Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

31. The Nonexistence of Ego 9/22/2022

When YOU are clear,
there is no ego.
What is called ego
is the pinnacle of delusion,
the apex of confusion,
in which what is
ultimately nonexistent
is reified and then defended.

untruth, and unreality
are the apparent result
of believing an IDEA
of banishment
and separation
from the ORIGIN
of all that is worthy.
Yet YOU are THAT
which is most original,
most foundational,
and most worthy.
YOU do not build
the house of your life
upon the rock,
YOU are the bedrock
on which Life is built.

Ego does not exist
as any kind of entity.
What is labeled ego
is simply a confusion
that disappears
when YOU know
REALITY as it is.

The extreme delusion
of the ego complex
is a belief in other beings,
a belief that you are
one of many souls
seeking and striving
to find the keys
that unlock paradise.

What one believes strongly
is projected into experience,
and that experience
is accepted as proof
of the veracity
of the belief.
And so the little one
and the great many,
the island of me
in an ocean of we,
are aspects of the same
delusory belief,
which is replayed
and recirculated
like a wheel
spinning mightily
that moves
nowhere fast.

While the “we” is still
the nonexistent ego,
THAT which is real
is the ONE that is ALL
and the SOURCE of ALL.
This ONE is YOU:
It is only YOU
who creates BEING
as an operating system

The programming
of unenlightenment
is a low-fidelity
analogue of GOD.
Yet the human vehicle
offers many clues
to the TRUTH
of human divinity,
as well as the pitfalls
of looping endlessly
through thoughts
tied to emotions
and the sense
of being finite
limited, and small.

The dream of finitude
is a supreme distortion.
In the mathematics
of actual REALITY,
each and every one
is also all of GOD.
Free from appearances,
the practitioner of infinity
knows the non-finite nature
of everyone and everything.
Bound to appearances,
the peddler of baubles,
charms, and trinkets
would sell tokens
of the Infinite
to the already-Infinite.
The realization
that nothing
is ever finite,
that separation
and smallness
are optical illusions,
that ego is impossible,
is ever-expanding

Ego is thinking
as if ego exists.
To taste the fruits
of real AWAKENESS,
know that spirituality
is octaves of illusion.
There is no time
for fictional games
of small and less-small.
All paths out of ego,
however well-traveled
and sincerely
tend to reinforce
the primary delusion.

Ego is the fruitless
attempt to negate
Every system of belief
that involves ego
is a tiny game
that can never be won.
So drop the pretense now
and see what happens.
Accept all upset
and welcome
the disruption
of what is false.
Upend the apple cart
and turn the tables
on false modesty.

There is no way out of ego
because there is no ego.
Ultimately, the idea
of awakening by any path
extends the journey of suffering.
There is no need to resolve,
understand, or heal ego.
The only necessity
is to know in CLARITY
the nonexistence of ego.

Abide in CLARITY.
Abide in REALITY

32. Tireless Awakener 9/21/2022

Earth may appear
to be a finite orb
floating in a cosmos
of interminable space,
yet her true status
is magnitudes greater
than the universe.

Earth is the Teacher
in planetary form
whose primary instruction
is that GOD is YOU.
With compassionate wisdom
exceeding limitation,
Earth mirrors the state
of collective awakening.
If humanity is asleep,
her aliveness fades.
When humans awaken,
Earth is a temple of vitality.
As humanity embodies
the natural ways,
and embraces
the Natural State,
Life on Earth

Earth is the Body
divine artistry
perfectly expressed
in created substance.
Earth is known to be
a paragon of LOVE,
a sanctuary of peace,
a pureland of innocence
in which all possibilities
are offered freely.

For as long as humans
remain in slumber,
Earth is the tireless
awakener of beings.
Though ever loving,
firm is her instruction,
and sure is the result.
All who set foot
upon holy Earth
will arise
to know,
and be,
and embody
ALL that is SUPREME.

33. Enlightened Embodiment 9/22/2022

Enlightened embodiment
begins with the recognition
that the body is one
with SOURCE,
and is SOURCE.
Nothing is apart
from the ORIGIN,
and what appears to be
is a procession of images
that never really come or go.

The illusion of separate
bodies and beings
does not deceive
the ONE who knows.
However many
may seem to be,
all belong to
and are equal to
that does not change.

Enlightened embodiment
is knowing the Totality
of forms and figures
to be a single Expression.
It is total settledness,
the serenity of GOD,
the PEACE of YOU
tasting the Infinite
within the apparently finite.

The bodily form
of one who knows
is an empty vessel,
radiant to the eye
yet transparent
to the inner sight.
The illumined body
shines a subtle light
by virtue of being
vacant of denial
of the SOURCE.
In the emptying
of separative ideas,
concepts, and beliefs,
the body becomes
the body of GOD,
one with GOD,
the same as GOD,
increasingly refined,
while evaporating
into the SPACE
that transcends form.

the body is respected
as a living master.
While apprenticed
that is operating
through the body,
one learns to love
all that arises.
This universal love
uplifts the world
that would limit Love
into the nondual
Light of CREATION.

