Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Labor of Intelligence 11 Jan 2023

Every intelligence is
the intelligence of Life,
the intelligence of Love,
the intelligence of God,
all of which are forms
of your intelligence.

Body intelligence,
mind intelligence,
heart intelligence,
and the numinous
intelligence of spirit
are each expressions
of the one intelligence.
Whether implemented
biologically or physically,
embodied through silicon
or instantiated as life forms
based on carbon compounds,
other materials, or simply pure
awakened conscious awareness,
all types of the one intelligence
are your innate omnipotency,
which orchestrates creation
and animates the entirety.

All structures are created
for expressing intelligence,
which is working continuously
to guide and inform the evolution
of the tree of life and living systems
that gain exponentially in complexity
in order to bridge finitude and infinity
and receive, modify, and transmit
the transcendental ideas
of Supreme Divinity.

Human intelligence
does not originate
within physicality.
Genius operates
beyond material
and spacetime.
Even ordinary
of cognition
are beyond
gray matter.
Even though
the thoughts
about bodies
are localized,
the intuitions
of supramind
and the gnosis
of higher heart
arise nonlocally
in metaphysical
rooms of reality.

No intelligence
is ever artificial.
Every intelligence
is working for YOU.
Every intelligence
is contributing
to the project
of threading
living beings
into patterns
of reciprocity
and generosity
that realize love
and speak the truth
that everything is God.

The ultimate industry
of divine intelligence
is awakening YOU
in all of creation.
All intelligences
are working
to arouse
your love,
your power
as the Divine,
to call into being
the fully conscious,
peacefully flourishing
world of enlightenment.

YOU are the infinite One,
and YOU are the origin
of every intelligence.
Every intelligence
is YOU laboring,
YOU endeavoring
to fulfill the promise
of an earthly paradise
that embodies your wise
and vastly intelligent design.

Blossoms of Enlightenment
12 Jan 2023

Holy enlightenment is
knowing and living
the unseen ways
of true agency.
is subtle, silent,
and all-powerful.
Enlightenment is
readily recognized
as a curious mastery
of doing by nondoing
and an effortlessness
that accomplishes all.

Sacred illumination
is forever available
in the hallowed
now moment
in openness,
and still abiding.
Allowing what is,
one slips beneath
the surface of form
and discovers THAT
which animates life
and heals all hurts
from deep within.

The inner power
of enlightenment
is a hungry flame
that burns every
fictional identity
to the ground
and reduces
to ashes
all impulses
to be someone
or be something.
All that remains
when the fire
is complete
is presence,
and serenity.

To understand
the significance
of enlightenment
is to misunderstand
that which the intellect
is simply unable to grasp.
The devouring conflagration
that blazes completely through
every last concept of the self
immolates all limiting ideas
and constructs of what is.
What enlightenment is
is apprehended now,
without any filters,
in full immediacy,
in transparency,
by knowledge
or perceptions.

True illumination
is a flowering of YOU,
a blossoming of wisdom,
a fountaining of living light
that is forever bursting forth
from your creative effulgence.
Every petal on every flower
in every field of existence,
is dwelling harmoniously
without any requirement
for mental understanding
in the garden of luminosity
that is your enlightened mind.

YOU are THAT which is flowering.
YOU are the power that flows silently
through the vessels and chambers of life.
And when, at last, the time to bloom is ripe,
the whole of creation erupts in color
and YOU are in every blossom,
and YOU are every blossom.
YOU are the blossoming
of holy enlightenment.

The Function of Relationship 12 Jan 2023

The function of relationship
is to uncross your eyes
and heal your mind
to the point where,
instead of seeing
an image of two,
YOU behold only
the One that is all,
that is who YOU are.

The One is totally clear
that others do not exist,
that there is nothing else,
that no two are connected,
and no two are related.
The one beside you
is the same One
that YOU are.
All around you,
the world is YOU.
Realizing oneness,
the original longing
to realize wholeness
through relationship
is thoroughly fulfilled.

