Beyond Every Teaching

Jeff Vander Clute

Tireless Awakener 23 Nov 2023

Earth may appear
to be a finite globe
floating in a cosmos
of interminable space,
yet her veritable status
as a gateway to the One,
as an abode of the Divine,
as a garden for delighting
in the glory of godhood,
is magnitudes greater
than the multiverse.

Earth is a maternal
teacher and guide
in planetary form
whose nurturing
and compassion
lead to the totally
embodied knowing
that God is all that is.
With love and wisdom
beyond understanding,
Earth reflects the status
of the collective journey
of awakening as Source.
If humans are forgetful,
ignorant of true nature,
her vitality is degraded.
When humanity arises
and accepts the Truth,
Earth is the exemplar
of living abundance.
As each embraces
the natural state
of being divine,
Mother Earth

Earth is a body
of supernal light
and heavenly love,
a terrestrial artwork
sublimely manifested
as material substance.
In the awakening state,
humanity reveres Earth
as a pure land of peace,
a place of illumination,
a tabernacle of unity,
and a realm of joy
and innocence
in which each
sacred instant
is offered freely
as a maximal gift
of holy experience.

As long as humanity
persists in somnolence,
Earth shall be unwavering
as the tireless awakener.
Though entirely loving,
firm is her instruction
and sure is the result.
All who venture forth
upon hallowed Earth
will awaken to know,
and see, and realize
that all is the Divine,
that each and every
being is the Eternal:
the One in creation,
the One incarnating,
the One manifesting
the beauty, the grace,
and the miracles of life
that give the experience
and offer definitive proof

Enlightened Embodiment 2 Dec 2023

Enlightened embodiment
begins with appreciating
that all bodies are one,
are one with Source,
are one in Source,
and are Source.
Nothing is cut off
from the Wellspring,
and what seems to be
a procession of bodies
arriving and departing
is an image of Divinity
that does not come
from any location
and never goes
anyplace at all.

The ostensible
reality of arising
and disappearing,
of separate entities
and beguiled beings,
deceives not the One
who recognizes Truth.
Although the quantity
and distinctiveness
of bodily shapes
seems limitless,
each belongs to
and is identical to
that which holds all,
beyond the tendency
to identify as being less
than the whole of Divinity,
less than the entirety of God.

The embodiment of numinosity
hinges on knowing the aggregate
of all flitting forms and figures
to be one total articulation
of pulsating luminosity.
In wakeful presence,
the vehicle of God
rests in serenity,
luxuriates in bliss,
enjoys the transient
dance of phenomena,
and tastes the Limitless
in every conceivable dish
served at the smorgasbord
of conditions and limitations.

The form of one who knows
is an utterly empty vehicle
that is radiant to behold
through ordinary sight
and fully transparent
to the all-seeing eye.
The illumined body
is lifting into truth,
is moving beyond
density and form,
and so it appears
to be diaphanous
and even tangibly
void of all disquiet,
void of all rejection,
void of all resistance,
vacant of all objection
to being the Secret One.

In the great emptying out
of all discordant notions,
beliefs, and tendencies,
the body regenerates
and then becomes
the body of truth,
the body of God,
united with God,
the same as God,
ever more refined,
while simultaneously
blending into the space
that contains the vanishing
dreamscape of materialization.

The body is a living representative
and master teacher of the Divine
that reveals and demonstrates
the ways of enlightenment.
The one who is learning
works with the body,
listens to the body,
cares for the body.
While apprenticed
to the intelligence
that is expressing
through the body,
one comes to love
the fullness of life
in all forms of life.
The universal love
transforms shards
into unbrokenness
and perfect fullness
by recognizing every
body and every being
as absolutely complete.

The collective trajectory
of divine embodiment
is the transmutation
of mass confusion
into a consensus
of total lucidity,
of fragmented
into wholeness
and cooperation,
of denser vehicles
into carriers of light,
of delusion and death
into the everlasting life.