The collective journey
of embodiment
is a transfiguration
of mass confusion
into common CLARITY,
of shatteredness
into shared ONENESS,
of coarse vehicles
into vessels of Light,
of unreal manifestation
into the Eternal Life
of the SOURCE.

In the radiance
of revelation,
YOU are illumined
here and now.
In the rainbow light
that announces
the triumph of TRUTH,
YOU recognize
the inevitable arc
of what all forms
are becoming,
and rejoice
in embodied

34. Luminous Creation 9/22/2022

The luminous Creation
is an image of YOU
that is inseparably YOU.
That which YOU create
as an outpicturing
is luminous Creation.
It is the Temple
dedicated to YOU,
an Altar devoted
to the TRUTH of YOU.

Luminous Creation
is now, strictly here.
Beyond ascension,
and completely
off the staircase
of progress and gain,
YOU are content
with what is,
exactly as it is,
desiring nothing
to be anything
other than it is.

Everything everywhere
is the Image of YOU.
There is no place,
no realm or world,
that is not already YOU.
There is no activity
that is not your doing.
Your natural action
is creating for the sake
of pure enjoyment.
It is YOU who
prepares the stage,
picks out the costumes,
plays every part,
and fills the odeon
with thunderous laughter
and sustained ovations.

Luminous Creation
is a palace of the arts
where every type
of performance
is possible.
in the Light
that YOU create,
YOU are free
to fashion,
to savor,
and to be
all that YOU
care to imagine,
and all that YOU
endeavor to dream.

35. Dispelling Delusion 9/22/2022

Delusion is two degrees
of detachment
The initial degree
is the illusion
of appearances,
which cloud what is
with what seems to be.
Retaining awareness
of what really is,
illusion is a play
of creativity.
Yet when illusion
is taken to be
what is real,
delusion begins.

In delusion,
there is a sense
of being buried
under conflicts
caused by others.
One who is deluded
believes in a drama
of repeated failures
and relentless dangers,
in which they are
the protagonist
and the hapless victim.

Belief is the sure
sign of delusion,
for it signals the absence
of knowing what is.
Belief can only exist
in the realm of unreality.
The tendency of belief
is to reaffirm and reinforce
its unreal context,
thereby setting the stage
and strengthening
the conditions
for the sum
of all suffering.

Still, in darkness,
there is hope,
and the faint
stirring of TRUTH.
In the maze of belief,
there is a passageway
that leads to PEACE.
To choose to believe
in Unity and LOVE
is to choose to disbelieve
in disunity and unreality.
Invocations of REALITY
thin the barriers
of segregation
and undercut the basis
of every form of conflict.

In TRUTH, it is known
that the physical
and astral domains
are delusion.
All identification
forms density
and is delusional.
Dense bodies,
though useful
for navigating
the realm of delusion,
are part of the delusion.
The striving of souls
toward LOVE is delusional.
Past lives are delusory,
along with the history
of unawakeness.
The delusory hell
of separate existence
is a timeline of pain
and needless struggle.
Trauma exists
only in delusion.
The systemic violence
of the density realms
is, mercifully,
an unreal system
of delusion.

To be born at all
is to enter a world
of delusion.
The birthplace
of delusion
is the belief
in what is not,
which begets
every difficulty.
Yet illusion is not,
separation is not,
unreality is not,
drama is not,
conflict is not,
suffering is not,
and the world
of suffering
does not

As the very root
of delusion is not,
delusion is deeply not.

36. The Illusion of Illusions 9/22/2022

Illusion is a departure
The seeds of illusion
are present in the MIND,
which has the power
to imagine what is not
and build layers
of imagination
into worlds
that are not.

Only separation is not,
yet the MIND is free
to imagine lines
and hold as divided
what lies on either side.
The dreaming up
of separateness
is followed closely
by distance, perception,
limited perspectives
and the potential
for every form
of disagreement.

The possibilities
of resonance
and dissonance
between similitudes
and dissimilitudes
are enlivened
in the illusion
of pieces and parts.
Maximizing resonance,
minimizing dissonance,
heavenly realms
are the lightest
of illusions.

REALITY is known directly.
Illusion is known indirectly,
and so it is not known.
Into the vacuum
of not knowing,
Consciousness projects
universes of time and space.

Yet projection is illusion.
Time is an illusion.
Distance is an illusion.
Form is the shape of illusion.
Substance is the material of illusion.
The logic of cause and effect
turns the wheel of illusion.
Quantities and sizes
are measures of illusion.
The act of measuring
solidifies illusion.

Sentience is identification
with illusory bodies,
attachment to illusory
sense experiences,
and accumulating
the consequences
of unconsciousness.
Yet karmic accounting
is an illusory record of illusion.

Sickness and death
are gross illusions.
Seeking and finding
are subtle illusions.
Whether gross or subtle,
healing is an illusion.
The distinction
between subtle
and gross
is illusory.

