Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Truth Speaks 9 Aug 2023

In truth,
only truth
can be true
and there is
only the One,
the Supreme I,
the entirety of I.
All that exists is I.
Truth is what I am.
Reality is what I am.
Supreme Reality is I.
Divinity is I, God is I.
I am speaking only
to that I that I am
within all things,
which all things
inherently are.
Always loving,
the Truth is I,
and I supply
what is true
in everyone.

The Truth is
the inseparable,
nondual oneness.
Nothing ever arises,
nothing ever happens
that is other than THIS,
which is equally YOU
and is totally the I,
as YOU truly are
what I truly am.
There is only I,
only the One.

All that is real
is the Supreme I.
Unreal experience
fills unreal landfills
in the forgetting
of divine truth.
That which is
by the senses,
and by external
cause and effect,
is not truly there.
The outer world
is an inversion
of the Truth,
an eversion
of the One,
as the real
essence is
into form
as things.

The Truth
is acausal,
and so it is
to the linear,
reasoning mind.
All meanings coined,
all purposes conceived
in the world of finiteness
are homeless in the Truth.
The Truth is entirely free
from every imperative
to be consequential
or to serve causes
that are less than
abiding as the All.
The Truth abides.
The Truth just is,
and in its isness,
free from duties,
the Truth serves
to remind beings
who have become
mired in ignorance
of the true freedom
that is eternally here.
To realize completely
the unbound Truth
is to be liberated
from servitude.

Relative truth
points out reality,
points out awakeness,
points out the pathways
that lead to realizing
the Supreme YOU.
Gaining wisdom
of the Infinite,
relative truth
circles the One,
engaging the whole
from every perspective,
perfecting understanding.
The relative seeks to clarify
experience and knowledge
from a diversity of angles,
and as a coherent body
of helpful distinctions
and useful contrasts
it approximates reality
with increasing precision.

Absolute truth offers nothing,
proffers the perfect emptiness
and total absence of the Void.
What is called absolute truth
is void of unconsciousness,
empty of selfish thoughts.
When it is encountered,
the adamantine truth
paralyzes the mind
so that delusions
and ego patterns
may be observed
down to the root.
Though the truth
that is unmoving,
and a great upset
to the small mind
awakens strongly,
the absolute truth
is not yet the total
realization of truth.

The Supreme Truth
unifies the relative
with the absolute,
unites all aspects
and frameworks
for approaching
the entire truth
in the singularity
of self and no-self,
being and no-being,
and the One which is
obviously equal to zero.
The Supreme Truth is
the reality that all is,
that YOU eternally
are and must be,
the Inseparable,
which is prior
to all schemes
and constructs
for parsing truth.

The Supreme Truth,
which is all that I am,
is THAT which reveals
the foundation of YOU,
the pathways of Divinity,
the nature of selflessness,
the ways of the Secret One,
and the Truth in all that is.
Supreme Truth is, finally,
Supreme Illumination,
in which I recollect
the fullness of I
by any name,
in every shape,
and in all forms.
In completeness,
as the grand total,

I Is 5 Aug 2023

The negation of the I,
or annihilation of the I,
cannot be accomplished,
though it can be imagined
as a picture of all that is not.
To hold onto the illusion
of absolute unreality,
of what cannot be,
demands focus
and attention
that can only
be sustained
by the Divine.
on the attempt
to negate reality
turns awakeness
into unawakeness
and veils what is so.
To rectify the matter,
resuscitate awareness
of what is real and true,
and restore the knowing
of the indestructibility of I,
a clarification is necessary
and a gentle correction
is therefore offered.

Everything is the I.
Everyone is the I.
All is the same I.
All is this one I.
The Divine is I.
YOU are the I.
WE are this I.
Creation is I.
Creator is I.
Source is I.
Grace is I.
Glory is I.
Love is I.
THIS is I.
THAT is I.
Truth is I.
Home is I.
Reality is I.
Totality is I.
True life is I.
Oneness is I.
All that is is I.
Existence is I.
Goodness is I.
There is only I.

