Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Tireless Awakener 15 Jan 2023

Earth may appear
to be a finite globe
floating in a cosmos
of interminable space,
yet her veritable status
is magnitudes greater
than the multiverse.

Earth is a teacher
in planetary form
whose compassion
leads to the decisive,
full-bodied realization
that the Divine is YOU.
With love and wisdom
that exceed limitation,
Earth mirrors the state
of collective awakening.
If humans are sleeping
in ignorance of Divinity,
her aliveness weakens.
As humanity awakens,
Earth is the paragon
of universal vitality.
As each embraces
the natural ways
of natural state,
Mother Earth

Earth is a body
a supernal artistry
sublimely expressed
in material substance.
In the great awakeness,
Earth is revered as being
a temple of illumination,
a tabernacle of peace,
a pureland of love
and innocence
in which every
single moment
is offered freely
as a maximal gift
of sacred learning
and enlightenment.

As long as humanity
persists in somnolence,
Earth shall be unwavering
as the tireless awakener.
Though entirely loving,
firm is her instruction,
and certain the result.
All who venture forth
upon hallowed Earth
will awaken to know,
and be, and realize
the One in creation,
the one incarnation,
the single embodiment

Enlightened Embodiment 15 Jan 2023

Enlightened embodiment
begins with recognizing
that all bodies are one,
are one with Source,
and are the Source.
Nothing is cut off
from the Wellspring,
and what seems to be
a procession of bodies
arriving and departing
is one evolving image
that does not come
and can never go.

The seeming reality
of separated entities
and unrelated bodies
deceives not the One
who knows the light.
Whatever quantity
of distinct beings
appears to be,
each belongs to,
and is identical to,
the singular identity
that does not change.

Enlightened embodiment
involves knowing the totality
of luminous forms and figures
to be one whole expression.
In settled awakeness,
the vehicle of God
dwells in serenity,
luxuriates in peace,
accepts boundaries,
and tastes the Infinite
in every conceivable dish
served at the smorgasbord
of constraints and limitations.

The form of one who knows
is an emptied-out vehicle
that is brilliant to behold
through ordinary sight,
yet clearly translucent
to the innermost eye.
The illumined body
shimmers slightly
by virtue of being
vacant of denial,
vacant of rejection,
vacant of resistance
to being THE SUPREME.

In the great emptying out
of all dissociative ideas,
concepts, and beliefs,
the body becomes
the body of God,
one with God,
the same as God,
ever more refined,
while simultaneously
melding into the space
that contains the scenery
of the co-evolving creation.

The body is a living master
that teaches the intricate
ways of enlightenment.
One who is awakening
attends to the body,
listens to the body,
respects the body.
While apprenticed
to the intelligence
that is expressing
through the body,
one learns to love
the entirety of life.
The universal love
transforms shards
into new wholeness
by recognizing every
body and every being
as the One who is Love.

The collective trajectory
of divine embodiment
is the transmutation
of mass confusion
into shared clarity
of fragmentation
into shared unity,
of coarse vehicles
into vessels of light,
of delusion and death
into the everlasting life
of the One that YOU are.

In the radiance of insight
corporeality is illumined.
In the felicitous rainbow
that announces victory
after the storm of ego,
YOU recognize at last
the unstoppable arc
of what all bodies
are becoming,
and rejoice
in embodied

Luminous Creation 15 Jan 2023

The luminous creation
of Supreme Awakeness
is a living picture of YOU
that is inseparably YOU.
That which YOU create
through your limitless
scintillant projections
is luminous creation.
It is a shining temple
consecrated to YOU,
an altar maintained
for venerating YOU.

Luminous creation
where YOU may be
touched and tasted,
where your aspects,
attributes, and faces
may be experienced
as pleasing surprises
without any concerns,
without any doubting
since the whole of life
is your radiant display.

Everything everywhere
is an emanation of YOU.
There can be no setting
that is not already YOU.
There is no happening
that is not your doing.
Your natural activity
is creating for pure
divine enjoyment.
It is only YOU who
prepares the stage,
selects the costumes,
acts in all of the roles,
and fills the multiplex
of the cinematic world
with resonant laughter
and sustained ovations
for every performance.