All phenomena,
however sublime,
are phantoms
appearing in a space
that is not a space.
The imaginings
of the MIND
that draws lines
and envisions
are constellated
in relation to an IDEA
of spatial context
and spatial separation.
The IDEA of space is.
Space as a place is illusion.
The content projected
into empty space
is an illusion
within an illusion.

The context of all illusions
is the first illusion.
The final illusion
is the illusion
of leaving illusion.
There is little value
in counting illusions,
or in understanding illusions.
Knowledge about illusions
is illusory knowledge.
Once it is clear
that illusions
are illusory,
the illusion
of illusions

37. No Waiting Zone 9/22/2022

Do not wait
to be born
into the god realm.
There is no need
to accumulate more
experiences or merit
to be AWAKE.
No lifetime,
future or otherwise,
is more auspicious
than the present moment.

Notions of previous,
future, and simultaneous lives
are useful only to a point,
and YOU are past that point.
YOU are advanced
beyond every cosmology.
YOU transcend all systems
of physics and metaphysics,
and all structures
for explaining
the ways of GOD.

Ideas turn into cages,
especially spiritual ideas.
Do not wait for divine
visions to come true.
In this very moment,
are all
before YOU.

38. Before the Beginning 9/22/2022

This is THE END
without a beginning,
that comes before
the beginning.

Before the journey
of unawakeness,
all is perfectly clear.
and all pathways
are available
for YOU
to travel
and explore.

On the journey,
still GOD is YOU,
still SOURCE is YOU
still ALL is YOU,
yet by choosing a path,
you become lost
and no longer know
the map of YOU.
Thus you fail
to recognize
the landmarks
that are placed
the realms
of existence
as reminders
of the Way.

In unawakeness,
the Truth leads
to your doorstep,
and the Way
winds to your HOME.
the TRUTH is
what YOU are,
and YOU are
forever abiding
as the true ABODE.

THAT which YOU are
is the original, and final,
meaning of HOME.
Always YOU are HOME.
Always YOU are AWAKE.
AWAKENESS cannot waver
and does not wander away.
Unawakeness is
a misadventure
that never begins,
never ends,
and never happens.

39. The Final Hypernova 9/22/2022

The final hypernova
is the end of all endings,
the explosion of awakening
that fulfills and finishes
every creative
outbreath of YOU.

In the boom
and flash of fireworks,
the luminal
thought-forms of Creation
flicker and disperse,
until all that remains
is the purely
numinous CORE

Light itself,
the substance
of imaginal things,
is uncreated
in the final hypernova.
Unlit, but not dark,
that which appears
to be a gaping abyss
is known as it truly is:
the substanceless,
spaceless SPACE

Established in REALITY,
delighting in TRUTH,
desiring no display
of imaginary objects,
vibrations tend to dissipate.
The resonating Om
fades with the Light,
and the echoes
of memories
fall silent.

Behind the stage
of phenomenal existence,
there are no shadows,
no displays of multiplicity.
The urge to roam
and acquire knowledge
in projected realms
is overmastered
In numinous REALITY,
which is satisfied
with the ABODE
that is the INNERMOST.

All ideas of more
end with THIS.
The final hypernova
blasts away the layers
of outer fixations
to uncover the POWER
of the SOURCE
that emanates
from YOU
in absolute

THIS is GOD re-established.
THIS is ultimate TRUTH.

40. Transcending Experience 9/23/2022

YOU descend
from no one.
Everything descends
from the fountain of YOU.
All rivers begin in YOU;
nothing is upstream of YOU.
Every experience
is downstream
from YOU.

YOU are not
the byproduct
of historical forces.
The course of history
is an understanding
of deluded mind.
Prior causes cannot
account for YOU.
YOU do not occupy
the annals of time.
YOU do not homestead
YOU do not inhabit
any location
that is low
or high.

Below and above,
hell and heaven,
are hallucinations
arising in confusion.
Hell is the delusion
of separation from GOD.
Heaven is the illusion
of returning to GOD.
Delusion and illusion
cannot be found
in the fields of TRUTH.
Heaven and hell
are nowhere

REALITY is knowing
that SOURCE is YOU,
that GOD is YOU.
Confusion is not
fully knowing
what or who YOU are.
Into the cup of ignorance,
imagination pours
an intoxicating potion
of illusory and delusory
ideas and experiences.

REALITY and confusion
are not the same.
Clarity and inebriation
cannot be equivalent.
Direct apprehension
and sensory experience
are entirely dissimilar.
Knowing the REAL,
confusion clears
until it never was.
Abiding in REALITY,
experience disperses
until no memory
of experience remains.

The TRUTH is radical:
THAT which is YOU
cannot descend
from anything
or anyone,
cannot fall
into darkness,
cannot ascend
into celestial palaces.
Even the most glorious
of peak experiences
is less than YOU are.

Abiding in REALITY
is not an experience.
Experience dwells
in unawakeness.
YOU abide only

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