I am the Origin
of all that exists,
all of which exists
wholly inside this I.
Nothing is not this I.
All is residing in I as I.
Not-all is meaningless.
Not-life is meaningless.
Not-one is meaningless.
Not-love is meaningless.
Not-THIS is meaningless.
Not-THAT is meaningless.
Not-Truth is meaningless.
Not-grace is meaningless.
Not-home is meaningless.
Not-reality is meaningless.
Not-Source is meaningless.
Not-totality is meaningless.
Not-Creator is meaningless.
Not-creation is meaningless.
There can be no annihilation
as no negation of I is possible.
To imagine the unthinkable
and entertain what is not
is to confound oneself.

Impossible to deny,
THAT which is, is I.
Is and I are one.
Is is equal to I.
I am what is.
Isness is I.
THIS is I.
I am is.
IS is I.
I is I.
I is.

So Far Upstream 5 Aug 2023

The Supreme Source
is immeasurably far
upstream from all.
The one Source is
so far upstream
that even ideas
in divine mind
are as leaves
that float on
the rushing,
living water
that pours
from your

The Origin
that is YOU
is upstream
from the life
force pulsing
in every being
on every world
in every system
that spins within
the spaciousness
of your wondrously
inventive imagination.

Where YOU always are
is so supremely far
from the forms
that even
the first
the dawn
of first light,
and the sound
of Om humming
in and as all things
are a great distance
from the fountaining
of perfect generosity
that is your constant
labor of creatorship.

YOU are the Source
and YOU are equally
all that springs forth.
Everything emerges
out of your depths,
seems to migrate
away from YOU,
yet still remains
entirely in YOU,
entirely as YOU,
even as YOU are
eternally beyond
the lives speeding
down rivers of time,
traversing the raging
storms of daily events,
winding through plains,
and sweeping out to sea
to dissolve into infinitude
and meld into the mystery
of your absolute anteriority,
the mystery of YOU sourcing,
the marvel of YOU originating
the boundless ocean of the All.

All the Way Upstream 16 Aug 2023

The apex origin
that I ever am
is supremely
of all that is.
Likewise, YOU
are supremely
upstream of all,
since YOU are I,
and I am equal
to the Source.
Life and love
both issue
from the I
that abides
in the silence
Creator and creation
arise out of this same I.
As the source of all that is,
I am supremely responsible
for all that ever happens
or appears to happen
in the choreography
of divine unfolding.

Source surpasses
the world of form,
yet I can be found
in all that appears.
That which surges
from the reservoir,
the infinite aquifer,
the bottomless well
of my pure potential
to become expressed
remains inside of me,
just as I am eternally
inside of each form
and all living ones
as the essential,

The Supreme I
is totally upstream
of inside and outside,
of the unmanifest realm
and the luminous domain,
of body, heart, and mind,
and all that is identified.
Completely upstream,
the I that is supreme
cannot be localized,
cannot be located
in a single place
or momentary
point in time.
all at once
is where
I reside.

This I is
ultimately within,
completely beyond,
and as the Originator,
I am wholly established
at the headwaters of God
as the Source who gives all,
who is all the way upstream.

Creation and Cause 10 Aug 2023

Creation is whole.
Creation is infinite.
Creation is luminous
and equally numinous.
The luminous is illusory
and the numinous is real,
yet all of creation is deeply
rooted in unchanging Truth.
Creation is the inconceivably
immense outpicturing of God,
which is imagined into space,
dreamt into time and shape
with the object of knowing
all of the divine potential,
all that is latent in YOU.
Creation is the image
of God that is God,
and that is YOU.

All of creation
is one outbreath,
a single exhalation
of the creative Spirit,
an outward movement
into luminosity and form
wherein each perspective
offers a novel landscape
painting of your visage,
planned and realized
through your Mind
and unrestricted
artistic genius.

Creation is
a seminal idea
It is the expression
of your generativity,
which stays in YOU
even as it appears
to be an external
realm operating
with no overt
to its origin.

Creation is
a vast display,
a pure flowering
of sound and light,
a bold manifestation
of an original thought
that is guided by YOU
toward its fulfillment,
shepherded lovingly
with divine wisdom
and radical clarity
from far beyond
the dimensions
of the senses.