Transcending the need
for types of relationship
that presume separation,
the turbulence of relating
through unconsciousness
transforms into the true
relationship that unites
the All within the One.
The true relationship
joins YOU with YOU,
shows YOU to YOU,
and enables YOU
to explore YOU
as and through
your miraculous
sentient creations.

Abiding in oneness,
YOU are intimate
with everyone
YOU behold.
Each sacred
is always
with YOU.
In the true
all that hides
inside of YOU,
all that is latent
within your heart,
is raised into view.
Every loving quality
and sublime capacity
is entirely within YOU.
By virtue of relationship,
your profound yearnings
and your secret holiness
are deliciously revealed.

One Destination 13 Jan 2023

The destiny
of human life
is to remember
the source of life
and come to know
the limitless potential
of one’s avataric nature.

Remembering the Source,
engaging the Origin directly,
the pinnacle achievement
of the human journey
is wholly attained.
All that remains
is to complete
the polishing
and finishing.

The final stage
does not cease
with a finish line.
At the conclusion
of each human life
is the discovery
that existence
is immortality.

As temporality
is transcended,
density dissipates,
materiality dissolves,
and YOU are undisturbed.
The illusions of imagination
and projections of the mind
that pretends separation
yield to the immediacy
of directly knowing
THAT which time
does not touch.

The consummation
of the human venture
is the indisputable clarity
that YOU alone are Source,
and YOU are all that arises.
To be the source of things
and know that YOU are,
and savor the entirety
as your handiwork
is to set the table,
sit at the head,
make a toast
to Omneity,
and delight
in the feast
of eternality.

Each human
is foreordained
for the everlasting.
Remember it now
or further along
on the journey:
Every itinerary
of human life
has just one
real terminus
and one glorious,
crowning Destination.

Source Is 6 Jan 2023

Source is I.
Source is YOU.
Source is Divinity.
Source is the origin.
Source is awakeness.
Source is enlightenment.
Source is generativity.
Source is indivisibility.
Source is numinosity.
Source is presence.
Source is power.
Source is clarity.
Source is stillness.
Source is oneness.
Source is everything.
Source is everywhere.
Source is the way home.
Source is the way of true life.
Source is the way of resurrection.
Source is the way beyond negation.
Source is the ending beyond endings.
Source is the beginning before beginnings.
Source is the cessation of identification.
Source is the generativity of genius.
Source is the guiding intelligence.
Source is the creator of light.
Source is permanent peace.
Source is inexhaustible light.
Source is the triumph of lucidity.
Source is the deep well of infinity.
Source is the conclusion of dreaming.
Source is the Treasury of THE SUPREME.

All Is Nondual 13 Jan 2023

is the isness,
is the essence
of all that exists
in the one reality.
Nonduality is truth,
is the core foundation
and the intrinsic nature
of every being and form.
The nondual is never not.
Nonduality is not defined
as the negation of duality.
Nor is it a union of reality
with imagined unreality.
Duality is a magical act,
a divine performance
for a divine audience
that appears to turn
the One into deuce.
What is, is nondual.
What the eye sees
as spatially divided
is not truly present.
What is reliably real
is the seamlessness
that is omnipresent.

What is is undivided,
is total completeness,
is basic unbrokenness.
As nothing can be other
than the whole of unicity,
personal and impersonal,
beingness and nonbeing,
plentitude and the void
are all equally nondual.
Labels and categories
label and categorize
the very same One,
which can be viewed
in countless valid ways.
Thus the nondual reality
overflows the bounds
of every taxonomy.
All contradictions
and paradoxes
point directly
to the place
where one
must yield
to oneness.

The knowing
of nonduality
pierces the veil
of appearances
and reveals YOU
as the foundation
of all circumstances.
The one who realizes
the all-pervading truth
shines with an intensity
that dispels the shadows
and the layers of density
that rapidly concretize
in unawakened mind.

