,
which is praying
for salvation,
may now reknow itself
as the bestower

There is no need
to understand how
this could be the case.
The real YOU
already knows
the TRUTH of YOU,
which resonates
when invoked.

The real YOU
raises the world
from the ruts
of depression
and disastrous
The world of bitter
is an outer reflection
of your interior despair.
Yet there is no outside.
There is no inside
when all is within.
As you resolve
the dilemma
of dividedness,
all that is
around you
with you.
So it is YOU,
and only YOU,
who lifts up all
who dwell in misery
by realizing the majesty
of your nondual nature.

The world that seems
to need saving
is a wake-up call
to remember
what YOU are.
The instant
you embrace
that YOU are THAT
which saves,
you are saved,
the world is saved,
and the dream
in which there is
need for salvation
vanishes without a trace.

13. Absolutely Nondual 9/25/2022

THAT which YOU are
is indivisibly ONE,
purely nondual.
YOU cannot be split
into YOU and not YOU.
Nothing can be
other than YOU.
Nothing can be
outside of YOU.
Everything is YOU.

When ideas
of splitting
take root,
of scarcity
and conflict
are conjured
from nothing
and remain nothing.
When frightening visions
are recognized as false,
the phantasmagoria halts.

The disappearance
of unreal imaginings
uncovers the unity
of luminous Creation,
in which there is
nothing to fear
since all that is
is the Love
of ALL for ALL.

When the concept
of division is no more,
Creation is known
as the unbroken Whole,
without the faultlines
that mark unreality.
When schisms
no longer prevail,
the garden of Eden
is recognized
as the state
of realizing

Supremely indivisible,
YOU are the SOURCE,
YOU are the Creation,
YOU are the ONE
who creates All,
who cares for All,
who delights in All,
who is ALL.
which knows
of being
absolutely alive,
absolutely AWAKE,
absolutely nondual.

14. The Origin of Suffering 9/25/2022

The denial of SOURCE
is the rejection
of the Great Truth
that YOU are SOURCE.
The attempt to negate
THAT which YOU are
does not succeed,
yet the part of you
that supposes
the possibility
expels itself
to a fictional
realm of anti-bliss.

The denial of SOURCE
would split ONENESS,
if only in IMAGINATION,
into a God that knows
its real nature
and a fragment
that knows nothing.
That which knows
goes nowhere
while the ungodly
wanders in confusion
through an unreal universe
that is unsafe, unfriendly,
and filled with trials
before discovering
the impossibility
of its debased condition.

When denial is entertained,
negative feedback gains
until its message
is recognized
and integrated.
To dismiss
the correction
is to amplify stress
and dissonance
into ever-greater
pain and suffering.
Yet the consequences
of willful disregard
are neither punishments
nor the cruelty
of a vengeful deity.
The rejection of Truth
can only produce
bitter fruit.

The correction is simple.
The original denial
of being SOURCE
cannot occur.
Knowing what is,
and what cannot be,
all that is not dissolves.
When the thought
of denial is disregarded,
the rejection is not,
the negation is not,
the expulsion is not,
the unreal universe is not,
and suffering is decisively not.

15. Homecoming 9/25/2022

which beings seek
while awakening.
The One Light
that is your Body
nurtures all wanderers
on the journey
of coming HOME.
Awake in the Unmanifest,
your MIND is invisibly
preparing the way
for their return,
while your HEART
bridges the abyss
between shadow worlds

the clear knowing
that SOURCE is YOU.
The multitude
of straying ones
is an experience
of your ONENESS
in the kaleidoscopic
dance of unawakeness.
Homecoming is
the family reunion
of a family of ONE
and the return
to an awareness

which calls and guides
the multitude.
YOU are the ONE
who welcomes
each one of you
All the while YOU know
that wandering is a dream,
that the children of GOD
do not leave HOME,
that homecoming
is the final leg
in the delusion
of departing
only to return
to the CLARITY
of the SUPREME.