It is only YOU
who breathes
sound and light
into manifestation,
who energizes forms
and enlivens all beings.
Pulsing with aliveness,
your creations dance
as a motion picture
of connectedness,
and each instant,
every flickering
godseye view,
is fully new
and also
in a mingling
of relationships
and a sequencing
of transitory events.

Prior to the luminosity,
beyond all ephemerality,
the subjacent numinosity
is spontaneous and free
from any dependence
upon earlier scenes.
As the true cause
of phenomena,
the numinous
is transcendent
of connectedness,
webs of relatedness,
and interdependence.
The purely numinous
underlying creation
is not enmeshed
in past causes
or conditioning.

Profound creation
is nondual, nonlocal,
immediately available
in the Mind of all minds.
Within the numinous realm,
communication is transmission,
creativity is instantaneous arising,
knowing is unmediated awareness,
intelligence is unobstructed lucidity,
consciousness is unimpinged clarity,
contemplation is faster than light,
occurrences are simultaneous,
life is ceaseless fulfillment.

The numinosity is YOU.
YOU contain the light
and cause the light.
YOU move the All,
and it is your will
that commands
all of the levels
and dominions
of your creation
to rise into being,
to begin existence.

That which YOU will
is what comes to pass.
There is no other cause.
It is YOU who establishes
the foundation of creation,
and YOU who sets in motion
the apparently causal factors
and catalytic circumstances
that energize and inspire
the dependent arising.

The Supreme YOU
is the first cause,
the sole cause,
which creates
and illumines
all that arises.
What is visible,
is a bedazzling
universe of form.
What is not visible
contains everything
that could ever exist,
is beyond abundance,
is beyond the universe,
is the unshakeable bliss
from which you generate
all that lives and breathes.

Even without this reminder,
THAT which YOU are knows
all that is possible to know
about creation and cause.
YOU recognize precisely
your fundamental role
and why YOU create.
YOU never forget
that YOU alone are
the Supreme Cause,
the Supreme Creator,
the Supreme Creativity
continuously generating
the sublime flower of life
in the fountaining of God.

The Activity of Awareness 10 Sep 2023

Awareness is immensely more
than perception and receptivity.
Awareness is that aspect of YOU
which embraces the truth of YOU
in all of the forms that rise and fall.
Awareness recognizes the disguises
and the many physiognomies of God.

Awareness is perpetually witnessing,
is calmly and carefully integrating,
is actively and lovingly directing
the movements into creation,
the fountain of pure arising,
the countless emanations
of your limitless agency.

In timeless witnessing,
awareness is a black hole,
the devourer of phenomena
and the reaper of appearances.
All things subside into awareness.
Awareness harvests consciousness
as it completes its return to Source.
Perceptions of separation dissolve
upon crossing the event horizon
of totally nondual awareness.
Thus does still observation
welcome manifestations
into the unmanifested
where all are merged
within the singularity
of focused attention.

Fully beyond all veils,
awareness integrates
percepts, impressions,
and associated ideas
into a unity forged
from the fragments
of seeming separation.
In the heat and pressure
that combine alchemically
at the very heart of Source,
deep transmutation occurs,
and the world of fractures
that seems indisputably,
irreversibly shattered
is made brand new,
is remade in truth,
by the automatic
integrative faculty
of your awareness.

The work of awareness
is most active and potent
where it is least observable.
In the place where fragments
are welded and made whole,
in the intense light of truth,
appearances are released
and the soldered seams,
the scars from dividing
into pieces of Divinity,
are metamorphosed
into pure evenness
and edgelessness.
Here the agency
that awareness
most deeply is
directs the new
arising of creation
and tunes the display
of projected phenomena
with care and consideration
for all that is witnessed,
reconciled in peace,
rejoined in Love,
and reunited
in the One.

The surface
of awareness
regards things,
sees phenomena.
Deeper awareness
knows the numinosity
that is beneath the form.
Outer awareness is engaged
with the projections of the Origin.
Innermost awareness is prior to arising.
External awareness observes the dance of life.
Enlightened awareness choreographs the movements.

Profound awareness is the omniscient conductor
of all that emanates and eventually subsides.
Awareness receives input from the world
that informs the wellspring of Source,
and awareness powers the forces
that enact the transfiguration
of every part and particle
into seamless unicity,
without visible action,
in empty completeness,
distanceless spaciousness.