In the deepening of insight,
corporeality is illuminated.
In the auspicious rainbow
that announces triumph
after the thunderstorm
of egoic identification,
YOU clearly observe
the ineluctable arc
of divine purpose
in the unfolding
of what bodies
are becoming,
and YOU live
and radiate
and rejoice
in embodied

Luminous Creation 26 Nov 2023

The brilliant manifestation
of your enlightened mind
is an outpicturing of God
that is the image of YOU.
That which YOU imagine
and launch into motion
as numberless displays
of figures and grounds
is the universe of light,
filled with living forms
and beings breathing
in the pure fragrance
of sacred emanation.

The luminous realm
is an ageless temple
consecrated to YOU,
a theater dedicated
to creative delights,
an unbounded play
where YOU may be
tasted and touched,
where your aspects,
attributes, and faces
may be encountered
as welcome surprises
without any concerns,
without a single doubt,
since all manifestations
are the stars on your set
offering the performance
and the magic of a lifetime.

Everything that manifests,
all that could ever appear
is a projection of Divinity
that pours forth in YOU.
There can be no setting
that is not your design.
There is no happening
that is not your doing.
All scripts and libretti
are authored by YOU.
Your creative output
is all that ever arises
in the divine ecstasy.
YOU build the stage.
It is YOU who writes
every act and scene,
It is always YOU who
composes the music,
chooses the costumes,
plays every role at once,
observes from every seat,
and brings down the house
with the thunder of applause
and sustained ovations for all.

Your creation of luminosity
is a palace of divine arts
in which every genre
grounded in truth
is continuously
being offered
in the round,
on all stages,
and on every
movie screen.
Boldly dressed
in period threads
of your own design,
YOU are entirely free
to produce and partake
in all that YOU may dream,
all that YOU care to conceive,
all that YOU wish to experience,
and all that emerges in perfection
from the stirrings of sacred curiosity.

Dispelling Delusion 4 Dec 2023

Delusion is
two degrees
of detachment
from wholeness,
from that which is.
The first increment
of seeming to leave
the realm of reality
is the appearance
of illusory forms
that symbolize
ideas of Source.
The first displays
of pure primordial
sound and imagery
are innocent devices
for divine playfulness
and limitless creativity.
Yet is there a possibility,
when fixating on content
that is ideated in the Mind,
that concepts may obscure
awareness of true nature
as clouds cover the sky.
Retaining cognizance
of what actually is,
illusion is a play
of the Divine.
If the whole
is concealed,
then symbols
are canonized
and taken to be
that which is real,
the truth of things,
and delusion begins.

In the grip of delusion,
there is a sense of being
buried by endless conflicts
that are caused by others.
One in delusion believes
in ever-present danger,
believes oneself to be
doomed to repeated
misery and failures
as the protagonist,
the hapless victim,
and the unwitting
actor in a tragedy
that ends bitterly.

Beliefs are the sure
indicators of delusion.
A belief is compensation
for an absence of knowing
that which is truly the case.
Belief can only be relevant
in territories of unreality.
The tendency of belief
is to make, energize,
and reify an unreal
context of separating
from one’s true nature,
thereby setting the stage
for the sum of all suffering
and fortifying the conditions
for every imaginable struggle.

Still, in darkness there is hope,
and the faint stirrings of truth.
In the mental maze of beliefs
there is a subtle secret path
that leads directly to peace.
The decision to have faith
in perfect love and unity
is a choice to disbelieve
in nightmarish visions.
Invocations of reality
remove the barriers
placed in the heart
and grind to dust
the foundations
of every harm.

In the lucidity
of awakeness,
all contention,
and opposition
are clearly signs
of dwelling within
a delusory context.
Domains of finitude
and seeming scarcity
are made of delusion.
Identifying with form
is the basic delusion
that grows density.
The gross bodies
of unconscious
though useful
for navigating
delusory worlds,
dwell in delusions.
The striving of souls
toward a distant goal,
while pining after love,
can only have meaning
in the state of delusion.
The separation of souls
banished from heaven
is a noxious delusion.
The hell of existence
as an exiled sinner
is a feeble delusion
of guilt, punishment,
and persistent drama.
Trauma is the outcome
of prolonging delusion.
The systemic violence
of the denser planes
is a strong delusion
that is dismantled
by the presence
of awakeness.