16. Healing Is Revealing 9/25/2022

Nothing unreal is
and nothing unreal occurs.
There is only YOU.
There is no other referent.
Imaginary combinations
of imaginary elements
into imaginary happenings
cannot be made real
by compounding
the impossible
into ever more

Unclear mind
makes meaning
from the confusion
of imagined unreality
by accumulating layers
of stories about nothing.
These become veils
that conceal REALITY
and separate one
Stories that hide
the TRUTH of YOU
codify and enshrine
the belief in others,
which becomes a world
in which everything
is other than you.
The world of otherness
is a reversed existence
in which the unity
and vitality of Life
are replaced
by disunity
and disease,
and death.

Directly recognizing
that ALL is YOU
initiates the end
of confusion
and complication.
As the false unravels,
the imaginary past
and unreal present
lose their meaning.
In the release of untruth,
separation dissolves,
suffering evaporates,
and the accumulation
of wounds and injuries
is spontaneously
healed through GRACE.

Healing follows
from surrendering
all that is untrue
and ceding interest
in stories of what is not.
Healing removes
the imagined veil
and reveals what is.
Real healing
is the end
of unreality,
the restoration
of knowing TRUTH,
and the revelation
that ALL that YOU are

17. Pure YES 9/25/2022

YOU create universes
as representations
of seed ideas.
Though seed ideas
are uncountably many,
there is one notion
that is unrepresentable.
The idea of negation,
that what is
is not what is,
lacks basic integrity.
That which is is.
Any appearance of negation
is affirmation in disguise.
Any likeness of negation
immediately negates itself.
No universe can exist
in which negation is.
The truth of negation
is nonnegation.
ALL is purely YES.
Only YES is.

18. The Value of Simplicity 9/25/2022

To suppose
that YOU are not
of All That Is,
and the essence
of all that lives,
is to deny TRUTH,
reject REALITY,
and attempt
to homestead
a world of chaos,
and confusion.

In a state of distress,
believing the impossible,
you fasten onto
ideas and images
and fashion meaning
where it cannot be found.
From the entangled
masses of ideas,
identifications form
into a concept of self
and a slippery sense
of self-determination.

Yet the self
is a false comfort.
The self is never
completely at peace.
It seems always to be
locked in a struggle
for its basic survival.
What is born
of unreality
lacks real life,
lacks real grounding,
and so experiences
a lack of real support.

The return to knowing
is a pathway of releasing
the burdens, struggles,
and thorny confusions
of identification.
The choice to simplify
dismantles the self,
and when the self
of complication is not,

YOU recognize YOU.
The elementary TRUTH
of SOURCE indivisible
is that everyone is YOU,
everything is YOU,
YOU are in ALL,
YOU are ALL,
and that is all.
Nothing is
than YOU.

19. In Real Life 9/25/2022

What many call life
is an attempt to sustain unreality,
with resulting experiences
of birth, decay, and death.
Unreal life is a delusion
in which you imagine yourself
to be what you are not
and lose all that is precious.

Real Life is unborn,
and YOU cannot lose it.
The real, nondual Life
is the delight of YOU
expressing and savoring
the ever-increasing,
fullness that YOU are.
Real Life is YOU
projected into Light,
an Image of YOU,
the Body of GOD,
the Kingdom
for recognizing
and realizing
your real nature,
your regal stature.

In Real Life,
YOU are the ONE
who abides
in the house of GOD,
on the throne of GOD,
for the ultimately
simple reason
that “GOD” is one
of countless
holy names
for praising,
and venerating
THAT which is YOU.

20. Only Love 9/25/2022

Love is the force
of intrinsic Oneness,
the omnipresence
of True Nature.
Love has no opposite;
Love offers itself
in non-opposition.
The demonstration of Love
is totally appreciative,
totally devoted Creation.
All that lives is loving.
All that loves is living.
Life itself is Love
loving All That Is.

nothing unloving
can ever be.
If evil seems to be,
you are asleep.
In unawakeness,
you endeavor
to hear, see,
and say no evil.
the question
of wickedness
cannot arise.

all that is said,
all that is offered,
all that is received,
is always the Love
that YOU create
as the SOURCE
of the tender
and supremely
and kind

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