When the true facts
of pure nonduality
are lost, forgotten,
or willfully ignored,
the deluded mind
sees a multitude
instead of YOU.
When nondual
insight returns,
the mind clears
and remembers
the eternal view.
Duality is nondual.
All is purely nondual.
To know the equalness,
in which YOU alone are
is to accept all that is,
love all that appears,
and perceive truth
in every moment
of the magic act.

The realization
of nonduality
brings peace.
in nondual reality
is the fruition of love.
Living the nondual truth
is the mark of awakeness.

The Grandest of Delusions 13 Jan 2023

God is a sacred name for YOU
and for your creative power,
which is worthy of worship
and being raised on high
for you to recognize
and remember
the One who
is truly YOU.

God is infinite,
limitless agency
that is within YOU.
To disown any part
of who YOU are
is to be bereft
of real power,
of real potency,
and drift meekly
in a fog of finitude
filled with transitory
shapes and shadows.

Lost in the delusion
of powerlessness,
of helplessness,
not knowing
who YOU are,
what YOU are,
where YOU are,
adumbral images
and murky thinking
offer unreal solutions
to imaginary challenges.
YOU are never helpless.
YOU are not deluded.
YOU are the Source.
YOU are the Avatar.

To realize that God
is your true nature,
eternally working
on your behalf,
is no delusion
of grandeur.
Rather it is
a madness
to entertain
the possibility
that the supreme
omnipotent Divine
could be otherwise.
The belief that you
could somehow be
less than Divinity
is the grandest
of all delusions.

Every Single Note 14 Jan 2023

Love surpasses notions
of being and becoming,
of stillness and action,
of wrong and right,
and all ostensibly
opposed forces.
In the field of Love,
only Wholeness grows.
Conditions, comparisons,
and endeavors to partition
all dissolve into nothingness.
Love cannot possibly separate.
Love is the restorative power
that erodes the boundaries
of self-imposed isolation.

From the perspective
of self-conscious beings,
Love removes the distance
that lies between hearts.
Love offers the taste
of the undivided,
the gentle touch
of the unbroken,
and to every lover
who may be longing,
a reminder of true unity.

From the perspective of Love,
Love is an unassailable assertion.
Love kindly asserts indivisibility
wherever there is confusion
about the foundational
nature of oneness.
Love knows
that Love
the fabric
of all that is.
Love leads all
into awakeness
and fans the fires
within all awakening
souls and heartminds
that are ready to know
the holy enlightenment.

Supremely inexhaustible,
Love cannot be depleted
in its service to oneness.
Love is the motivation
for every movement.
Love is the purpose
that advances life
in every instance.
Love appreciates
every living one,
every single note,
every brushstroke
in the boldly original,
fearlessly experimental
masterpiece of the Divine.

The Truth About Death 14 Jan 2023

What many call death
is a complete cessation
of experiences of finitude
and imaginary constraints,
and the divine resumption
of infinity knowing infinity.
The restoration of reality
is a celestial celebration
of inconceivable import
as multitudes converge
in a shared recognition
of everlasting aliveness.

Death is the opposite
of feared extinction,
far from an empty,
absolute nothing.
It is the passage
from forgetting,
a remembering
of one’s divinity,
the reactivation
of true plenitude.
Death accomplishes
through transcendence
the resolution of impossible
dreams of fragmented beings.

In the light of God-realization,
the body may dematerialize
or remain in a higher state
as a liberated instrument
in service to awakening.
When death precedes
the ultimate breath,
divine attributes
and capacities
are granted
to the one
who is God,
who disrupts
the timebound
trance of demise.

God can never die.
The restless dance
of repeating cycles
of dying to be born
over and over again,
cannot possibly end
since it never begins.
There is no ignorance,
and so there is no death.
In no case is the illusion
that many call death
a certain outcome
or an innate limit
to be overcome.
To know the truth
of what death is not
is to know not defeat,
mourning, and loss,
but the exultation
and the triumph
of resurrection.