The luminous creation
is a palace of the arts
where every genre
is both possible
and welcome.
Appareled in
your finest
and most
YOU are
fully free
to fashion
and partake
in all that YOU
care to imagine
and all that YOU
dare to conceive.

As long as the truth
of THAT which YOU are
is preserved in the temple,
and honored on the altar,
the palace is enlightened
and luminous is creation.

Dispelling Delusion 16 Jan 2023

Delusion is
two degrees
of detachment
from wholeness
and actual reality.
The first increment
of seeming to leave
the land of what is
is the appearance
of illusory images.
The metaphorical,
symbolic displays
of thought forms
begin as harmless
devices of creativity
for divine enjoyment.
Yet is there a possibility
that imagery in the mind
can obscure the knowing
of profound true nature
as clouds cover the sky.
Retaining awareness
of what actually is,
illusion is a play
of the Divine.
If awareness
is decreased,
then illusions
are taken to be
the truth of things,
and delusion begins.

In the grip of delusion,
there is a sense of being
buried by endless conflicts
that are caused by others.
One in delusion believes
in a drama of dangers,
and in being doomed
to repeated failures,
as the protagonist
and the hapless
victim of trauma.

Belief is the sure
indicator of delusion
as it is a compensation
for the absence of really
knowing what is the case.
Belief can only be relevant
in the realm of unreality.
The tendency of belief
is to reify, reinforce,
and fortify an unreal
context of separation
from one’s true nature,
thereby setting the stage
and further strengthening
the conditions for the sum
of all struggle and suffering.

Still, in darkness there is hope
and the faint stirrings of Truth.
In the mental maze of beliefs,
there is a secret passageway
that leads directly to peace.
The decision to have faith
in greater love and unity
is a choice to disbelieve
in nightmarish visions.
Invocations of reality
remove the barriers
placed in the heart
and grind to dust
the foundations
of every harm.

In the lucidity
of awakeness
all contention,
and opposition
are known to be
signs of delusion.
Realms of finitude,
scarcity, and dearth
are entirely delusion.
Identifying with form
forms density and is
equally delusional.
The gross bodies
of unconscious
though useful
for navigating
delusory worlds,
are of the delusion.
The striving of souls
toward a distant love
can only be witnessed
in the state of delusion.
The separation of souls
and the transmigration
of souls that have been
banished from heaven
is a noxious delusion.
The hell of existence
as an exiled sinner
is a feeble delusion,
with a history of pain
and delusory suffering.
Trauma is the outcome
of dwelling in delusion.
The systemic violence
of the denser planes
is a shared delusion
that is dismantled
in the presence
of awakeness.

To be born
into gross
is to appear
in the domain
of thick delusion.
The real birthplace
of the state of delusion
is the belief in what is not,
a belief that begets every
unreal and inhumane
manner of difficulty.
The truth is reality.
The illusion is not,
separation is not,
struggling is not,
suffering is not,
disunity is not,
conflict is not,
drama is not.
As the roots
of delusion
do not exist,
delusion itself
is deeply nothing,
is absolutely dispelled.

The Illusion of Illusions 17 Jan 2023

Illusion is
a departure
from what is real.
The seeds of illusion
are present in the Mind,
which has the power
to imagine what is
not really there
and construct
a multilevel
of sensory
that manifest
and demanifest
from the substrate
of God consciousness
that is your natural state.

Only separation is not,
yet the singular Mind
and its subsidiaries
are free to imagine
lines of difference
and hold as divided
what lies on each side.
The conjuring of divides
leads to ideas of distance,
experiences of perception,
incompatible perspectives,
and the fertile potentiality
for every type of dispute
and misunderstanding.
Yet all disagreements
dissolve immediately
in the remembering
of God awakeness.

The consonances
and dissonances
and resonances,
the divergences
and differences,
the semblances
and similitudes
are all together
participating in
the illusory lila
of many pieces
and many parts.
By divine choice,
the harmonizing
of resonant forms
produces heavenly
paradises of illusion.

Reality is known directly.
Illusion is known indirectly,
and so it is not knowing.
Into the vacuum tube
of naive innocence,
the mind projects
whole universes
for exploration
and inhabiting,
and awakening
among the stars
in consciousness.