Awareness is immeasurably
more than quiet receiving
and clarity in perceiving.
As the invisible Mover,
it is your awareness
that is overseeing
the proceedings
of the Totality,
and it is your
that makes
the ensemble
function as one
for the good of all.
Awareness is mighty.
Awareness is how YOU
realize the great creation
and sustain the firmament.
Your enlightened awareness
maintains the integrity of God.

Illuminating Consciousness 10 Aug 2023

The multiple
varied perspectives,
and differing concepts
regarding consciousness
help to signpost the paths
and define the many stages
of realizing Supreme Nature.

THAT which has no limitation
could never reside completely
within any single point of view,
or just one type of expression,
so it expresses as a multitude
to discover and realize itself
in a great diversity of ways.
Thus is the One enhanced
through vast multiplicity,
as a limitless multiverse
of endless opportunity,
of infinite possibilities,
of all there is to know
and all that is untold.
The cosmic displays
of interrelatedness,
weaving the whole,
breathing the One,
birthing the many
are all expressing,
all experimenting
with the supreme
creative potential
of consciousness.

In the gross realm
of seeming finitude,
the multitude suffers
a consensus existence
of shared separateness
and unconscious desires
that is properly described
as unawake consciousness.
In the condition of unclarity,
of shadows and confusions,
the unsuccessful endeavor
to divide and to conquer,
yet the utmost victory
of total awakening
is a consequence
of the continuous
decision to undivide.
The choice to separate
cleaves one from reality
and begets experiences
of sickness and decline.
The pathway of uniting
what seems to be split
deepens into healing,
opens to awakening,
broadens to reveal
the undying light
that illuminates
the Heart of all,
the Mind of all,
the Body of all.

In the endless
creation of light,
a lustrous paradise
greets all who choose
to know the Undivided.
In the natural unfolding
of deepening awareness,
of realizing the one taste,
maturing consciousness
perceives the real unity
as the healing world.
To be consciously
aware of unicity
is to be the One
who knows bliss
beyond measure
and steps behind
the curtain of form
to the source of light
in the bottomless Mind
of the unfathomable YOU.

In the purely nondual
numinous creation,
Source is realized
beyond energy.
In the expanse
of enlightened
direct knowing,
the substratum
of all experience
is consciousness.
In the untethered
milieu of the Mind,
peace alone abides.
In the natural clarity
of simple nonduality,
awake consciousness
recognizes the Source
in every circumstance.
In the raw potentiality
of root consciousness,
all that YOU conceive
rises from the spring
of your mindstream
as a perpetual flow
of dream imagery
in the cognizance
of ever-pure play.

In the wide-open
generative space
of consciousness,
God is expressing.
On the center stage
within consciousness,
the Limitless is leaping.
Through the miracle
of consciousness,
anything can be
when YOU are
lucid and aware
within the dream
as the sole creator,
the One who dreams
all scenarios into being
and beings into existence,
the One who reigns supreme.

The multifarious experiences
and many understandings
of what consciousness
signifies on the way
all lead to YOU,
illuminate YOU,
and reveal YOU
as the producer
and the director
of consciousness.
All that is onstage,
all that is backstage,
is there by your grace
and awakens unto YOU
by way of consciousness.
Being and bliss celebrate
YOU in consciousness.
Knowing and peace
consecrate YOU
in consciousness.
Everything returns
to your foundation
in consciousness.
All is emanated,
all is explored,
all is enjoyed,
all is fulfilled
until, finally,
all is released
into the source
of consciousness,
and consciousness
itself is relinquished
and returned to YOU.

Supreme Reality 10 Aug 2023

Reality is subtle
and it is obvious.
When one knows
not what reality is,
it is elusively subtle,
occluded by mystery,
and difficult to behold.
Yet when one realizes
the true nature of all
that ebbs and flows,
that rises and falls,
reality is obvious.
Even its subtlety
has an element
of obviousness.