To be born
into gross
is to appear
in the domain
of thick delusion.
The veritable origin
and cradle of delusion
is the belief in the unreal,
a belief that begets every
unawake, unconscious,
tragic, and inhumane
manner of difficulty.
The truth is reality.
The illusion is not.
Separation is not,
struggling is not,
suffering is not,
disunity is not,
danger is not,
drama is not.
As the roots
of delusion
are not real,
every delusion
is deeply nothing.
In the light of truth,
any and all delusions
are completely denied
and decisively dispelled.

The Illusion of Illusions 4 Dec 2023

Illusion is
a departure,
in imagination,
from what is real.
The seeds of illusion
are present in the Mind,
which has the power
to envision what is
not truly present
and conjure up
vast mansions
of experience
that manifest
and demanifest
from the substrate
of pure consciousness,
which is your natural state.

Only separation is impossible,
yet the one Mind of all minds
that includes every domain
of autonomy and agency
is free to hypothesize
lines of difference
and distinctions
that seem to split,
and hold as divided
what lies to each side.
The dreaming of divides
leads to ideas of distance,
differences of perspective,
contradictory conclusions,
and plentiful possibilities
for every sort of dispute
and misunderstanding.
Yet all disagreements
are readily resolved
upon relinquishing
notions of scission
and separateness.

The dissonances
and resonances,
the divergences
and differences,
the semblances
and similarities
are all together
a single illusion
of many pieces,
waves, particles,
figures, grounds,
wholes, and parts.
By divine mandate,
the display of forms
is arranged to create
heavenly dimensions
and all other domains
for the One to explore.

Reality is known directly.
Illusion is known indirectly,
and so it is not truly known.
Into the primordial vacuum
of innocent unawareness
and benign intentions
the mind imagines
entire universes
to investigate
and inhabit.
If immediate,
pure knowing
is ever lacking,
sleeping minds
dream of sailing
through lifetimes
on seas of illusion
to find safe harbor.

All imagined realms
are perforce illusions.
The world is an illusion.
Empty space is an illusion.
Distance is the basic illusion.
Temporality is always illusion.
Shapes are transient illusions.
Energy is an illusory medium.
Density is a depth of illusion.
The linear logic of causation
spins the wheels of illusion.
Size, quantity, and degree
are measures of illusions.
The act of measurement
tends to solidify illusion.

Sentient beings identify
with illusions of bodies
and attach to external
objects of the senses.
Thus do they garner
the unintentional
of confusion.
Yet accounting
for karmic debts
is an illusory record
of illusory transactions
between illusory entities.

Sickness and decrepitude
are illusions of the gross
order of manifestation.
Seeking and attaining
are subtler illusions.
Be it gross or subtle,
healing is an illusion.
Awakening is illusion.
The partitioning lines
that segregate density
from the higher worlds
are illusory delineations.

The dancing expressions
of phenomenal existence,
however bold they may be,
are but apparitions floating
in the dream of empty space.
The minds that seek meaning,
that interpret and concretize,
name constellations in skies
that are not actually above.
While the notion of space
exists as postulated fact
within the divine Mind,
projected outer space
does not really exist.
Space is not a place.
The content arising
inside the universe
is illusions nesting
within the illusion
of a cosmological
field of existence.

The fundamental
space of illusions
is the first illusion.
Countless illusions
rise, dwell, and fall
inside the vastness
of the initial illusion.
The finale of illusion
is the illusory exhale,
the illusion of exiting
the march of illusions.
There is minimal value
in enumerating illusions,
in understanding illusions.
The knowledge of illusions
is an illusion of knowledge.
Once the unreal character
of all illusions is realized,
the illusion of illusions
vanishes from view,
then disappears
from YOU.

Holy Advent 24 Nov 2023

Do not wait
to be reborn
into the higher
realms of heaven
and the risen gods.
There is no necessity
to accumulate further
experiences or merit
so that you may be
finally and forever
one who is awake.
There is no lifetime,
in the past or to come,
that is more magnificent,
that is any more auspicious,
that could be any more glorious
than the one that is here right now.