What is projected
is perforce illusion.
Space is an illusion.
Distance is an illusion.
Temporality is an illusion.
Form is the shape of illusion.
Energy is illusory substance.
The logic of linear causality
turns the wheel of illusion.
Size, quantity, and degree
are all illusory measures.
All manner of measuring
acts to concretize illusion.

Sentience is identification
with illusory body-minds,
attachment to illusory
objects of sensation,
and accumulating
the unintended
of confusion.
Yet accounting
for karmic debts
is an illusory record
of illusory transactions
among illusory personas.

Sickness and decrepitude
are illusions of the gross
layer of manifestation.
Seeking and attaining
are subtler illusions.
Whether it be gross
or extremely subtle,
healing is an illusion.
The lines of partition
that separate density
from the rarefied light
are illusory distinctions.

The dancing phenomena,
however bold they may be
are but apparitions floating
in a space that is not a space.
The busy imaginings of minds
that categorize separateness
paint constellations in skies
that could never be there.
The idea of space is true;
space as a place is false.
The content projected
into the nothingness
is an illusion nested
within the illusion.

The fundamental
space of illusions
is the first illusion.
The end of illusion
is an illusory finale,
an illusion of exiting
the world of illusions.
There is minimal value
in enumerating illusions,
in understanding illusions.
Knowledge about illusions
is an illusion of knowledge.
Once the unreal character
of all illusions is realized
the illusion of illusions
vanishes from view,
and then vanishes
totally from YOU.

Holy Advent 18 Jan 2023

Do not wait
to be reborn
into the higher
realms of heaven
and the risen gods.
There is no necessity
to accumulate further
experiences or merit
so that you may be
one who is awake.
There is no lifetime,
present or otherwise,
in the past, or to come,
that has more perfection,
that is any more auspicious
than this life that YOU inhabit.

Notions of any previous or future,
or even simultaneous, existences
are useful and appropriate only
to a certain point on the path,
and YOU are past that point.
YOU are advanced beyond
every explanatory system.
YOU transcend all stories
of the origin of creation
as well as cosmologies
conceived by physics
and by metaphysics.
One cannot explain
the secret workings
of Supreme Divinity.
To know what is true
you must be limitless,
beyond understanding,
for THIS is what YOU are.
YOU are Supreme Divinity.

Ideas turn rapidly into cages,
especially spiritual concepts.
Do not wait for any visions
of God to come to pass.
In this holy moment,
the living creation,
ultimate reality,
and the Truth
all bow down
before YOU.
The Divine
is quietly,

Before the Beginning 18 Jan 2023

This is the end
of what cannot
begin in reality.
This is the ending
without a beginning,
the end of adventures,
which is absolutely prior
to imagined beginnings.

Before the journey
of unawareness,
all is fully clear.
Source is YOU,
Peace is YOU,
Love is YOU,
God is YOU,
YOU are all,
and every
is open
for YOU
to travel,
and discover.

On the journey,
still Love is YOU,
still Peace is YOU,
still Source is YOU,
still the Divine is YOU,
yet the choice to identify
with a single path through
the territories of your mind
results in the map of YOU
being thrown in the bin.
Thus you become lost
and fail to recognize
the many signals
and landmarks
that proclaim
the Way

you forget
who YOU are,
the Way wends
to your doorstep
and the truth leads
to you coming home.
When YOU remember,
the Truth points to YOU,
and YOU reside eternally
in the domicile of Divinity.

YOU are the original home,
and YOU are the definition
of the real home of God.
Always YOU are home.
Always YOU are aware.
Always YOU are awake.
Awakeness never wavers
and does not wander away.
The journey of unawakeness
is an epic tale of misadventure
that never begins, and never is.

The Final Hypernova 19 Jan 2023

The final hypernova
of final enlightenment
is the end of all endings,
an eruption of awakening
that fulfills and completes
every creative outbreath
into cosmic expression.

In the flash and boom
of internal fireworks,
all layers of creation
flicker and disperse,
revealing the purely
numinous inner core
of the Supreme Truth.

Light is the substance
of all imagined things,
and all manifestations
made of luminous clay
are together uncreated,
and altogether liberated,
in the ultimate undoing.

Beyond light and dark,
that which may seem
to be a gaping abyss
in the heart of YOU
is reknown as it is:
the spaceless space
of the inner sanctuary.