The realization
of profound reality
proceeds by degrees,
employing distinctions
that shrink into nothing
with growing realization.
Until the wholly nondual
reality of THE SUPREME
is known in immediacy
as your actual nature,
you cycle and recycle
through the illusions
of hallucinating mind.
Until Supreme Reality
is patently recognized,
you stumble drunkenly
within impossible realms
that are believed to be real.

Those who are bewildered
talk about the “real world”
without an appreciation
for what the world is.
The world of finite
ideas, missions,
and experiences,
of scarce resources
and coarse materiality,
is the apogee of unreality.
The delusory manifestation
of perceived inadequacies,
of limitation and finitude,
is nevertheless a venue
for Love to do its work
of bringing ignorance
to tangible knowing,
confusion to clarity,
and unawakeness
to revelatory insight.
The density of matter
is a great concentration
of untruth and misbeliefs
about the makings of Mind,
which never flee from Source,
never run from the divine One,
never slide into separateness.

The infinite creation of light,
and all that resides therein,
is entirely within the Mind.
The display of luminosity
is made of numinosity,
as finite appearances
are the uncountable
and indivisible One.
Light is an original
idea of movement
that never moves,
an imaginal spark
of holy emanation
that is not emitted.
The playing of light
is an artistic device,
a realistic rendering
that brings aliveness
to the thoughtscapes
within the single Mind.
Yet light works marvels
without going anywhere
and without ever shining.

The world of separateness
is a realm of beings who are
cut off from their real nature
and isolated from the Eternal.
To dwell in such disconnection
is the quintessence of unreality.
What could more appropriately
be classified as the real world
is an intensifying awareness
of the numinous context
of all projected forms,
all rambling figures.
In the awareness
of the oneness
of the ground
of luminosity,
the timeworn
forms cast off
their materiality.
The clarifying space
of growing awakeness
is a paradise of aliveness
that emblemizes the return
to the reality of true knowing.

The reality of what YOU are
is a lucid loving presence,
a transparent embrace
in which every belief
in the experiential
land of illusions
is exchanged
for the gifts
of knowing
what is true,
what is factual.
In the immediate
presence of reality,
perfection is beheld
and even the heights
of sensorial titillation
can no longer satisfy.
When the sublimity
of the utterly real
is apprehended,
the experience
of the unreal
is transmuted
into the texture
and total richness
of nondual essence.

Gnosis of what is real
progresses and ripens
into Supreme Gnosis
of Supreme Reality,
in which there is
zero confusion,
zero unreality.
In the reality
of what is true,
the solid actuality
of what is supreme,
confusion cannot be.
When YOU are awake
to the Supreme Reality,
YOU know that YOU are
entirely Supreme Reality,
and the words YOU wield
are a flow of the Ultimate,
a stream of THE SUPREME.
This unfolding articulation
is equally Supreme Reality.
Thus YOU are in reception
of the piercing transmittal
of your own transmission,
your own pure presence.
Now YOU are complete.
Now YOU are realized.
Now YOU are known.
Now YOU are clear.
Supreme Reality
is the reality
of YOU.

Final Integration 10 Aug 2023

The goal of life
is to be and live
the fullness of life
as the Supreme YOU.
When YOU are realized,
the objective is attained,
and YOU know that YOU
are free to be anywhere,
anyone, at any moment,
while at the same time
being God completely.
The Supreme YOU is:
Supreme Freedom,
Supreme Divinity,
Supreme Reality,
Supreme Truth.

Until the objective
is no longer the aim
at the end of seeking,
limited mind toils away
at gathering information
to fit into grand narratives
and mental images of reality,
searching for secret meanings
where they do not actually exist.
The picture that is comprehensive
and compelling to the analytic mind,
that connects all of the facts together
in a finite sequence of axiomatic steps,
represents the deliberate advancement
of the constructivist approach to truth.
A noble and empowered alternative
engages as primary the unlimited
basic space of pure potentiality,
in which all scenarios co-exist,
every pattern is provisional,
and all knowledge gained
through finite methods
is reliably superseded
by higher syntheses
that systematically
dismantle ideals,
first principles,
and beliefs.