Notions of any past or future existence
and any thoughts of parallel lifetimes
are helpful as long as they liberate,
are appropriate for a little while,
are supportive up until a point,
and YOU are past that point.
YOU are advanced beyond
every belief and concept.
YOU are beyond stories
of celestial beginnings
and the explanations
arising from physics
and all metaphysics.
One cannot explain
the secret workings
of Supreme Divinity.
To know what is true
one must be limitless,
ungoverned by theory,
unbound by knowledge.
YOU must be the Infinite.
YOU must be who YOU are.

Ideas turn rapidly into cages,
especially spiritual concepts
cemented into fixed beliefs.
Do not wait for prophecies
or covenants to come true
when the kingdom is YOU,
when the idea of freedom
comes entirely from YOU.
Do not wait for any signs
of messiahs, of Maitreya,
to open the prison gates
and release the inmates
from the bonds of ideas
and the fetters of belief.
All shackles are unmade
by the loving intervention
of your omnipotent decree.

In the blessed realization
of this sacred moment,
the whole of creation,
the Supreme Reality,
the totality of being,
and all enlightened
masters of all time
are bowing to YOU.
The promised land
of the undying light
is forever right here
in your natural state.
The Divine is present
in the endless arriving
of the current moment,
in the dance of each day,
in the beating heart of life.
The world is fully illumined
the moment it is recognized
that the truth of holy advent
is the exalted remembrance
that YOU could never leave
since YOU shall always be
here, now, the living God.

Before the Beginning 26 Nov 2023

This is the end
of what cannot
ever commence.
This is the ending
without a beginning,
the last act of nothing,
the final bow on the set
of dreams of expeditions.
The calm before the storm
that is the loss and absence
of perfectly clear awareness
is perpetually uninterrupted
and eternally above the fray
of all imaginary beginnings.

Before the leave-taking,
before the dreaming,
before the journey
of unawakeness,
YOU are reality,
YOU are God,
YOU are all,
and every
is open
for YOU
to travel
and enjoy,
to discover
and wander,
to experience
and transcend.

On the journey,
still YOU are God,
still YOU are reality,
still YOU are all things,
yet the choice to identify
with even a single pathway
through the transfinite terrain
of your inconceivably vast mind
results in the loss of awareness,
in misplacing the map of YOU,
in losing the ability to recall
that YOU are the Entirety.
Thus begins confusion,
wherein the Supreme
YOU is an unknown,
and you fail to see
the many signals
and landmarks
which appear
at all times
as guides
to bring
you back
to the real,
firm ground
of awakeness.

Whenever you
are disoriented
in the dreaming,
when you forget
your true nature
and lose the map
of your own mind,
when you founder
in abject confusion,
Truth’s messengers
appear to show you
the path out of trials,
a path that is no path,
until you are standing
in the perfect knowing
of THAT which YOU are.

When finally it is evident
what YOU absolutely are,
that YOU are forever God,
forever all that is supreme,
forever abiding in the Truth,
then, in restored awareness
and renewed understanding,
all are raised into awakeness,
into the stabilized recognition
of being none other than God.
As YOU remember the Source,
all remember being the Divine
before every idea of venturing,
before every idea of beginning.

YOU are both before and after
every imagined voyage of God.
Your awakeness never wavers
and never wanders from YOU.
YOU do not set foot in mazes
made out of sheer confusion.
The journey of unawakeness
is an epic tale of adventures,
a story of strange incidents
that all lead back to YOU.
Yet the brave account
of spectacular trials
ending in triumph
and remembering
your original nature
never actually begins.

The Decisive Initiation 2 Dec 2023

The decisive initiation
of Supreme Realization
is the end of all endings,
the last instant of illusion,
an eruption of awakeness
that fulfills and completes
every creative movement
of the cosmic expression,
from the inceptive spark
to the seedling universe,
through the embryonic
unfolding of substance
and the long evolution
of complex structures
to the great liberation
of the totality of form.