The purpose of the Void
is to consume on contact
all that covers over YOU.
Established in knowing,
delighting in the Truth,
abiding only in reality,
desiring no displays
of external objects,
all of your vibrations
redshift toward infinity.
At the edge of the Infinite,
your radiance is reabsorbed
and the resonance of Om fades
along with the echoes of memory.

Behind the stage of phenomena,
there are no lurking shadows,
no unconscious attractions.
The impulse to meander
and obtain knowledge
in projected realms
is overmastered
by awakeness.
Entirely at home
in pure numinosity,
YOU are ever content
in and as the Innermost.

Every idea of more ends
with the disappearance
of exterior tendencies.
The final hypernova
of enlightenment
blasts off layers
of outer fixations
to uncover the full
power of Divinity,
which emanates
as a lion’s roar,
and returns
to silence
within YOU.
All within YOU.
Always with YOU.
All is always in YOU.

THIS is God resurrected.
THIS is ultimate truth.
In completeness,
in awakeness,
God is YOU.

Your Living Room 20 Jan 2023

As God,
As Source,
YOU descend
from no parents,
no lineage of beings.
YOU are from nowhere.
Everything is descended
from the fountain of YOU.
All rivers are born in YOU;
nothing can be upstream
of THAT which is YOU.
Every experience
is downstream
from YOU.

YOU are not
the byproduct
of historical forces.
The annals of history
are the recordkeeping
of a collective delusion.
Past conditions cannot
explain who YOU are.
YOU do not frequent
the tributaries of time.
YOU do not homestead
the ruins of confusion.
YOU do not occupy
places that are
low or high.

Up above,
down below,
hell and heaven
are two diametrical
dreams of the beyond.
Hell is a dreary delusion
of separation from God.
Heaven is the illusion
of returning home.
Whether delusion
or sweet illusion,
no dream state
can be reality.
Neither hell
nor heaven
are found
in Truth.

Reality is
the direct,
clear gnosis,
the doubtless
that God is YOU.
Confusion is not
realizing directly,
not appreciating
the beyondness
of your stature.
Into the mind
in ignorance
pours a mix
of inebriating
sensory signals
and experiences
as a compensation
for an absent reality.

Reality and confusion
can never be the same.
Clarity and intoxication
cannot be equivalent.
Immediate knowing
and experiencing
are profoundly
and ontologically
infinitely divergent.
Knowing the reality,
confusion is cleared
until it never existed.
Abiding as the reality,
all episodic memories
of sensory and mental
experiences evaporate
into the divine silence.

The Truth is radical:
THAT which is YOU
cannot descend
from anyone
or anything,
does not fall
into darkness,
does not ascend
into elysian palaces.
Even peak experiences
of the mountaintop
can never touch
what YOU are.

Living in reality
has nothing to do
with the experience
of mental phenomena.
To have an experience
requires a measure
of unawakeness.
Experience lives
in unawakeness.
The deepest ways
of direct encounter
involve no confusion.
Your actual residence,
your ample living room
is Supreme Awakeness.

A Reminder of Immortality 20 Jan 2023

Immortality is knowing,
knowing all as Divinity,
knowing God as YOU,
and always recalling
what is always true.
In the acceptance
of what YOU are,
YOU are known
as immortality.

The true YOU
can be clarified
by remembering
what YOU are not.
The flow of imagery
that comes and goes
is never who YOU are.
YOU are never a being.
YOU can never fit inside
anything that is defined.
All that can be described
exists entirely within YOU.
The universe is inside YOU.
YOU do not live within time.
Without beginning or ending,
who and what YOU surely are
is the deathless Omnipresence.

All that is real is the timelessness
and agelessness of immortality.
Mortality is a grand delusion
born of great forgetfulness.
Immortality is ubiquitous
and ordinary to behold,
not a mythical bloom
or a rare mystic fruit
torn from the maw
of impermanence.
Immortality is as
and spacious
as the skies.
is the assured
embrace of YOU.

Having penetrated
the obscuring mists
of semiconsciousness
and the cloud covering
of timebound thought,
there is no question
that immortality
is the nature
of what is,
the essence
of what is real,
the eternal reality
of THAT which is YOU.
Immortality is the Truth.

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