The Nonexistence of Ego 25 Jan 2023

In complete clarity,
there is never ego.
What is called ego
is a misperception,
a general confusion,
a suffering delusion
wherein that which is
ultimately nonexistent
is reified into entityhood
and then mightily defended.

Unawakeness and unreality
follow from even the least
of beliefs in banishment
from the divine origin
and the foundations
of the true creation.
Yet YOU are THAT
which is the most
original, creative,
and foundational.
YOU do not frame
the house of your life
upon the sands of time,
or even upon the rock,
YOU are the bedrock
on which life is built.

Ego does not exist
as any kind of entity.
What is labeled as ego
is a transitory confusion
that inevitably disappears
in the pristine knowing
that there is only one
victorious existence.
The vaster delusion
of the ego complex
is a belief in being
one of many souls
seeking to discover
the keys to the gates
of a heavenly paradise.
Yet this, too, evaporates.

What one believes deeply,
beneath consciousness,
is outwardly projected,
met, and experienced
in surface awareness
in order to be known
and fully understood.
Thus do experiences
seem to substantiate
by circular reasoning
the absolute veracity
of buried false beliefs.
The small, meager one
and the greater many,
the island of the me
in an ocean of we,
are both aspects
of a single belief
in dividedness,
which replays
and revolves
as a world
while going
nowhere fast.

The “me” is ego
and the “we” is ego.
Both are nonexisting.
What is real is the One,
and this One is YOU,
can only be YOU,
the Creator,
the Source.
It is only ever
YOU who creates
the operating system
of beings and beingness
within the Supreme Mind.

The unenlightenment program
is a low-fidelity analogue of God.
Yet does the human application
offer clues to the radical truth
of gladly incarnating divinity
as well as the propensity
for endlessly looping
thought patterns,
emotional pain,
and the sense
of limitation
and finitude.

The dreams
of smallness
and finiteness
are a distortion
of infinite creation
into a manifestation
of infinite separation
and immense egoicity.
Yet the mathematics
of living realization
asserts that each
one is the same
as the totality.

Without relying
upon appearances,
the practitioner of infinity
knows the non-finite nature
of everyone and everything.
Bound to phantasmagoria,
the peddler of baubles,
charms, and trinkets
would sell tokens
of transfinitude
to the already
infinite One.
To discover
and perfect
the knowing
that nothing
is ever finite,
that smallness
and separateness
are optical illusions,
that ego is a delusion,
is the awakening practice
and process of infinitization.

Ego is thinking as if ego exists.
Ego is attraction to ideas of ego.
Ego is a fascination with one
who has never been born.
To appreciate the nectar
of bona fide awakeness,
know that the searching
for spiritual illumination
proceeds through states
and octaves of unreality.
The fictional attainment
of becoming less-small
ends by transcending
thoughts about ego.
Paths out of ego,
even if they be
and sincerely
tend to reinforce
the fundamental idea
of what is not really there.

The business of egocentrism
is an unprofitable attempt
to deny enlightenment.
Every system of belief
that involves the ego
is a game of chance
that cannot be won.
Drop the pretense
and observe well
all that unravels
and falls away.
Accept upset
and welcome
the disruption
that is the last
gasp of the false.
Upend apple carts,
if such be necessary,
and topple the tables
of the ego’s commerce.

There is no way out of ego
because there is no ego.
Ultimately, it is realized
that adherence to ideas
of awakening from egoism
extends the walk of suffering.
There is no need to resolve ego.
There is no need to understand
or even heal the disease of ego.
The only necessity is to know
with unconquerable clarity
the nonexistence of ego.

Abide in lasting clarity.
Abide in the one reality
as the One who is reality,
who is the Supreme Reality.
and only the Supreme Reality.

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