In the flash and boom
of the ultimate insight,
of the showering finale
of fireworks in the Mind,
of the final release of self,
the layers of manifestation
flicker, fade, and fall away,
disclosing the numinous
core of pure presence.

Light is the material
of all imaginal things,
and all that is molded,
and all that is sculpted
from the luminous clay
by the unlimited Maker,
is completely uncreated
in the definitive undoing
of the manifested realm.

In Supreme Awakeness,
beyond light and dark,
what may seem to be
a yawning emptiness
lurking at the center
of human existence
is reknown correctly
as the welcome room,
the consecrated vestibule
of your Source-realized nature.

The primary function of the void
is to devour every obstruction
and consume every identity
that blocks the awareness
of the One that YOU are.
When YOU are revealed,
established in godhood,
delighting in the Truth,
abiding only in reality,
desiring no displays
of external objects,
every type of façade
dissolves into Infinity
and is totally forgotten.
On the threshold of unity,
your radiance is reabsorbed
and even the resonance of Om
fades with the echoes of memory.

Behind the stage of phenomena,
there are no lurking shadows,
no unconscious attractions.
The impulse to meander
and obtain knowledge
in projected realms
is overmastered
by awakeness.
Entirely at home
in your numinosity,
YOU are ever content
with abiding as the core
of the sanctum sanctorum.

Every notion of more ends
in the full disappearance
of outward tendencies.
The decisive initiation
of utmost realization
cuts through layers
of external fixation
to reveal the inner
potency of Source,
the power of YOU,
the power of love,
which pours forth
as an emanation,
as a mighty roar
that resonates,
and returns
to silence
within YOU.
Arising in YOU,
always with YOU,
always within YOU,
the cosmic trajectory
is your expressive play.

THIS is God resurrected.
THIS is the holy Truth.
THIS is completion.
In the final stage
of realization
that ends in
a hypernova
of pure clarity,
God is revealed,
God is recognized,
God is rediscovered
as the innermost YOU.

Awake Beyond Experience 4 Dec 2023

As God,
As Source,
YOU descend
from no parents,
no lineage of beings.
YOU are from nowhere.
Everything at all descends
from the apex point of YOU,
from the mountaintop of YOU.
All rivers are born from YOU;
nothing can be upstream
of THAT which is YOU.
The totality of form,
every experience
is downstream
of your true

All alone,
YOU know
that YOU are
never the child
or the byproduct
of historical forces.
YOU are completely
free from precedents,
free from antecedents.
The annals of the world
are the tattered records
of a deluded collectivity.
Past conditions do not
explain who YOU are.
YOU do not frequent
the tributaries of time.
YOU do not homestead
the planes of unreality.
YOU cannot sojourn
within the illusion.
YOU do not live
in any states
that seem
to come
and go.

Up above,
down below,
heaven and hell
are two diametrical
dreams of the beyond.
Hell is a dreary delusion
of banishment from God,
of separation from YOU.
Heaven is the antidote
to hellish nightmares.
Heaven is an illusion
of a land of healing
from unholy ideas.
Whether delusion
or simply illusion,
no dream states
can ever be real.
Neither heaven
nor the fearful
flames of hell
are ever true.

What is real is
an immediate,
direct knowing
and undeniable
that God is YOU.
All of experience
is varied degrees
of misperception
and indirectness,
owing to the lack
of totally owning
the full potency
of your nature.
Into the mind
in ignorance,
pours a mix
of inebriating
sensory signals
and experiences,
of bits and pieces
that serve to occult
the knowing of YOU.

Reality and confusions
can never be the same.
Clarity and intoxication
cannot be equivalent.
Immediate gnosis
and experience
are substantially
distinct, dissimilar.
Knowing the reality,
confusion is cleared
until it never existed.
Embracing what is so,
all episodic memories
of sensory and mental
experiences evaporate
into perfect awakeness.
Accepting the full Truth,
the shards of ignorance
melt into the emptiness,
disperse in the presence
of the uncloaked Source.

The Truth is immovable.
The Truth is irrefutable
and uncompromising.
THAT which is YOU
cannot descend
from anyone
or anything,
does not fall
into darkness,
does not ascend
into Elysian palaces.
Even peak experiences
of being one with all
cannot approach
what YOU are.