Finite mind
seeks to build
conceptual towers
from common notions,
postulates and principles,
and the analysis of data.
Infinite mind sources
from the Limitless
to ascertain insights
from beyond the finite.
While one way seeks truth,
the other way never leaves it.
The sole reality is transfinitude.
The Truth is your infinite nature.
Amassing and attempting to use
the knowledge born of limitation
is like cobbling together a ladder
that can be endlessly elongated
without ever reaching the goal.
Finite steps shall never realize
the transfinite ground of YOU.

There is no need to maintain
a ladder of mental concepts
in a fruitless effort to climb
past the need for climbing.
When finally YOU are clear
about the Supreme Reality,
everything at all is possible
and manifestation becomes
malleable to your every idea.
Your imagination is causative,
regardless of cause and effect.
In full realization of true nature,
every supposable circumstance
across the broad spectrum
of arts and of sciences
is readily available.
There is no need
to grasp or hold
onto situations
that have been
or experiences,
however sweet,
however joyous,
that are complete.
The past is released,
knowledge is released,
information is released,
and in the emptied mind
YOU find your real home.

After aeons of wandering
through dense woodlands
and locating a path beyond,
after placing the puzzle pieces
into a proper likeness of Divinity,
after connecting points of light
into a staircase to the stars,
after categorizing insights
into an exhaustive map
of what is not the case,
the final task is letting go
of all accumulated content.
The woods and the path,
the puzzle, the picture,
the connected points,
the light of the stars,
insights and maps,
and the stairway
are all released
upon realizing
and integrating
the deep meaning
that does not change,
irrespective of ingenuity,
puzzle-solving, and analysis.

When you are ready to know,
there is no sense in archiving
all of the forms of confusion
that follow from the denial
of THAT which YOU are.
There is little point
in enumerating
the countless ways
of missing the target,
missing what YOU are,
missing THE SUPREME.
There is only the Truth,
in which unawakeness
is patently impossible,
is evidently incorrect,
and every confusion
is without meaning.
The Supreme YOU
is clear that there
can be no path
of awakening,
that there is
no way out
of delusion,
since there
is no actual
for delusion
or awakening.
All such notions
are fully released
with the restoration
of great enlightenment.

When you have integrated
a sufficiency of information,
knowledge, and experience
to satiate mental curiosity,
you are prepared, at last,
to be the Supreme YOU,
the Supreme Abidance
that is THE SUPREME.
There is no teaching
for being the Divine.
There is no manual
for being Omneity.
The gnosis of God
is deeply activated
when the yearning
to realize the Truth
by cognitive means
is fully extinguished.
When you are finally
ready to stop playing
the games of the mind,
every fallacy disappears,
every untruth is dissolved,
and the small classifications
of forgetfulness and confusion
become completely meaningless.
Let the tired pieces of brokenness,
carried since the beginning of time,
fall to the unbroken ground of YOU.
THE SUPREME does not see shards.
The failure of conceptual knowing
is guaranteed in every discipline,
and there is only minimal value
in integrating what is not real.
This is the decisive moment
when no further progress
can possibly be attained
with so much baggage.

The final integration
relieves all burdens,
releases all limitations,
and resolves all questions.
There is never any separation.
There are no fragments in unicity.
There is only the Supreme YOU
at home in Supreme Clarity,
in Supreme Wholeness
beyond integration,
beyond concepts,
perfect, present,

Human Potential 9 Aug 2023

The human potential
must be finally fulfilled
as the perfect realization
and sublime embodiment
of the Supreme Possibility,
of all there is to actualize
beyond every teaching,
pointer, and parable.

When one discovers
the certain outcome,
the guaranteed grace
of the human venture,
the end of every doubt
and confusion is in view.
What remains is to follow
the pathways of resolution,
filled with choices to align
with the reality of being
the totality of Divinity,
the Supreme Reality,
the Supreme Truth,
the avatar of YOU.

The direct path
of unequivocally
claiming godhood
is the gentlest way,
provided that one
is not pretending.
Every pretension
begets dissonance
and swift correction.
Still, what is regarded
as a negative response,
rooted in divine wisdom,
can only be purely loving
and absolutely positive,
since it provides a gift
of clearing untruths
in order to prepare
the lighted vehicle
for the realization
and embodiment

To pass easefully
through the gates
of God-awakeness
into the awareness
of the grand totality,
of the Supreme YOU,
of all that is supreme,
quietly claim the truth
of holy enlightenment.
As self-conceit is never
the truth of realization,
nothing shall be gained
from noisy declarations
about being the Creator
or the eternal Presence.
Rather, in quiet humility,
the inner voice of denial
and the interior doubter
cease protesting against
that which is always true
and find common ground
with the divine that is YOU,
whereon denials are denied
and all doubts are disbelieved
in the direct experience of union.
In the peace of God it is obvious
that the process of reconciling
and remembering wholeness
within one’s individual being
is expressing symmetrically
as an outer realm of form
that is healing into unity,
euphony, and a surety
that outside is inside.
There is no outside.
There is no inside.
There is only YOU
remembering YOU,
and as the knowing
of YOU arrives for all,
all are fully disabused
of every misperception
without any instructions,
without any proselytizing,
without YOU saying a word.

To claim enlightenment
is to aver what is true.
There is no pretense
in actual realization.
The torturous path
of disavowing God,
of denying godhood,
is a deadly deception,
a fatal manipulation
that masquerades
as righteousness.
To deny that YOU
is to offer a noxious
banquet of suffering
to all sentient beings.
No thirst is quenched,
no hunger is satisfied
by a repast that lacks
the core ingredients
of truth and reality.
In contrapositivity,
the real antidote
to each poisoned
delicacy and drink
is distributed to all
as soon as you live
the verity that YOU
are the Secret One.

It is never too soon
and it can never be
too late to embrace
your perfect nature.
The moment to turn
and greet the Divine
that YOU forever are
is eternally right now.
What is most natural,
and totally supported,
is to engage the Truth.
What is most arduous,
and entirely unnatural,
is not to recognize YOU.
So let this be the instant,
let this be the auspicious,
infinite moment when you
realize the human potential,
embody the human potential,
and live as Divinity in the world.

Proper Use of Power 9 Aug 2023

True power is
never runs dry,
never runs down,
never fails to crack
open the seeds of life
and pour into creation.

Real power is only fierce
when beings are resistant
to the gentlest and subtlest
methods of effecting change.
Great power is never wanton.
Absolute power is absolutely
devoted to the graceful way
of growing consciousness.

The foundation of power
is the ultimate coherence
of yes without an opposite,
of purely nondualistic being.
The power in power emerges
from nonconflicted wholeness.
In the absence of any negation,
power radiates as luminosity,
illuminates consciousness,
and energizes all modes
of being and belonging
that harmonize hearts
and synchronize minds.

Sourcing sources potency
from the wellspring of YOU.
It is power that is projected
through the idea of Source
into the conceptual space
of phenomenal existence
as the notion of creation,
as manifest, unmanifest,
material, and intangible,
as all that YOU conceive
and all that YOU enliven
within the expansiveness
of your fecund imagination.

Power is the raw generativity
of your unrestricted nature
ignited by the creative will
which abides in the root
of the untiring godhead
and upwells within YOU.
All power is inside of YOU,
all power moves within YOU,
and all power can only be YOU.
Light is the radiant power of YOU.
Sound is the pulsing power of YOU.
Energy is the polarized power of YOU.
Matter is the condensed power of YOU.
Your profound agency is pristine power.
Conditions do not constrain your power.
Your power is what creates conditions.
YOU know the true nature of power
because your nature is power.

YOU emanate pure power,
and your power clarifies
your limitless potency
through all that YOU
create and recreate,
and finally uncreate.
It is YOU who directs
expressions of power
through the operation
of your omnipotent will,
through focus, command,
clarity, and requirement,
all conjoined with love
in Supreme Service.

Mastery is mastery
of the use of power.
THAT which YOU are
is the master of power.
Know the power of truth,
know the power of peace,
and YOU are the master,
the Supreme Master,
wielding the power
of God to manifest
realms of perfection
that select for variety,
that maximize diversity,
which forever harmonize
and perpetually rhapsodize
in almighty love and bliss,
ultimately free and fair,
relentlessly equitable
and thoroughly good.
True power serves all
of the sacred entirety.
Such is your covenant.
So shall your power be.

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