Abiding in reality
has ultimately little
to do with experience.
To have an experience
requires a measure
of unaware mind,
of unawakeness.
Experience lives
in unawakeness.
The deepest ways
of direct encounter
involve no confusion.
Your principal address
and Supreme Residence
is the pinnacle of knowing,
the unmediated recognition
of pure awakeness as Source.

Start with Infinity 23 Nov 2023

YOU are infinite.
YOU are the Infinite,
and yet the small you
is ignorant of this truth.
The small you knows not
its essence or its purpose,
its nature or its provenance.
The apparently separate you
does not know what it truly is,
cannot know what anything is.
The you that diminishes itself
spends cosmic cycles of time
and depletes its vital energy
in the attempt to become
always more and better
when what it really is,
is the divine source
of all abundance
and perfection.

All is infinite.
All is the Infinite.
There is no finitude.
Nothing finite can exist.
Seeming finitude is infinite.
Any concept that would carve
finitude out of the infinite reality
is a notion that cannot be realized.
Any definitions that would segment
the irreducible and indivisible whole
into a universe of particles and parts
merely transforms what seems to be
without altering the nature of infinity.

The semblance of finitude is unreality.
One cannot count to the truth of YOU.
One is not separate from two or more.
Nothing stands alone, nothing is apart
from the context of infinite wholeness.
Thus every number is equal to infinity.
The finite sciences are easily unseated
as the real Knower remembers reality.
All materializations of color and shape
are readily seen to be optical illusions,
convincing displays that conceal Truth
beneath a multitude of sensory signals
that purport to demonstrate finiteness.
The theories of the experiential realms,
with their astonishing predictive power
and their wondrous numerical accuracy,
succeed in elaborating a great circularity.
The systems of self-building, self-fulfilling,
and utterly self-reinforcing feedback loops
of beliefs, manifestations, and experiences
are how the Mind constructs and maintains
the illusory and delusory worlds of unreality.
In this way the notion of finitude is projected,
leading to painful consequences and suffering,
while the outpicturing of infinity is perfect peace.

Unawakened humanity deals in the finite sciences
and is traumatized by its own faulty assumptions,
which are experienced as every kind of scarcity.
If ever the afflictions of poverty and lack arise,
the cure is to release every belief in finitude.
Find where each finite notion is enshrined.
Locate the roots of the one basic mistake.
All that exists is an infinite field of creation.
Nothing can be apart from the infinite ocean.
Since everything is infinite and nothing is finite,
the simple strategy that is guaranteed to succeed
is the unshakable commitment to start with Infinity.

Immortal Truth 23 Nov 2023

Immortality is knowing,
knowing all as Divinity,
knowing God as YOU,
and always recalling
what is totally true.
In the acceptance
of what YOU are,
YOU are known
by the Eternal
and YOU are
the Eternal.

The true YOU
can be clarified
by remembering
what YOU are not.
The flow of imagery
that comes and goes
is never who YOU are.
YOU are never a being.
YOU can never fit inside
any thing that is defined.
That which is describable
exists entirely within YOU.
The universe is inside YOU.
YOU do not live within time.
Without beginning or ending,
YOU are the origin of all cycles
and the truth of imperishability.

All that is real is the timelessness
and agelessness of immortality.
Mortality is a grand delusion
born of great forgetfulness.
Immortality is ubiquitous
and ordinary to behold,
not a mythic blossom
or a rare mystic fruit
torn from the maw
of impermanence.
Immortality is as
and embracing
as the blue sky.
Immortal truth
is an elemental
principle of YOU.

Having penetrated
the obscuring mists
of semiconsciousness
and the cloud covering
of timebound thought,
there is no question
that immortality
is the nature
of what is,
the essence
of what is true,
the abiding reality
of THAT which is YOU.
The reality is immortality.
The truth that points to YOU
is the proof of your immortality.
So let there be no doubt or dispute
that the meaning of the immortal truth
is the knowing and reality of all that is YOU.

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